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Lydie Geoffroy
The ad business takes you where you want to go – as long as you get out of it! Formerly an artistic director, Lydie Geoffroy quit the ad world in 1998.
After six years, she decided to go solo and develop her own creative consultancy. As an agent, advisor and mentor to artists, her philosophy is to respect artistic rather than commercial values.
Exhibiting her artists since 2006, Lydie Geoffroy opened Visionairs Gallery in 2009, to provide them a dedicated space. Her mission is to restore creative values
to contemporary art and act as a shield protecting artists from the speculative machinations of the international art market.
Visionairs Gallery became a temple of ethical values for emerging artists who were not yet ready to cede their vision to the gods of money. Lydie placed herself in the service of artists, seeking to foster, incubate and promote their talent – not to profit from their work!
Some might call her vision radical, others innocent, even a little naïve, but Lydie knows precisely what she is doing. Taking her inspiration from that great original, Marcel Duchamp, Lydie wants most of all to place human values at the center of the artistic process:
« I want to leave the artist alone to create. My job is to lead the public towards the new,
the fresh and the individual. I don’t want my artists to be manipulated by market trends and fashion. I want them to be received as human beings and above all to enable them
to make art for human beings. »
For artists, Visionairs Gallery has become the theatre of infinite creative possibilities. The art of the 21st Century is a platform for traditional techniques to fuse inspirationally with new media and technology. It is art which captures the passion of living but also the inequalities and fragmentary nature of the lives that make up our global century. Like Vitruvian Man, Leonardo da Vinci’s great symbol
of humanism, Lydie wants her artists to shine the light of creation on the future that is coming closer – a passionate future where man will become the center
of new artistic and technological worlds.

The philosophy of Visionairs Gallery
Visionairs Gallery wants to return to the true values of artistic creation. What are these values?
An ethical vision with a social conscience. Art must be socially responsible and contribute to our understanding of the world and other people.
Originality and difference. The task of the artist is to work hard at perfecting a unique artistic vision.
A belief in truth and beauty. Art must strive for beauty with a strong aesthetic vision.
Visionairs Gallery wants to return to the essential values of art and support those artists who accept the founding principles of artistic creation.
Visionairs Gallery also wants to extend the pleasure of creation to the widest possible public, providing education and inspiration through the art we exhibit.
One of our founding principles at Visionairs Gallery is to reach people’s hearts and minds through art. We believe that art is not a commodity just for sale
or speculation. Art is creative joy and a medium for thought and reflection.
Visionairs Gallery wants to contribute to the rebirth of a genuine human art that reflects our societies and gives us a sense of our challenging times.
The mission statement of Visionairs Gallery can be summarized in three words: humanity, humanism and Human Art.
Our aim is to produce a Factory for the 21st Century, taking inspiration from Andy Warhol’s unique gallery/studio of the 1960s, in New York.
We want to create a space open to everyone, where artists and art students, ordinary people and celebrities can meet, mix and inspire each other.
Founder Lydie Geoffroy considers herself the spiritual daughter of Peggy Guggenheim, who took real risks for the artists in whom she believed.
Visionairs Gallery wants to be at the center of new artistic movements, driven
by a fresh wind of creativity.

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    VISIONAIRS IN ART gallery un lieu où nous présentons à tous, le travail d’artistes aux univers denses.
    Plus qu’une galerie et même si le terme de « concept store » est un tant soit peu galvaudé, il nous parait important de diversifier notre activité en restant dans le secteur artistique, plus particulièrement la photographie en proposant pour cela d’autre support : à savoir l’édition photographique d’Art, le partenariat de la galerie lors d’événement médiatique et confidentiel, partenariat caritatif avec la Mairie de Paris, des expositions temporaires comme la présentation de collection privé et de photographie vintage, etc.

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