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Mes compétences :
Offres commerciales
Marchés énergie
Marchés d'ajustement
Travail en équipe
Animation d'ateliers de travail
Smart Grid
Gestion des procédures
Energies renouvelables
Responsable de compte
Analyse des besoins
Négociation contrats
Gestion de projet
Suivi commercial
Développement commercial
Développement international
Partenariats stratégiques
Efficacité énergétique
Gestion de portefeuille
Suivi opérationnel


  • REstore - Sourcing Manager

    2016 - maintenant
  • Energy Pool - Ingénieur d'affaires

    Le Bourget du Lac cedex 2012 - 2016 As part of the Engineering Team, I was responsible of a portfolio of end-users, thus extracting the maximum value out of their flexible on-site assets and monetising them in RTE’s (French Transmission System Operator) energy markets

    • Proposed multi-scheme offerings to meet industrial end-user’s needs
    • Responsible of a portfolio worth 100+ curtailable MW with expected revenues X M€
    • Coordinated the operations team in order to meet account performance objectives and end-user’s expectations
    • Managed daily relationship with end-users and proposing viable adaptations according to major operational evolutions
    • Responded to 5+ calls for tender
    • Led the 2016 annual call for tender for Energy Pool’s French portfolio

    • Developed an exhaustive knowledge on industrial processes (steel & metallurgy, cement, plastic, water treatment and distribution), and critical power production assets
    • Conducted the engineering analysis of 40+ end-users to identify their flexibility potential

    • Represented Energy Pool at working groups organised by RTE
    • Participated in consultations with various stakeholders to elaborate Capacity Market rules
    • Developed an exhaustive knowledge on electricity markets (French and International), balancing mechanisms in order to propose sound and attractive offers
  • Energy Pool - Stagiaire service ingénierie

    Le Bourget du Lac cedex 2012 - 2012 Final year internship carried out at Energy Pool, the European leader in Demand Response.

    • Developed an exhaustive knowledge on existing Demand Response mechanisms in France
    • Investigated, contracted with and integrated new end-users in the portfolio
    • Carried out the engineering analysis of end-users and characterised the flexibility of industrial processes in order to offer tailor-made monetisation schemes
    • Led the roll-out of a quality methodology and prepared a quality procedures manual


  • INSA De Lyon

    Villeurbanne 2011 - 2012 ingénieur

    Feasibility study aiming at:
    • Reducing energy consumption of Pays Diois by 4
    • Producing the equivalent of consumed energy in Pays Diois thanks to renewable energies

    The achieved results:
    • Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by 4
    • Meeting energy needs with only renewable energies by 2040
    • Proposing a deployment scenario and formul
  • Concordia University (Montréal)

    Montréal 2011 - 2011 ingénieur

    Research project conducted at Concordia University’s Civil Building and Environment department

    "Measurements and analysis of displacement ventilation in a controlled chamber"

    • Calibrating a Particle Image Velocimetry apparatus and defining a measurement methodology
    • Carrying out measurements of temperatures and air velocity in a controlled chamber
    • Investigating correlations betw
  • INSA De Lyon

    Villeurbanne 2009 - 2010 ingénieur

    Entrepreneurship project to found a compost factory comprising
    • Taking courses of management and finance
    • Creating connections with the industry and representatives of the cities of Lyon and Lille
    • Completing a market research and a sustainable business plan
    • Delivering a report to the city of Villeurbanne including recommendations to implement the project
  • INSA De Lyon

    Villeurbanne 2007 - 2012 ingénieur

    Specialisation in Energetics and Environment Management
    Modules include:
    • Process Control
    • Industrial Environment
    • Environmental Management
    • Management
    • Renewable Energies
    • Quality Management
    • Finance


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