En résumé

Hi everybody, I'm a design student at ISD Valenciennes, France.
I'm currently in the fifth year.
I'll upload soon my design portfolio online.
Stay in touch to see my work !!

Mes compétences :


  • Auchan group - Industrial designer trainee

    2013 - 2014 I've been working on several projects.

    I had the opportunity to work on analysis parts as benchmark, CMF analysis, trends... I also did a lot of sourcing and adaptation of products from chinese suppliers.
    The main challenge come with the will of making a familly range look with products from different suppliers. I worked on table blenders, kitchen machine, coffee grinder or even mp4 ui

    My main work has been development. I have been working on the new bag range of Auchan Home appliances department. I realized the whole process, from the analysis and benchmarks to creativity and finally to development and communication (within the firm)
  • Maison-de-Carton - Design Intern

    2008 - 2008 Six week internship based on two parts:
    -3d modelling of products of the firm in order to create a catalog and a website.
    -making furniture composed of cardboard. I mostly worked on a foldable chair of cardboard.

    What i liked in this internship is that i had the opportunity to work on both fields, the 3d modelling and the manual part, the cardboard model making. I really like to see my projects grow into volume
  • Freyssinet/Ulma/Stylea/Santerne - Interimaire

    2005 - maintenant Travail d'intérim en été durant 5 ans afin de financer mes études.

    Freyssinet: Travail de gros-oeuvre
    Ulma: Montage et démontage d’échafaudages.
    Stylea: Montage et remplissage d'armoires destinées aux foires à la vaisselle.
    Santerne: Pose de cables et dispositifs électriques de sécurité.