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Hammam Lif

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Hook Up engineering , Offshore E&I supervision, Commissioning et Start up...

Fort d'une expérience en engineering,hook up et supervision offshore en électricité et instrumentation, j'ai fais évoluer ma carriére vers le travail de pre-commissioning et commissioning.
Après avoir développer ma formation d'ingénieur en électricité et instrumentation, j'occupe un poste au sein d'un projet d'upgrade.
Homme de terrain avant tout, je suis pro d’une certaine polyvalence et d’une capacité d’adaptation.



    Hammam Lif maintenant
  • Technip - Field Instrumentation Engineer

    Paris 2014 - maintenant Client: TOTAL
    MOHO 1 BIS Project
    FPU Alima

    Working as a field engineer involved in technical support of different range of instrumentation.
    *Report to Engineering Manager
    *Duties include:
    -Participates for the preparation of a 2 planned Shutdown ESD0/ESD1
    -Vendor site assistance (Yokoghawa, Actemium,Autochim,Vega,Metzo,Dietsmann, Clyde,ABC Elec,Frames...)
    -Answer to FTQ issued by both side Construction and Commissioning
    -Liaise with customers and colleagues and Construction team in the site.
    -Inspect, install, set up, test and achieve specifications of systems and accessories.
  • SPIE OGS - Instrument Commissioning Lead engineer

    Cergy-Pontoise 2013 - 2014 Client: TOTAL
    Ofon2 project

    *Commissioning engineering phase.
    *ICSS/Instrument commissioning team management.
    *System/subsystems boundaries definition.
    *Commissioning and Pre commissioning ICSS/Instrument database preparation. (ICAPS software & OPERCOM methodology).
    *Redacting of OTP regarding F&G detection, Fire Fighting equipments,and Safety systems.
    *Redacting of FTP regarding existing equipments.
    *Redacting several general procedures such as Detailed List Of Equipment & tools for commissioning..
    *Comments and review of ICSS/Instrument engineering documents (Datasheets, PIDs, Hook-up drawing, architectures system, C&E, Control narrative)
    - Package interface coordination.
  • Subsea 7 - E&I Hook up engineer

    SURESNES 2012 - 2013 Client Exxon Mobil
    OCIP Project

    *Engineering review, Design (Datasheet, cable schedule, Bloc diagram, loop diagram,cause& effect, ESD logic diagram, instrument list, MTO).
    *Preparation of technical queries.
    *Site Survey Report.
    *E&I breakdown activities
    *Jobcards preparation (Man-hour estimation, material…)
    *Preparation of Precommissioning and Commissioning activities.
  • SEREPT - E&I Supervisor Hook up & Commissioning

    Hammam Lif 2008 - 2012 Precommissioning/Commissioning Instrumentation Engineer
    Prepare E&I pre-commissioning dossier..check list, test sheet..
    Comment SLD, PID marked up drawing..
    Assist with preparing E&I precommissioning planning into General planning..
    Management of punch list..
    witnessing execution on site Loop check, functional loop, OTP

    -Review and comment detail's engineering dossiers
    -Prepare JC, SOW,dossiers of modification (New Fire & Gas System,New Instruments installation..)
    -Prepare Planning phase 1,2,3 to 4.
    -Procurement of E&I material..

    SEREPTE&I Supervisor
    -Management of E&I ressource on site.
    -Ensure workpack execution as per dedicated standard.
    -Prepare PTW,JSA..
    -Prepare daily report, report to Construction manager


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