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  • Passerelles Numériques - General Manager

    Paris 2013 - maintenant Passerelles numériques is a not-for-profit organisation created and governed by several business leaders. We train underprivileged young people on ICT; there are 550 on-going students in our training centres.
    The organisation operates in Cambodia, the Philippines, Vietnam, with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Paris, with an annual budget of 1.8M€, and employs more than 100 employees and 60 volunteers each year.

    My mission consists in supporting the Board to design the organisations’ strategy and in implementing it with the teams in order to successfully equip disadvantaged youth for sustainable employability:
    - changing the business model and the organisation's growth model: strategic thinking and formulation, development of institutional partnerships and companies, change management, teams and processes structuring…
    - launching educational and pedagogical experiments to best meet the needs of local markets
    - managing investments and budget, defining and directing the HR policy
    - setting up the new governance system
  • GERES - Country Head

    Aubagne 2009 - 2012 The Groupe Energies Renouvelables, Environnement & Solidarités (GERES) aims at helping to preserve the environment, limit climate change and its consequences, reduce fuel poverty and improve living conditions.

    I was in charge of leading and completing the project of energy efficiency and climate mitigation in the very isolated and constrained context of the Himalayas, in order to contribute to the region’s sustainable development:
    - managing cooperation between the stakeholders (civil society, experts, local authorities and central government) as well as financial and human resources
    - building up capacity, facilitating transfer of technical know-how and knowledge management
    - mobilising and coordinating the multicultural team (72 persons)
    - prospecting and setting up new projects and partnerships
    - ensuring project monitoring and evaluation to confirm its impact and replicability
    - Deputy Head during one year in preparation for the position takeover (2009-2010)

    The four-year programme enabled more than 1,000 households and communities to improve their winter livelihoods and reduce their energy vulnerability.
    The project was one of the finalists of World Habitat Awards 2011.
  • Inter Aide - Programme Manager (senior)

    2002 - 2009 Management of multi-partner urban programmes in several slums of Bombay: micro-finance & business creation, education, family support & counselling.

    My role encompassed:
    - carrying out the technical and organisational diagnostic of programs and implementers, providing with appropriate consultancy
    - planning and supervising the activities of partner organisations
    - developing the operational teams’ skills and know-how
    - elaborating and setting up new projects and partnerships
    - managing financial and human resources
    - establishing and leading Inter Aide local team
  • PSA Banque - Project Manager

    gennevilliers 1999 - 2002 Project management and coordination of functional and technical teams at headquarters and in the three subsidiaries (Germany, Spain, Italy): impact study, planning, resources. Analysis and definition of needs and impacts. Monitoring developments and conducting tests. Reporting to key decision-makers. Training, deployment and user support.
  • Société Générale - Business Analyst

    PARIS 1997 - 1999 For capital market products in the emerging subsidiaries (Asia, Eastern Europe & Middle East): definition of needs and impacts, study of interfaces. Monitoring developments and conducting tests, training, deployment and user support.