Mandar KADAM


En résumé

Mes compétences :
Solar water feasibility analysis
Project Management
Microsoft Office
Feature Films
Adobe Photoshop


  • Mogra Engineering - Jr. design Engineer

    2014 - 2015 I was working on all stages of a product from research and development, design and manufacturing till installation and final commissioning.
  • Cadbury - Project Intern

    Paris Cedex 2013 - 2014 Project Name : Steam Optimization system
    Sponsored by: CADBURY INDIA Ltd. Pune.
    Objective: To raise the temperature of boiler feed water by 500 C by using waste steam so as to reduce the fuel consumption and Production cost. Thus to increase the plant efficiency.
    Scope: To increase boiler efficiency & cost saving.
    Brief Procedure: 1)Collection of waste steam from production unit. 2)Checking the quality and quantity of steam and condensate then Separated steam and condensate in steam receiver tank. 3)Heat boiler feed water in tank by using separated waste steam. 4)calculate temperature raise of feed water and Delivered hot feed water of 800 C to boiler, Repeated cycle continuously. 5)calculation for reduced fuel consumption & cost saved per day.
    Benefits to the company: 1) Reduced make up water heating cost.
    2) Reduced fuel consumption by 102 kg/day & thereby decreasing cost.
    3) Total saving’s in cost per day 5,306 Rs.
    4) Quantity of fuel consumption reduced by 5.14%.
    5) No running cost & No maintenance required.


  • Ecole Des Mines De Nantes

    Nantes 2015 - maintenant Masters

    Major courses during Master's
    -Heat,Mass Transfer, Fluid mechanics
    -Environment and Process Engineering
    -Incineration and waste minimization
    -Water Treatment Process
    -Risk analysis and environment management
    -Innovation Into Practice
    -Renewable Energy
    -Energy Efficiency and Services
    -Energy Networks
    -Energy Modeling and Optimization
    -Energy Management
  • University Of Pune (Pune)

    Pune 2009 - 2014 Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)

    Major courses during mechanical engineering:
    - Automobile engineering
    -Theory of machines
    - Strength of materials
    - CAD/ CAM
    - Power plant engineering
    - Aesthetics and ergonomics engineering
    - Metallurgy
    - Machine design
    - Electrical and electronics engineering.