En résumé

Country Manager - BusDev - Sales/Marketing - Contract Management - Project Management consulting
Aeronautics - Oil & Gas - Water Treatment - FMCG.

Looking for Job opportunity in Gulf region (U.A.E - Qatar) - North Africa

A proven Senior Technical Sales & Business Development professional with a record of delivering in market entry, growth, margins and market share by creating value propositions and developing innovative solutions to differentiate the product and service.

** Master's degree in Engineering ( Automation-Control systems) - Aeronautics (GW)
** Executif Manager - Project Management - Operations Management - Leadership -
Strategic vision for mid & long term - Change Mangement -International Trade -
Business Development - Sales/Marketing - Contract Management
** MENA region

-Branch Executif Manager at IDENA France 2011-2014
(Executif Manager for the Branch - Projects Execution- Business Development)
Serves the global animal feed and production supply chain

-Algeria Country Manager at WABAG GmbH Austria 2010-2011
(Executif Manager for the Branch - Projects Execution- Business Development)
Designs, builds, commissions and operates facilities for drinking water production and desalination, domestic and industrial wastewater treatment.

-Branch Manager at IESA France 2006-2009
(Project manager and business developer for Algeria)
Industrial Electricity & Data processing and networks–Automation For: Power production- Oil/Gas- Water treatment.

-Manager – BK Gulf International (Ras Al Kheima - Emirates Arab United) 2006-2007.
(Executif manager and business developer)
Educational and Training Equipment.

-Export Manager at MURATRON France 2001-2006
(Contracts and projects manager for MENA region)
Turn keys solution of Maintenance laboratories for Power production - Oil & Gas - Industrial and telecom structures.

Mes compétences :
• Manage contractual, technical, finacial aspects
• 16 years experience in managing profit centers
Excellent leadership
Executif Manager
Contract Management
Business Development
Sales & Marketing
Energy - Oil/Gas - Watertreatment - Aviation
Project Management & Operational Mgmt
•Manager with a strategic vision -mid & long terms


  • IDENA - Executive Manager

    2011 - maintenant
    - Branch Management & Business development
    - Provide executive-level administrative support & direct reports to the GM of mother company
    - In charge of implementing the industrial & commercial strategy
    - Managed logistics- Import/export – Bank - Tender Management - Pricing and cost controlling
    - Developing, monitoring and control of operational procedures (regulatory compliance)
    - Conducting sales strategic and Establishing sales objectives
    - Leading Integrated Sales/Technical Teams and organization mission by completing related results
    - Maintain all sales and purchasing reports for cost tracking and forecasting
    - Building and maintaining strong and effective relationships with suppliers and customers
    - Compiling and analysing sales figures and act to reach the financial resul goal of the Subsidiary
  • WABAG GmbH Austria - Country Manager

    2010 - 2011 WABAG GmbH Austria -water production and desalination, domestic and industrial wastewater treatment

    Responsible for total branch performance in accordance with company policy and procedures.

    - Management of the subsidiary
    . Recruit, test, and hire Account Executives based on company criteria & Coatching people
    . Ensure that the branch is properly staffed and the staff is trained to meet customer service needs
    . Anticipates staffing requirements to meet operational needs
    . Holds regular meeting with sales staff & project managers
    . Representing the business at conferences, trade fairs and networking event
    . Maintain contact and friendly relationships with customers and suppliers
    . Building a favorable company image
    . Resolve problems and complaints as they arise, timely and professionally.
    . Responsible for the performance and development of the Account Executives.
    . Manage budget and allocate funds appropriately
    . Maintain good eye for figures, Controls expenses to meet budget guidelines
    . Maintain records and prepares required monthly reports
    . Attend periodic branch manager's meetings

    - Management of the business development
    . Developing strategy, tactics, sales plans and profit targets
    . Manage the sales administration function & operational performance reporting
    . Stay abreast of competing markets
    . Initiates and coordinates development of action plans to penetrate new markets
    . Conduct the requiered meeting when asnweering tenders
    . Monitoring team's performance and motivating them to reach targets
    . Conducts regular coaching and counseling with Account Executives to build motivation and selling skills

    - Management of projects execution (Assisting PM)
    . Organize the work and drive meetings with the stakeholders
    . Estimate and allocate resources, Project Scheduling and Cost Control
    . Observe the methods and QHSE, management contracts toward closing projects
    . Manage claims & Alternative Dispute Resolution for Government Contracts
    . Monitor and control the Billing & Cash Collection
  • IESA France - Branch Manager - IESA Algeria

    2007 - 2010 Industrial Electricity & Data processing and networks–Automation– for:
    Power production- Oil/Gas- Wastewater/fume/gas treatment.
    In charge:
    - Managing the subsidiary
    - Sales development
    - Conduct answeering the tenders
    - Manage Projects and contracts
  • BK International (Ras Al Kheima - United Arab Emirates) - Director manager

    2006 - 2007 BK Gulf International / UAE - (Scientific and educational equipment - Electrical & Vibration test)

    Providing turn key solution in:
    - Scientific and educational laboratories equipment for universities
    - Maintenance testing solution for aviation and industrial, oil & gas plants
  • MURATRON SA France - Export Manager

    2001 - 2006 Turn keys solution of Maintenance laboratories for Power production - Oil/Gas - Industrial and telecom structures.

    (Contracts and projects manager for MENA region)


  • E.M.Polytechnique (Algires)

    Algires 1993 - 1993 Safety and risk management - Specialisation,
  • E.M.Polytechnique (Algiers)

    Algiers 1989 - 1991 Engineer

    Master's degree, Electrical Engineering – (Control Systems / Automation), Algiers
  • Defence Academy Of The United Kingdom (Swindon)

    Swindon 1986 - 1987 Specialisation

    Specialisation, Aeronautics (GW), Swindow - England
  • E.M.Polytechnique (Algiers)

    Algiers 1971 - 1991 Electrical Engineering (Automation)