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  • Orange - Change Manager

    Paris 2013 - 2014 Within CSO/ITD/FCAM service , in charge of the piloting of CAB (Change Advisory Board) and ECAB ((Emergency Change Advisory Board) meetings to make decisions on the realization of non-standard changes in accordance with IASE 3402 and ITIL for change management.

    Changes taken into account by FCAM: the changes concerning operations involving a disturbance, a downtime or a significant risk on a service in production

    Knowledges :
    - Backup and Storage Infrastructures, Network and Security, Hosting
    - Customer Architecture and applications used (GDF, Tereos, Sagem, LVMH, …)

    Tool used : MSCT (Managed Services Change Tool)

    Missions :
    o Analyze, comment and follow the evolution of the demands (RFCs : Request For Change) in MSCT
    o Present the changes with impacts to the customer committees to obtain his approval for the realization of these changes
    o Pilot the CAB FCAM meetings and E-CAB with OBS teams :
     Analyse the changes (reason, expected return, understanding)
     Check installation, validation and rollback procedures are present and coherent with time slots and actors well precised
     Identification of the applications/servers impacted, the unavailability duration and the risks
     Check of prerequisites well done or planned
     Check of organization (communication/notifications to send, conf call, resources)
     Identify the relation with the other planned changes
    o Make the reports and agendas of the CAB meetings in English
    o Synthesis of the RFCS (standard and not standard):
     Realization of PIR (Post Implementation Review) for the changes which encountered an incident
     Notice the changes "model" and changes "to improve"
  • Orange - CDN service Engineer

    Paris 2011 - 2012 Within DCIRF (ex-DRIMS), in charge of CDN service engineering, RBCI architecture of video contents delivered in mode distributed closer to the customer :

    - Equipments used :
    POP connecting with ALCATEL 7750 and Cisco 7600 NM Routers
    CDN routers (Service Router, Acquirer, Streamer) : CDE100, 200,205 et 220.
    - Writing of engineering documents : Detailed and technical information of the CDN and its functions, configuration parameters
    - Management and follow-up of projects :
    - New CDN services creation
    o services : webTV, VOD ZNE, Cedexis, Dailymotion, Smartjog, Rolland Garros, ...
    o different streaming video technologies : Smooth/ABR, Live and VOD, HLS, HDS / Flash, ..
    o different manifest file / DASH Protocol (standardization)

    - New features via API/IHM with multi-CDN environments (program occultation, purge of contents, real-time monitoring and reporting)
    - Demand of evolutions of the solution with the CISCO English-speaking and French developers (security of servers)
    - Piloting of R&D tests (performance et new versions/features)
    - CDN architecture evolution : cache and downloading time optimization, reassurance of files accesses (Token / URL Signing) and of contents (DRM)
    - Dimensionnement : software upgrades and/or change/addition of equipments to assure all the traffic
    - Tools used : SOPLI / ExperIP (Cacti), Manager CDSM (alarms), Meteo (link trafic supervision), PRISME (CDN service statistics)
  • Orange - Exploitation and Supervision Engineer on TV FTTH Platform

    Paris 2010 - 2010
    Within DPS, in charge of network engineering and supervision of TV FTTH platform
    - Knowledge of TV platforms : Bitband CDN, Viacess servers, RighTV and Compass (ORCA), Bladesystem/ESM/ESX
    - Discovery of F5 Big IP loadbalancers : irules creation
    - Maintenance : switch upgrades
    - Writing of documents : exploitation and instruction documents, expression of needs for supervision,
    -Tools : BMC Portal, PNOO (probe), HPED (inventory of equipments)
  • Astellia - Customer Support Engineer

    Vern sur Seiche 2008 - 2009 - Customer support (Telecom operators in France and abroad)
    - Customer advising : how to use and to improve the product
    - Incident management on the monitoring solution managed by Astellia for mobile networks
    • supervision tool : ASM
    • probe of network frames : Ocean
    • data treatments : Cigale
    - Management of crisis, escalation and priorities : restoring of the emergency service, guarantee of the stability of the solution
    - Preventive and evolutive supervision of hardware and software
    - Upgrade operations
    - Regular contact with english-speaking customers (CSM : Comité de suivi de maintenance)
    - In touch with many services of the company :
    • support in front scale : customer trial in progress
    • L3 expertise for precise problems
    • Operations : Transfer of files customers once the Astellia solution installed at the customer
    • Marketing : Demand of evolution of the customers on products
    • R&D : bug reproduction
  • Orange - Exploitation (L2 and L3 support) and supervision Engineer

    Paris 2007 - 2008 Within DEPFS, I was in charge of the network exploitation and supervision of all the park of livebox on VOIP H323/SIP :
    - Daily administration and exploitation of several equipments : Cisco 7200 Routers, Nortel Baystack and Passport switches, Alteon 2208 AND 2424 Loadbalancer, Nokia checkpoint and Netscreen (ISG 1000) firewalls
    - WAN/LAN administration : configuration, routing and L2 and L3 support
    - Contact with the manufacturers for hardware or software problems
    - Contact with datacenters for installation / deinstallation of equipments or for cabling/equipment status check
    - Penalties and non business hours operations on production platforms
    - Management of crisis, escalation, priorities
    - Writing of documents : firewall rules, instruction document for supervisors, exploitation documents, plans of adressing
    - Quality synthesis : incident statistics, reflexion of improvement of the detection and the resolution of incidents
    - Projects of platforms improvement : IOS upgrade to solve the overload of the buffer, PRA (plan reprise activité), firewall replacement for performance
    - Tools used : Océane, SWAN, HPOV, Cacti, Wireshark



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