En résumé

Mes compétences :
Analyse de cycle de vie
Efficacité énergétique
Norme ISO 14001


  • Hatch Ltd. - Environmental Engineer

    2011 - maintenant Leadership Programme, Environmental Engineer, Certified ISO14001:2004 Internal Auditor
    * Liaised with clients to understand needs and develop project scope; managed projects and delivered customized
    solutions to enable industry and government clients to increase their environmental performance and make informed
    decisions. Delivered advice and technical solutions to clients through presentations and deliverables.
    * Conducted a full Life Cycle Assessment for a Paris-based global manganese industry association to characterize the
    impacts of the manganese industry including GHG, energy, water, and waste; led site visits in France, China and
    Australia and modelled the life cycle of 17 mines and smelters; presented results and strategic recommendations
    to clients, and proposed paths forward to continually increase environmental performance of the industry.
    * Developed an evaluation method to select GHG reduction techniques in Alberta, Canada for oil & gas, oil sands,
    transportation, agricultural, industrial, and HVAC sectors; completed project under tight time constraints.
    * Calculated the financial cost of mine closure and reclamation for a major iron ore mine in northern Canada;
    interacted with clients to optimize environmental protection at closure given projected financial constraints.
    * Conducted a climate change risk analysis for an Australian coal mine; provided adaptation recommendations.
    * Provided background information to the Canadian Mining Innovation Council on key environmental issues,
    including Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) of tailings and mine waste to select priority areas for funding.
    * Modelled the environmental impacts of climate change on a Canadian river basin with forecast weather data.
    * Led audits, managed teams of auditors and assessed compliance with regards to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.
    * Recruited speakers for the 2012 Conference of Metallurgists; led a Young Professionals team to engage with senior
    management; actively volunteered for charities, the Events Committee, and the Sustainability Committee, where I led
    a company-wide initiative for employees to identify, take ownership of, and implement sustainable ideas.
  • University of Waterloo - Fluid Dynamics Research Assistant

    2010 - 2010 * Developed a model relating crop yield to weather conditions using a predictive El Niño-Southern Oscillation model.
  • IFREMER - Hydrodynamics Engineering Assistant

    Issy-les-Moulineaux 2009 - 2009 Hydrodynamics and Oceano-Meteo Group
    * Modelled hydrodynamic flows around oyster tables and designed a table arrangement that minimizes siltation.
  • French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) - Water Resources Engineering Assistant

    2008 - 2008 * Conducted building audits and provided recommendations to preserve equipment and reduce pollution during floods.


  • Mines De Paris (France) & Tsinghua University

    Fontainebleau 2010 - 2011 International Environmental Management - Advanced Master

    * Led a technical and financial feasibility study for a biomass unit for the city of Varades, France. ;
    * Relevant Courses: Sustainable Strategies for Industries in Europe and China, Sustainability and Climate Change,
    Environmental Impact Assessment, Management Strategies and Policies, and Project Finance.
  • INSA De Lyon

    Villeurbanne 2005 - 2010 Genie Energetique et Environnement

    * Relevant Courses: Wastewater, Solid Waste and Gas Treatment, Renewable Energy, and Green buildings. ;
    * Volunteering: Les 24 Heures Festival Fundraising Team; welcomed musicians and assisted with site set-up.