En résumé

I'm a french UX practitioner based in Paris.

I design B2B products; marketing tools dedicated to businesses digital communication and growth.
Past works may include more arty, french-speaking materials, including book covers and short stories.

I believe in the new aesthetic and the end of postmodernism. I like colors, networks, code as concrete poetry, unhyped music and strange literature.
Though I stay focused on clever HCIs and delightful experiences, I try to keep moments for daring creative acts.

Mes compétences :
Lean UX
JS prototyping
Fast prototyping
UI design
Multi-devices design


  • SmartFocus - UX designer

    Clichy 2011 - 2015 UX department.
    Designer of the new digital assets management features.
    Lean UX practitioner.
  • Denoël - Illustrateur & designer

    2008 - 2010 I designed and/or illustrated books covers for titles like the postmodern diptych "Vellum" / "Ink" by scottish author Hal Duncan; "le Haut-Lieu", a collection of short-stories by Serge Lehman; or the "corporate fancy" novel by L.L. Kloetzer, "Cleer".
  • Folio Gallimard - Illustrateur

    2008 - 2011 Illustrator for Folio SF, the sci-fi/fantasy paperback collection owned by Gallimard.
  • MK2 - Webdesigner / flasher

    Paris 2007 - 2011 I worked on their video-on-demand project, helped to prepare marketing campaigns and kept current their online gateway,
  • Les Moutons Électriques, éditeur - Illustrateur,designer

    2005 - 2008 Illustrator and designer. Portfolios featured in Fiction.
  • - Infographiste / webdesigner

    2002 - 2007 Hired as a trainee while studying at Gobelins, the e-commerce subsidiary of Virgin Megastore, VirginMega, kept me as a graphic designer when I graduated.