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Just a few words :

Innovation, as this is probably one of my fundamental roots...

Life Sciences, the sector in which I have been working for years, and that still fascinates me !

Start ups, as the kind of entities I have been working in for the moment, but I would be glad to change this habit, and to start a new carreer in industry !

Entrepreneurship, as I created a few companies, and I would like to keep this "way of thinking"...

President & Chief Executive Officer

July 2011 – Present (1 year 4 months) Catania Area, Italy

EtnaLead has a large expertise in the prediction of molecular bioactivity for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, nutriceutical and environmental domains.
EtnaLead activities are focused on the “hit to lead” phase and the design of alternatives solutions able to reduce the R&D cycle -and thus the R&D costs- by combining tools and services in a global offer that includes:
- custom solutions whose design is “hand-tailored” by EtnaLead experts that combine all the technologies and “know-how” available on the market;
- in vitro services with the best quality / cost ratios, through a system of tests brokerage at European level; this guarantees the "right cost" and quality services on all projects managed by EtnaLead;
- innovative in silico tools (based on data mining and 3D modeling technologies) predicting complex biological phenomena and outperforming the competition.

I founded EtnaLead as a spin off of bioChemics Consulting, a bioactivity prediction company, and Catania University, in 2011.
I was COO of the company, and took in charge all the aspects of the "delivery process", from the preparation phase with the customers to the delivery of the results. I managed the production teams, and am the responsible for the timing and the quality of the services.

I am now the CEO of the company, and manage the whole process related to the activities of the company.

Founding Partner

2009 – Present (3 years) Orléans Area, France

Pila is a company that delivers consultancy about innovation:
- Management (business model, entrepreneurship, etc),
- Organisation (HRs, activity plan, etc),
- Funding (business plan, VC, R&D funding, etc).

I co-founded this company in 2009.

Chief Operating Officer

2009 – November 2011 (2 years) Orléans Area, France

Main BioChemics’ objects:
- alternative methods to animal tests by computer-aided technologies;
- bioactivity prediction and virtual screening engineering services based on chemo-informatics and molecular modeling.
Clients: pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotechnology, chemical industries, and government agencies.
R&D projects: FP6/FP7 EU (Demetra, Caesar, Chemomentum) and national (VSS, SILVIE) financed projects (by FUI and ONEMA).

I was first in charge of business development (project set up and management, customer relationship, etc), prior to become the COO of the company. I was then more in charge of preparing the launch of our spin off, EtnaLead, and to design the business model for this new entity.

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