En résumé

Mr Malek DOUIRI has Thirteen years’ experience, of which eight years in electricity transmission field of transmission line, underground cable and substation industry.
Along the 13 years he went through several positions related to Maintenance and Project management. He was always involved in network facilities Construction, Sanitation and Maintenance.
Since 2009 his predilection field has been the Electricity Transmission. He was involved in the maintenance of high and medium voltage substations (from 33kV to 400kV); the maintenance of the Transmission overhead lines, Project tendering, execution and supervision of electric transmission projects.
After 12 years of local experience, He initiated an international experience by being the resident engineer of $19 billion electricity transmission project in Lao PDR. A scope of work that starts from desing checking to work subervision and project management. An mission that mixs between Project management and technical advisory.
He has always empowred his professional experience with academic training. In addition to his master degree in mechanical engineering obtained in 2002, He also obtained in 2015 a professional master degree in management with particularly an end of study project related to ISO 55000 asset management standards. He got a certification in project management in 2014 from Tensetp academy, and a PMP certification from Project management Institute in 2016. Currently he is also following an online course related to Renewable Energy with RENAC.
Once he will complete his current project (That will happen in April 2017) Malek DOUIRI would like to be involved in the management and the execution of electricity transmission projects, anywhere worldwide with a preference of projects that integrates renewable energies.

He will be always looking forward to express himself with new challenges and new achievements .

Mes compétences :
High Voltage
Planned Maintenance
Microsoft Windows
Project management
Preventive systematic maintenance
Visual Basic 6
Staff Development and Training
Rotating Equipment
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
Fluid Mechanics
Conditional Maintenance
Computer programming


  • AEC-Al-Abdulhadi Engineering Consultancy Kuwait - Engineering consultant Expert in Transmission Lines and Substations / Project manager

    2015 - maintenant Resident project engineer (Al-Abdulhadi Engineering Consultancy): accountable of the Namthoung - Louang Namtha - Namo 115kV substation and transmission line project in The Lao People's Democratic Republic.
    Employer: Eléctricté du Laos
    Contractor: CCC Engineering China
    Budget: 19 000 k$
    The scope of the work comprises two main Lots:
    • OHL construction (about 128 Km)
    (a) About 43 Km 115 kV Transmission Line Single circuit.
    (b) About 85 Km 115 kV Transmission Line Double Circuit.
    • AIS Substation Construction and extension
    (a) Extension of two existing 115kV SubStations
    (b) Construction of a new 115/22kV substation
    My main tasks are:
    • To ensure the Monitoring and Controlling part of the project management and particularly the Quality control.
    • To issue a monthly work progress report, to hold meeting between all stakeholders, and to deal with all the happening issues.
    • To oversee the design and its conformity with employer specifications and the state of the art standards
    • To witness all the Factory tests required for equipments according to the standards
    • To ensure the supervision of all site works executed by the contractors such as site survey, Construction, Erection, Installation and Commissioning.
  • Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gaz (STEG) - Maintenance manager (Chef de Service Principale)

    2010 - 2015 (chef service) at the Tunisian STEG»: my task is to
    - To ensure corrective (breakdown works) and preventive maintenance of electrical
    Transmission substations: Maintenance of Primary substations at voltage levels of 4OO
    Kv, 220kV, 132kV, 66kV and 33kV (GIS /AIS substations).Maintenance of power
    transformer, On-Load Tap Changers and Power Transformers auxiliaries
    - To ensure corrective and preventive systematic maintenance of high-voltage overhead
    power line and high-voltage cable.
    - To supervise the integration of new projects (Substations, OHL, HV Cables)

    - To contribute to the quinquennial development of project specifications of the
    company ``12 plan'' (Cables and transformers)
    - To develop and standardize the maintenance procedures. (Member of the working
    - Giving a training course about High Voltage cables at STEG's training center.
  • The Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas (STEG) - Maintenance engineer

    2009 - 2010 electrical substations at the National Company of Electricity and
    Gas: my task is to ensure corrective and preventive maintenance of electrical Transmission
    - I participated to the installation of the movable substation of Béjaoua Tunis.
    - I participated to the reparation of the autotransformer of Goulette Tunis.
    - I participated to several interventions on GIS switchgear
    - I participated to the decommissioning and commissioning of several high voltage
    devices in AIS substations (circuit-breaker, CT, Power transformers...)
  • The Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas (STEG) - Project engineer

    2006 - 2009 ((at the end i was promoted to the grade of Deputy Chief
    Project engineer at the National Company of Electricity and Gas:

    - I participated to the Realization of many low pressure network Gaz projects in order
    to enlarge the natural gaz network in the town of Nabeul and surroundings
    - I have assisted the Introduction of the quality system within the gas service (Obtaining
    a certification ISO 9001)
  • The Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas - Manager

    2006 - 2008 To ensure the Work activity and exploitation Gas. ;
    - To take part in the development of some projects studies.
    - To the development and standardizations of gas procedures
  • CRDA - Maintenance engineer

    2005 - 2006 with the CRDA (agricultural government organization) of the
    governorship ``Elkef'': Maintenance of water substations pumping: intervention on the
    electrical control system, repair and replacement of pumps, repairing of water network,
    maintenance and repair of electrogen groups
    November 2003 to March 2005
    Supervisory engineer of hydraulic works to the ``Ezzerga'' dam in the Governorate of
  • Ministère de l'agriculture Tunisienne - Supervising engineer

    2003 - 2005 Supervisory engineer of hydraulic works to the “Ezzerga” dam in the Governorate of Jendouba •My task was to:
    - Follow the work of installations of the hydraulic material and the work of installation of the electrical communication in the dam..
    - Control the work of welding metal water conduct
    - Follow the installation and the material of well as the staff training to the use of measurement instruments.


  • Project Management Institute PMI (USA)

    USA 2016 - 2019 Certified Project Management Professional
  • The Renewable Academy (RENAC) Germany (Berlin)

    Berlin 2016 - 2016 Certificate

    Electricity, Photovoltaic, Concentrated Solar Power, Wind power, PV-diesel hybrid systems
  • Amideast (Tunis)

    Tunis 2014 - 2014 Preparation for PMP exam

    Project Management
  • Université Virtuelle De Tunis (UVT) (Tunis)

    Tunis 2013 - 2014 Certification in Business English

    Business English - Anglais d'affaires
  • TenStep Tunisia (Tunis)

    Tunis 2013 - 2014 Certificate

    Project management
  • British Council (Tunis)

    Tunis 2012 - 2014 English Certificate

    Advanced level
  • Université Virtuelle De Tunis (UVT) (Tunis)

    Tunis 2012 - 2014 Master

    Management: Master in Enterprise Optimization and Modernization (MOME )
  • Bourguiba School Tunisia (Ben Arous)

    Ben Arous 2009 - 2012 certificate
  • The National School Of Engineers (Tunis)

    Tunis 1999 - 2002 : Graduated as mechanical engineer from Tunis(ENIT,the oldest engineering school in Tunisia): mechanical
    - Fluid Mechanics and Thermal, Soil Mechanics Materials and Structures.... ;