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Graduated from EPITECH (European Institute of Technology, Paris, France) with a Master's degree in Information Technology. Currently looking for a challenging position and awesome project to work on in Seoul area.

(Si vous êtes un recruteur qui me contacte pour un poste en France, NON, je ne suis pas intéressé.)

- Programming languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, React), RubyOnRails, .NET (VB/C#), Django Framework, Java (Play Framework), currently self-learning React (Dom/Native)
- Databases: MySQL and MongoDB
- UNIX environment (macOS, Ubuntu, Debian) and Windows
- Versioning with SVN and GIT

Mes compétences :
.Net C#
Play Framework
React Native


  • LYCL inc. - Développeur web

    2016 - maintenant
    언니의파우치 (unpa)

    Technologies: HTML (Bootstrap, Semantic UI), CSS (LESS), JavaScript (jQuery), Java (Play Framework), AWS services

    unpa is a web and mobile beauty social network. Currently 100k UV/month on all platforms (Web, iOS, Android).
    As the only web developer, I am in charge of the unpa client website, unpa Content Admin and unpa SCM (eCommerce admin).
    The website contains numerous features such as a store (goods, cart, payment), a review and content part, a community/forum and an instant messaging feature.
    The content admin is used by the content and advertisement team to manage users, reviews and schedule homemade content posting and advertisement campaigns.
    unpa SCM is the back office of unpa store. Our MD manages the goods and orders (return, delivery tracking, ...) there.

    팔레트 (Palett)

    Technologies: HTML (Bootstrap, Semantic UI), CSS (LESS), JavaScript (jQuery, ES6), Java (Play Framework), AWS services, ReactJS (React Native, Redux)

    Launched few months ago, Palett is a cosmetic oriented influencer marketing platform.
    Depending on different criterias, users can participate in online cosmetic advertisement campaign.
    I am in charge of Palett web client, the admin and also the crawler bots (NodeJS, Puppeteer).
    I also took over the iOS part by developing the application using React Native.
  • Deleev - Développeur web

    2015 - 2015
    Technologies: HTML (Bootstrap), CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), Python (Django Framework)

    Joined the startup at the very beginning, we developed an eCommerce website based on cooking recipes. Bloggers can add their recipes so visitors can buy the whole ingredient and utensil package to make it.
    Cooking bloggers are then remunerated on a certain percentage of the cart.
    To manage all the content and stock, we developed a smart back office that will tell every morning what ingredient need to be bought to satisfy as many recipe as possible everyday.
    The principal difficulty was to match every ingredients (more than 2000) with all the different units and sub-units used in the recipes (liters, grams, lbs, piece, bouquet, leaves, ...) depending on the number of seatings the user want to cook for.
    We succeeded by automating all the different international measurements, and by adding a tool so our content managers can adapt or add the principal units.
    We also developed a REST API used by the mobile apps and other specialised websites of the company ( based on brunch food, fresh juices and beers).
  • Zeepro - Developpeur

    2014 - 2014 Under the direction of the CTO, I developed a Single Sign-On Webservice used by the mobile applications, Zim (3D Printer) and Zoombai (3D models marketplace).
    I also developed Plugins for NopCommerce (.NET CMS) used on Zoombai (like an External Authenticator (using the SSO above), a Catalog Browser Webservice for mobile apps, Multiple downloads using Azure Blob Storage, features for the front-end and back-end of the platform, a 1-click to print from Zoombai to the Zim 3D Printer, ...)
    I helped on few features on the Zim website, such as an API for storing 3D models, some front-end enhancements and ffmpeg configuration.
    Technologies : .NET (VB, C#, NopCommerce), PHP, HTML
  • TMG Media Group, Rakuten - Developpeur Web

    2013 - 2014 Clusterization des serveurs, Admininistration Systeme et Reseau
    Developpement API, Campagnes et Back office
  • Rentabiliweb - Développeur Web

    Saint-Gilles 2012 - 2012 Projet Be2Bill
    Développement CRM (PHP5 Zend Framework, HTML Smarty, JS)
    Google Analytics
  • Sofiap - Employé administratif

    2011 - 2011 Remplacement saisonnier
    Service Finances : Trésorerie/Comptabilité
  • TMG Media Group (PriceMinister) - Statigaire développeur web

    2010 - 2010 Inter-connexion Réseaux sociaux (Facebook, Twitter,...)
    Développement Backoffice

    Technologies : PHP5, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML


  • Chung-Ang University CAU (Séoul)

    Séoul 2012 - 2013 Epitech 4th Year, exchange student
    Courses : Business Communication, Management, Marketing and Korean Language
  • Ecole Information Et Nouvelles Technologiques

    Kremlin Bicêtre 2009 - 2014 Informatique


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