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International IT Project Manager since 2010, I have a generalist engineer education.

I am always eager to learn, and curious about things I don't know. I consider myself as a creative person who try to understand a problem before finding a solution to it. I like to analyse a situation, and find way to optimize it. This is why I am promoting creativity and innovation in all my jobs.

I am also a human oriented person, I like the role of interface, facilitating communication and collaboration between teams.

I feel at ease with projects requiring Change Management, Cross-functional Collaboration, Communication, and having an International Impact.

“We’ve become so focused on specialization, but just as there are truths that can only be found as a specialist, there are truths that can only be revealed by a generalist who can weave these ideas in the broader fabric of understanding.” Carter Phipps

Mes compétences :
Nouvelles technologies
Travail collaboratif
Conduite du changement
Gestion de projet
Système d'information



  • Ubisoft Entertainment - IT Transversal Project Manager (Process, PMO)

    Rennes 2015 - maintenant As Project and Process Manager I am assisting the World Infrastructure and Operations Director in the coordination and the following of his teams (+450 persons spread on 3 different regions : Europe, Asia and North America).

    My main missions are :
    - Lead of transversal projects impacting all the department
    - Identification and definition of opportunities for process change
    - Lead for change management regarding processes and tools
    - Definition of good practices and templates for the IT Project Managers
    - Coordination of the Directors community through meetings and workshops
    - Improvement of team collaboration through trainings and sharing of best practices
  • Ubisoft - IT Online Project Manager

    Montreuil 2012 - 2015 As an Online Project Manager at Ubisof I successfully supported the launch of AAA games, and F2P games including but not limited to :
    - Just Dance 2014
    - The Settlers Online
    - ANNO Online
    - Might and Magic Heroes Online

    I also lead for a year a successfull confidential project, internal to Ubisoft and leading to 5 million euros savings a year for the company. This project was a major change for Ubisoft, with an international impact, the main tasks were :

    - Assess scope and needs with top management and external stakeholders,
    - Definition and validation of the roll out plan of the project from start to end,
    - Definition and follow-up of the budget plan,
    - Collaboration with teams all over the world,
    - Coordination of Technical, Product, and Business teams,
    - Change management.

  • Play Bac - Associate Product Manager, Games and Mobile (Internship)

    2010 - 2010 As an associate product manager my job was to create and lead the production of innovative and instructional concepts for Oxybul éveil et jeux, Ravensburger, Lansay, and Hachette.

    - Launching of the board game "Enquêtes à NY" for Oxybul éveil et Jeux,
    - Launching of the mobile app « Les Incollables » for Iphone OS in partnership with Micro Application,
    - Coordination between Editorial, Marketing, Digital and Graphics teams,
    - Responsible for creativity meeting organization and management,
    - Client reporting and presentation of results and new concepts.
  • Linkbynet - Service Delivery Manager for Kering (former PPR)

    Saint-Denis 2010 - 2012 As a Service Delivery Manager for Kering (former PPR), my job was to guarantee an excellent quality of service for all the online e-business websites of the group : FNAC, Redoute, Gucci, YSL, and Conforama.

    I am proud to say that after 1,5 year in the company the satisfaction of Kering regarding the service we were delivering improved a lot thanks to the work of all the pepole involved in the business unit.

    Thanks to this extremely good result we extended our contract by +20% with Kering.

    In details, these are the tasks I was responsible for :

    Steering and Governance
    - Responsible for the presentation of the Steering, the Operational, and the Technical comittees to Kering
    - Leader of the improvment process regarding all the infrastructure
    - Definition of the KPI, the SLAs, and the key aspects of the contract with Kering

    Incident Management
    - Follow-up, Resolution, and Analysis of the incident in accordance with the SLAs and contract
    - Pro-activity to avoid recurring incidents, and suggestions of process improvment regarding the coordination of all the stakeholders and vendors
    - Process creation for incident with high impact

    Problem Management
    - Analysis of the recurring incidents, and suggestion of improvment
    - Reporting and follow-up on the problems

    Change Management
    - Discussion with Kering regarding the needs and evolution
    - Estimation and qualification of the evolution requested by Kering
    - Risks analysis concerning the impact on the current online platform
    - Planification of the release, with a validated rollback solution
    - Following of the concerned change


  • UN Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentine)

    Mendoza, Argentine 2009 - 2009 Innovation Technologique

    Innovation Technologique
  • Copenhagen University College Of Engineering (Copenhague)

    Copenhague 2009 - 2009 Marketing

    Mise en place d'un plan marketing

  • ENSGSI (L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure En Génie Des Systèmes Industriels)

    Nancy 2006 - 2010 Ingénieur généraliste, Gestion de projet - Management de l'innovation


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