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Briefly, i will introduce myself, BRIK Malek, 30 years old, technically, I am qualified as an Industrial Instrumentation and Maintenance Engineer (IMI) from INSAT (National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technologies) Tunisia.

I have worked in different project mainly in TUNISIA (ENI), ALGERIA (SONATRACH), SUDAN (WNPOC & GNPOC) and FRANCE (TECHNIP) and currently with AREVA NP (PARIS – LA DEFENSE) as an instrumentation engineer.

Along these Five years experience, I still learning and acquiring competencies and skills; I can work well in teams and possess excellent analytical, communication, fault finding, and trouble shooting skills.
Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

Meilleures salutations / Best regards /
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

BRIK Malek
Instrumentation Engineer

Mes compétences :
Sécurité incendie
Protection incendie


  • AREVA - Instrumentation Engineer

    Paris La Defense 2013 - maintenant
  • Technip - Ingenieur Instrumentation

    Paris 2013 - 2013 FAT (DCS ,ESD , FGD SYSTEM) INVENSYS - FOXBORO
  • EPPM - Ingénieur Instrumentation

    Tunis 2010 - 2012 Instrumentation & Control System and Safety Engineer
    Technical environment

    • Autocad 2010, InstruCalc, ValSpec, SPI (Smart plant instrumentation)

    Context and objectives

    • Tharjath/Mala Infill Wells & Joknyang/Thoan Field Development Project - Block 5A” WNPOC– SUDAN
    • Flared Gas Recuperation in ROM BRN-Sonatrach-ALGERY
    • Revamping of fire and gas detection systems for production oil and gas units in Hassi Messaoud- Sonatrach-ALGERY
    • ATEX study – ENI BV-TUNISIA
    • Security systems study development of the ARZEW-RTO regional management installations-SONATRACH-ALGERY


    • Elaborations of the P&ID in conjunction with process
    • Prepare specifications:
    - Control system
    - Emergency shutdown
    - General specification for field Instrumentation
    - Control valves, ON/OFF valves
    - Telecommunication system
    - Telemetry system (SCADA system, RTU,RIO, fiber optic ...)
    - Instrument Cable specification
    • Prepare data sheets with Smart Plan Instrumentation for:
    - instruments (pressure, level, flow, temperature, analysis)
    - control valves, data sheet for on/off valves
    - cables
    - gas analyser
    • Engineering details of:
    - PCS & DCS systems
    - SCADA systems
    - ESD Systems
    - F&G Systems
    • Engineering and installation of detection and fire fighting systems (flame detector, smoke detector, thermal cable, heat detector, CO2 skid, Control Panel, etc.)
    • Engineering details of skid metering
    • Instrument List (SPI)
    • Cable List (SPI)
    • Instrument Plot Plan Drawing
    • Cable routing Plan
    • Elaboration and sizing of detailed Implantation plan of fire & gas detectors and actuators on site.
    • Elaboration of detailed Implantation plan of linear heat detector on manifold , storage tank , Blow down …
    • Junction box wiring diagram (SPI)
    • Prepare the HOOK UP (SPI)
    • Prepare LOOP Drawing using (SPI)
    • Technical Bid Evaluation (control system, instrument, cable, etc.)
    • Comments Sheet reply for the client
    • HAZOP (Matrix risk) and safeguards
    • Supervision of control system (SCADA, DCS, PCS, ESD, F&G)
    • Inspection Visit in Borma, Oued Zar, D’jbel Grouz et Hammouda
    • Site Visit report
    • Participation in the ATEX workshop with ENI:
     To identify by one audit the zones concerned with the ATEX
     To evaluate the risks of explosion in the concerned zones
     To define a zoning in order to limit the risks in the event of explosion
     To establish a plan of handing-over in conformity of ENI installation
    • Elaboration of the ATEX areas classification report according to API RP505 standard
    • Verification of the ATEX areas classification drawings
    • Specification of the ATEX material
  • PIRECO - Ingénieur en Instrumentation

    Les Berges du Lac 2009 - maintenant Project of end of study: Study of the Security system (Detection and Extinction) of a station of gas treatment”
    Client: ENI


  • Institut National Des Sciences Appliquées Et De Technologie (INSAT) (Tunis)

    Tunis 2004 - 2009 Instrumentation et Maintenance Industrielle
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