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Etudiante en 1ere année en école de Pharmacie et titulaire d’une licence en Chimie/Biologie, je souhaiterais effectuer travaieller dans le domaine de la chimie du médicament, pharmacie industrielle.
De nombreuses capacités dont mon dynamisme, ma détermination, ma rigueur sont des atouts que je me propose de mettre en exergue a chaque tache que j'effectue.

I am a student in 1st Year school of Pharmacy at Kingston University and graduated in Chemistry and Biology in University of Paris Val De Marne. I would like to do a placement or a volunteer job during the summer in Industrial Pharmacy or in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. My dynamism, my sense of responsibilities and my rigor are the skills that I propose to highlight in your company. Hardworking I enjoy the work in laboratories and I always give my best to achieve any task I have been given.

Mes compétences :
Substances naturelles


  • Phytorica - Volunteer Job

    2009 - maintenant Initiation a la pharmacie industrielle.
    Realisation d extraction acidobasiques, Decoction, huiles fixes et essentielles, innovation de savons produits de maniere artisanale...

    Volunteer student placement: learn the basic of industrial pharmacy and Bio cosmetics.
     Oil and butter production: using a press machine, hot extraction of oil and butter from previously dried nuts, filtration, conditioning and labelling.
     Assisting in Soap production: mixing of the different compounds, moulding, improving product fragrances.
     Assisting in decoction production: acid base extraction of medicinal herbals plants known for particular virtuous according to tradipractionners.
  • Museum of Natural History - Internship

    2009 - maintenant Student university placement. Subject: Chemistry and Biochemistry study the alcaloidics compounds of a Malagasy plant: Muntafara sessilifolia.

    • Using and interpretation of quantitaves and qualitatives techniques: Chromatography (fine layer, exclusion) Mass spectroscopy, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR 1H 13C).
    • Separative techniques: Silicium column extraction.
    • Enzyme activity study.


  • Kingston University School Of Pharmacy (Londres)

    Londres 2010 - 2014


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