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Professional manager with proven technical experience at The Royal Air Forces of Morocco, directing technical facilities such as logistics coordination, equipment installations, operating and maintenance.
Currently looking for a new field and an appropriate opportunity with a reputable employer. I am looking for a group animated by a dynamic spirit, like yours, which allows me to fully express my potential.

Mes compétences :
Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills and
technical training
Stock Control
Build skills
Demonstrated communications skills
Effectual multitasking skills
Manage maintenance contracts
Professional manager with proven technical experie
Reactive Maintenance
Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills
Supply Chain
Technical Design > Technical Specification
logistics coordination
permanent assistance
Microsoft Office


  • Ofppt - Consultant Trainer & trainer

    Casablanca 2016 - 2018 * Temporary trainer at the Professional Training and Labor Promotion Office: Provides technical training for technicians.
    * Consultant at Maxwell Engineering Center:
    Skills development for the benefit of the office and public administrations.
  • NOUKATEL Firm - Manager

    2014 - 2015 * Ensure accurate inventory and records of all equipment, vehicles, machines and items, preparing

    * the annual public administration control.

    * Assures vehicles maintenance in accordance with Noukatel rules.
    Handling the organization of a new stock building by implementing policies of stock management

    * (more than 10000 items).

    * Assigns drivers for each missions.
    Coordinates repair and services by taking necessary actions to maintain safe work environment.
  • the Moroccan Royal Air Forces - Facility Manager

    1996 - 2015  Project Coordinator at Thales Raytheon company in Paris : ensuring the compliance of the
    reliability and performance of equipment with the technical specifications mentioned in contracts.
     Project coordinator: Oversee and monitor the progress of construction and electrification work of
    living areas and facilities.
     Schedules maintenance program of airspace living areas.
     Manage high level standards of the maintenance workshops activities.
     Manage maintenance contracts with foreign companies.
     Build skills and Manage more than 60 Technicians: career and training plan.
     Prepare trips and logistics need for corrective maintenance team to be deployed at all living areas
    implemented in morocco.
     Ensures the dispatch of urgent equipment by air in collaboration with the concerned aeronautical
     Monitor and update the compliance of the technical documentations, procedures and processes to
    standards and specifications.
     Provides permanent assistance and facilities.
     Collaborate with supply chain services to maintain the availability of equipment and items.
     Managing and supervising security staff.
     Conducting surveys or investigations of major loss or misappropriation of property.
     Participating in emergency situations to solve critical problems.
     Establishing monthly and annually reports
  • Forces Royal Air - Manager Technique

    1996 - 2015


  • Ecole Royale De L'Air ERA (Marrakech)

    Marrakech 2005 - 2005 Certificat in Safety
  • Ecole De Perfectionnement Des Cadres (Kénitra)

    Kénitra 2003 - 2004 Certification in Leadership and Communication.

  • Royal Air Forces School (Marrakech)

    Marrakech 1990 - 1996 Aeronautic Engineer
  • Ecole Royale De L'Air ERA (Marrakech)

    Marrakech 1990 - 1996


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