Julien BEAL


En résumé

Je suis spécialisé dans la conception de logiciels embarqués "embedded software" et plus précisément dans les domaines suivants :
- La conception, l'intégration et la validation de micro-logiciels "Firmware".
- Logiciels bas niveau (proche de l'électronique "Hardware") et implémentation de pilotes "driver".
- Les micro-contrôleurs / microprocesseurs. Le développement temps réel et des systèmes distribués.
- La gestion de projet et de relation client.

J'ai des connaissances en:
- Conception / Synthèse (Front End) de système en logiques programmables (FPGA, CPLD).

Compétences :
- Langage C, C ++, connaissances Assembleur
- Connaissances globale des Systèmes d'exploitations "OS" temps réels
- Langage VHDL et IP numériques

Formation techniques :
- Microprocesseurs ARM familles : ARM 7 / 9 / 11 / Cortex

Outils de développement:
- Plateforme de développements ARM, Motorola, Microchip, Nios II et Microblaze.
- Windows CE Platform Builder.
- Altera, Xilinx et Synopsys
- Gestion de configuration Rational ClearCase et Rational ClearQuest

Français: Langue maternelle
Anglais: Courant
Espagnol: Niveau intermédiaire

Mes compétences :
Langage C
Langage C#
Langage C++
Relation Clients


  • ST - Ericsson - Embedded Software Engineer

    2007 - maintenant Subcontractor for AKKA I&S (ex-COFRAMI) public company.
    (NXP Semiconductor till Aug 2008)
    (ST-NXP Wireless till February 2009)

    I work in the Boot and Flash Loader team, bringing experience in low level drivers and real-time improvement in embedded system without OS.
    Boot and Flash Loader Team (5 pers) works on Base-Band devices developing Boot ROM-code and Software to program Bootable binary application in the device memory.
    Because this is a small team, I'm involved in architecture, development, integration, validation, configuration management and documentation.

    Responsible of embedded loader SW new developments:
    - Performance improvement over USB link and Flash programming.
    - Generic Flash drivers with Flash parameters database : NOR, NAND, OneNAND, eMMC.
    - Error handling, Robustness (ECC, CRC check)
    * ARM 920T / ARM Cortex R4
    * Lauterbach Trace 32

    Take part of PC application SW development:
    - Multi-devices download feature using threads
    * Visual C++ / MFC
  • Serma Ingenierie - Firmware lead Engineer

    Guyancourt 2006 - 2006 Serma Ingenierie is a Hardware Services Company, and this fixed rate project was for Visiodent public company.

    Involved in a design a dental digital radiology system with wireless and imaging functionalities, using backlit screen and Bluetooth.

    Project with high-definition and short-time acquisition requirements.
    I analyzed dataflow control from X-ray sensor to both embedded screen and remote computer through Bluetooth. I designed full digital architecture: mixed digital & software processing using VHDL and C language to be executed on a FPGA component with synthesized processor.
    I also implemented and tested embedded high-speed UART driver for Bluetooth, and added a hardware FIFO to the UART IP in order to prevent interrupt flooding during transfer.
  • Texas Instruments - Embedded system software engineer

    Villeneuve-Loubet 2006 - 2007 Subcontractor for COFRAMI public company.
    I had responsibilities within the High-Level OS integration and system team of the Wireless Business Unit. Worldwide team working environment.

    Software system integration of a Smartphone (2.75G) software reference design where the modem and application execution domains operate on a single ARM9 processor (OMAP Single Core).
    I integrated both modem and application software components.
    - Modem: Layer 1, Protocol Stack, BSP, SIM, OS Framework interface
    - Application: BSP, Windows Mobile versions, Modem Framework interface.
  • NODBOX - Hardware – Software Engineer

    2004 - 2004 I was involved in a project to design GPS system for speed monitoring with ARM7 processor, 8-bit microcontroller Cypress and GPS device. I implemented low-level software: Flash, EEProm, Bridge USB-UART drivers.

    I was also involved for the design of a high performance embedded multimedia architecture with wireless connectivity, WIFI, GSM/GPRS, GPS and automobile CAN bus. I specified and followed up PCB subcontract.
  • Serma Ingenierie - Firmware Engineer

    Guyancourt 2004 - 2006 Serma Ingenierie is a Hardware Services Company, and this fixed rate project was for Schneider Automation public company.

    The project was to design analog application-specific modules for Programmable Logic Controller. I was involved in the development of Hardware/Software architecture using 16-bit microcontroller, digital and analog chips.
  • Technifor - Engineer work placement

    2003 - 2003 For my engineer work placment, I was choosen for my knowledge of FGPA based technologies.

    As a sum-up of what I did:
    - Designed electronic board with 8-bit microcontroller, FPGA, and CAN bus.
    - Co-designed and specified digital logic (VHDL) with subcontractor: Control-Command stepping motors for synchronized axes, with real-time and precision constraints.
    - Developed software on microcontroller: CAN protocol and FPGA exchanges. Did VHDL tests.
  • Imaje - Industrial project at engineer school

    CLERMONT FERRAND 2002 - 2002 As an autonom development team, we were 3 of us to realize these project. The project was managed as a fixed rate project.

    Task description:
    - Redesigned functional and technical specifications for a new System on Chip architecture based on FPGA component with 32 bits embedded core processor. Strong real time constraints.
    - Synthesized and benchmarked processor core on Xilinx target.
    - Implemented hardware and software for a connectivity board: Ubicom TCP/IP processor, remote control through embedded web server, Bridges for Ethernet, USB and RTC to serial RS232.


  • Institut National Polytechnique

    Valence 1997 - 2003 Informatique des Systèmes Embarqués

    Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieur en Systèmes Avancés

    Sujets techniques principaux :
    - Électronique
    - Informatique
    - Automatique
  • Lycée Technique Les Catalins (Montelimar)

    Montelimar 1994 - 1997 Scientifique - Sciences de l'Ingénieur (anciennement option Technologie Industrielle, ancien bac E)


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