En résumé

Since my recruitment at Burgundy School of Business in September 2006, my activity includes several missions :
- legal teachings
- academic research
- coordination of the governance of the school with the managing director

Since September 2014, I have begun a new challenge by working in close collaboration with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research.
The scope of intervention of our Business Unit is the following:
- Management of five departments of teachings, teaching staff and media library
- Organization of educational activities and interfacing with programs
- Development of academic excellence (academic qualification and professionalisation of teaching staff, improvement of quality of teachings)
- Participation in national and international processes of accreditations
- Steering, management and structuring of research activities (Research chairs, research teams).

Teaching interests :
Business law, Labor law, Criminal law, Discrimination law, Comparative business law

Teaching languages :
French, English

Levels of teaching :
Bachelor, Master, Postgraduate and MBA

Research interests :
Marketing regulation (within the retail channel and in general), Microfinance regulation, Crowdfunding, Business law (consent and contracts), Banking law (online mainly), Diversity, Institutional aspects of microfinance (usury regulation, religious aspects…)

Mes compétences :
Enseignement supérieur et recherche


  • Executive Education - Groupe ESC Dijon-Bourgogne - Directrice Relations Institutionnelles & Gouvernance

    DIJON 2015 - maintenant
  • COMUE UBFC - Membre du Conseil d'Administration

    2015 - maintenant
  • Executive Education - Groupe ESC Dijon-Bourgogne - Vice Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research

    DIJON 2014 - 2015
  • Executive Education - Groupe ESC Dijon-Bourgogne - Associate Professor / Project manager for institutional relations

    DIJON 2011 - 2014
  • Executive Education - Groupe ESC Dijon-Bourgogne - Associate Professor

    DIJON 2006 - 2010 Best research paper Award (Honolulu, HAWAI)
    Institute of Business and Finance Research
    janvier 2008
    French usury legislation and the development of credit availability for microenterpriseModifierRéorganiser la section
    Global Journal of Business Research, vol 2, n° 2, pp. 123-137
    Article written with Arvind ASHTA
  • Executive Education - Groupe ESC Dijon-Bourgogne - Professeur vacataire

    DIJON 2005 - 2006
  • Université de Bourgogne - Lecturer

    Dijon 1999 - 2002

    1999 - 2004



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