Maxime LEROY


En résumé

Mes compétences :
Développement commercial
Business development
Ingénierie Patrimoniale


  • Indépendant - Comédien - Metteur en Scène - Animateur Scénique

    2014 - maintenant Artiste interprète théâtre & cinéma
    Metteur en scène & formateur théâtre d'improvisation
    Actuellement en création: Oleanna (drame en huis-clos de David Mamet)
  • Orelis - Sales Manager

    2011 - 2012 Orelis is an independant financial services company which provides independant financial planners :
    • Life insurance & saving solutions ;
    • Real estate brokerage ;
    • Custom-made investment funds, fund derivatives.
  • Societe Generale Insurance - Sogecap - Sales Manager

    2009 - 2011 - Selling Life Insurance and Savings all over France to Independant Wealth Managers;
    - Providing Trainings to Financial Advisors concerning taxes, laws and finance.
  • Allianz - Wealth Manager

    Puteaux 2008 - 2009
  • Equance - Private Wealth Manager

    Montpellier 2007 - 2008 Experts in Asset Management for expatriates and French residents

    An overall perception of assets (Finance, Life insurance, Property, Pensions...)

    A one-to-one relationship wherever you are

    Leading partners

    Independence leading to perfectly tailored products

    Equance: an International Group; the Architect of your Assets
    The Equance Group is the fruit of 20 years' experience in Analysis, Auditing and Asset Management Consultancy.
    International experience acquired through the thousands of customers who have followed its consultants' recommendations has provided it with highly valued up-to-the minute skill, unanimously recognised both by investors resident in France and expatriates.
    The company is based in Montpellier and has a multidisciplinary team of professionals comprised of lawyers and tax specialists. With its high level of responsiveness, Equance has made its customer services the reference for its entire activity.

    Equance's range of products relies on leading national and international corporations, responding to short, medium and long-term needs.

    Our reputation is built upon:
    - The expertise of our team of Asset Management Consultants,
    - The quality of our partners and suppliers,
    - The individual attention provided by the close relations between investor and advisor.

    Equance is a member of the CGPC (Conseils en Gestion de Patrimoine Certifiés - Certified Asset Management Consultancy), the CIP (Chambre des Indépendants du Patrimoine - Chamber of Independent Property Experts), the FNAIM (Fédération Nationale des Agents Immobiliers - National Estate Agents Federation) and the FCA (Fédération Française des Courtiers d'Assurances - French Insurance Brokers Federation).
  • Société Générale

    PARIS 2005 - 2007


  • Studio Muller

    Paris 2012 - 2014 Technique d'interprétation & de mise en scène, improvisation théâtrale, masque, clown
  • CFPB

    Lille 2005 - 2006


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