En résumé

Maitrise parfaite des produits:
- lingerie jour et nuit
- maillot de bain
- t-shirts
- sous-vêtements homme


  • ATELIER 31 - Gérante Atelier 31-Directrice de style Undiz

    2012 - maintenant
    Lisa is the Design Director of ATELIER 31, the Paris based company she founded in 2012.
    ATELIER 31 is the exclusive designer for the line UNDIZ of the ETAM group and is responsible for their full product line from concept to final end product.

    ATELIER 31’s planned 2014 opening in New York will welcome experienced designers from Paris and New York who have created for Victoria’s Secret, & other stories(H&M group)...

    Lisa has extensive experience in both design and management, a dynamic synergy, which has contributed to the success of ATELIER 31.

    Lisa worked for the ETAM Group, managing the UNDIZ collections before she externalized their design department into ATELIER 31. Her management responsibilities at ETAM included motivating and coordinating teams of designers to envision and create thousands of innovative, unique, quality products every year.

    Lisa’s passion for design has led to rich and diverse experience in designing lingerie and swimwear for such Luxury Brands as:



    Her versatility enabled her to design men’s underwear for retail and chain stores where she launched the women’s line for both EMINENCE and ATHENA.

    Lisa’s skills and passion, combined with her own entrepreneurial spirit make her the ideal person to accompany businesses in creating new product lines or revitalizing existing ones. She understands both the local and global markets and is accomplished at the art of adapting collections to a specific market. She also recognizes the value of a unique Brand Image and the necessity to evolve in an ever-changing world.

    Lisa and her team are visionaries, experienced at identifying trends and transforming them into unique expressive creations that reflect the moment in time.

    Lisa has a Designer/Technician Degree with a specialty in lingerie. She graduated Valedictorian of the 2002 class of ESMOD in Paris.
  • UNDIZ- 68 boutiques-groupe Etam - Responsable style

    2010 - 2012 - Garante de l’identité de la marque
    Superviser la création
    Donner de la vision à l’offre produit
    Manager une équipe de 10 personnes
  • UNDIZ-Groupe ETAM - Styliste

    2007 - 2010 - Donner une identité stylistique forte à la marque
    - Lancer une enseigne au concept novateur
    Concevoir les collections
    Piloter et garantir le bonne réalisation des produits (développement en Chine)
    Participer aux négociations prix avec les fournisseurs chinois chaque saison à HK et Shanghaï
    Assurer une veille style et concurrentielle permanente : NY, HK, Shanghaï, Londres, Milan, Barcelone, Paris
    Analyser les résultats de vente
  • Société Internationale de Lingerie (SIL) - Responsable style

    2002 - 2007 DIOR, JOHN GALLIANO, CHRISTIAN LACROIX, KENZO et CACHAREL : Licences lingerie, bain H/F
    EMINENCE et ATHENA : Marques propres H/F

    - Double connaissance création et développement des licences luxe et des marques propres
    - Double connaissance des réseaux de distribution GMS et sélectif
    Créer et développer les collections en tenant compte des exigences des créateurs :
    Elaborer les plans de collection en collaboration avec les équipes commerciales et marketing
    Piloter et garantir le bonne réalisation des produits