En résumé

Ingénieur ( Bac+5) je possède une expérience confirmée en
- électricité (Courant fort, Courant faible, équipements redondants, BT, 48V))
- CVC (clim détente directe, réseau d’eau glace, récupération d’énergie)
- Réseaux informatique: Linux-Debian, Windows Server 2012 R2 (DNS+AD+DHCP) , Cisco, , NAS, Pfsen

Domaines d’activité : DATA Center, ICPE, Gestion des travaux de construction, Maintenance multi technique et multiservice, services généraux , Facilities et Immobilier

Dernière expérience ( 4ans) : Construction des Data Centres, maintien à niveau, suivi de la maintenance (KPI, PUE, EOL, et SPOF, .. ), upgrade des équipement , faire appliquer les process de Colt Group, et le pilotage des interventions clients (permis feu, permis de travail, ...

Point fort : Polyvalence, bonne connaissance des normes (Bâtiment TCE, ICPE, ISO14001, ISO27001, OHS18001)
Tel : +33 (0) 6 76 96 66 23 Mob: +33 (0) 1 43 05 69 32


  • Colt Technologies Services - Facilities Engineer, Operation and Management (Infrastructure Maintenance, Offices, Data Centers & P

    MALAKOFF CEDEX 2010 - 2014 - Responsible of the maintenance of Malakoff site (700 m2 Data hall + 3000 m2 offices) and several POPs (11 sub nodes+ 50 LDN sites).
    - Manage the maintainer and sub-contractors and organize all maintenance work.
    - Compose and issue the monthly reports, including KPI’s, PUE, etc.
    - Be on call out (1 week per month) to manage infrastructure incidents, open tickets if necessary, direct the maintenance staff to act efficiently and insure the recovery within SLAs. (Last year’s score was 97%)
    - Investigate all incidents to identify the root cause and implement permanent solution.
    - Implement all new projects on these sites: Upgrades, improvements, and those initiated by customers.
    - Develop the work team and build trusting relationships between members working on these sites by establishing a respected commitment to excellence.
    - Review studies and upgrades and make necessary improvements to meet the satisfaction of the group Design Authority and/or legal compliances

    ° Reduction of 10% of incidents reached
    ° 15% saving Capex + Opex
    ° Risk identification equipment end of life (EOL), not redundant equipment (SPOF)
    >> Gratification from N+1 for taking in Charge SFR sites and implementing processes with the RIM (Remote Incident manager located in India)s
  • Colt Technologies Services - Lead Engineer, Operation and Management for Compliances

    MALAKOFF CEDEX 2009 - 2010 - ISO14001: Performed the Internal Audit and conducted all necessary works enabling COLT to renew its certification.
    - ISO27001: Conducted and assisted internal customer auditors (HR Acces, GDF).
    - ICPE: Audited all sites (7 main sites + 12 POP-s), insured completion of work and compliance with regulations and updated formal declaration for Parisian sites.
    - Ensured all other legal requirements regarding any disciplines were met, such as, risk assessment, legionella, electrical tests, exhausts, etc.

    ° Obtaining of conformity certificates for all sites audited
    >> Award and nomination from UK head office for the work related to ISO14001.
  • Colt Technologies Services - Business Security Officer

    MALAKOFF CEDEX 2004 - 2010 - Developed reports to Colt Group Security Management (7 main sites + 12 POP)
    - Participated in the Group Security Rectification Program for all France sites and prioritized actions.
    - Reviewed security procedures and recommended appropriate policies to ensure that personnel, customers, visitors, consultants, as well as assets and sites are safe, properly protected and secured.
    - Worked closely with the contract managers on all security aspects to ensure safety measures were taken on all sites.
    - Evaluated security staff and recommended changes and training sessions when needed.
    - Conducted proactive operational follow-up to respond to critical situations
    - Maintained up-to-date access authorization data bases and archives; assured that access Database and CCTV were in compliance with law and internal recommendations.
    - Assisted Auditors and/or Business Security Advisor in any aspect to ensure effectiveness as well as compliances with all regulations; (i.e.: Customer Audits, HR access, GDF , ISO27001)

    Scope : 3 Data centers + 5 Telecommunication switch centers + 15 Pop-s
    Implementtion process completed with a new compagny
  • Colt Technologies Services - HSE - SAFETY ADVISOR

    MALAKOFF CEDEX 2004 - 2010 - Provided proactive safety support to internal and contracting team; ensured that all safety regulations were implemented before, during and after completion of different tasks.
    - Obtained work permits and conducted inspections (PTW and fire Permit) with regard to safety, health regulation and company guidelines.
    - Promoted awareness by implementing safety training and presentations.
    - Investigated and reported to management all type of accidents, incidents, Near Misses, and found the main cause and recommended corrective actions.
    - Maintained General information, Hazard condition and other requirements such as First Aid Kit, Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs), extinguishers, and conducted fire drill.
  • Colt Telecommunication - FACILITIES Lead Operation and Management

    2000 - 2004 - Planned and executed essential services such as reception, security, building maintenance, and safe disposal of waste and recycling.
    - Responded effectively and swiftly to any emergencies to prevent delays or work interruptions.
    - Supervised all building maintenance repairs, was responsible for any updated work.
    - Vetted costs and quality of required goods or services to achieve maximum value.
    - Ensured that all performed work was completed adequately and conformed to regulations.
  • Colt telecommunication - Project Manager / Project planificateur

    1999 - 2004 Project Manager / Project planificateur : ( COLT Telecom France )

    - Providing administrative and technical management; advising on optimisation techniques to improve execution, assessing work values; checking contractors bids; assisting in the selection of contractors; approval of drawings; site supervision; approval of work progress and the monthly accounts and writing reports for two I.S.C-s ( Internet Centre Services ) : I.S.C.2-Bessières and I.S.C.3-les Ulis.

    For both projects the objectives ( RFS date and Budget ) have been reached.
    Several technical improvement brought. The changes design have been approved by Colt UK

    - Planning and reporting of work related to the deployment of Colt network in Paris and the suburbs (Only for the part related to civil work and construction ). Developing business plans, preparing feasibility studies of projects.

    IDF, Strasbourg, Lille, …
  • Bureau Veritas - Responsable d'affaire

    Puteaux 1990 - 1998 Technical Executive Chief "Responsable d'affaire": Bureau Veritas - Paris

    Preparing technical feasibility studies; providing technical assistance to clients, architects and /or designers in order to get authorisations and permits. Reviewing and formulating of the studies.
    Supervising construction phases in compliance with standards and bid documents; participating in the site meetings; preparing memos and change order; reviewing shop and as-built drawings; establishing reports of end of project in accordance with the plans and standards; assisting in the final reception of projects, regulating disagreements.

    Residential, industrial, educational buildings. Hospitals. Hotels. An average of 15 projects per year.
    Development of customer loyalty
  • Waterproofing compagny - Manager

    1987 - 1990 Director of a waterproofing company ( A Small scale company )

    Leading the full operation of the company; managing technically and administratively a group of 32 employees inclu accountings, administrators and workers; responsible of the budget and the turn-over of the company; negotiating projects and products.

    Growth of the turn-over by 75%.
    Introducing new products in the market.
  • Structural Design - Manager

    1985 - 1987 Department Head of the structural division - Copitec

    Providing structural studies and supervision of various projects, preparing specifications and terms of reference, following-up on construction progress, providing financial and management of all tasks of projects and reception of the final submission.

    3 complexes of residential buildings ( 320 apartments )
    One office building
    Two industrial buildings.
  • Strctural Design - Engineer

    1983 - 1985 Structural Engineer
    Structural concrete studies and design of over twenty projects; developed structural programs for structural design

    Residential buildings, villas, storage building of five levels, church,....
  • Structral Design - Resident Chief Engineer

    1982 - 1983 Resident Chief Engineer

    Assisting in the selection of the sub-contractors and direction of the field construction, following-up on all required tests and procedures conform to the tender documents; scheduling and monitoring of the projects, preparing budget and revision of budget as well as bi-weekly progress reports.

    The project consists of two office buildings of 10000sqm where two levels of stores and two basements used as storage


  • USJ - ESIB Ecole Supérieure Des Ingénieurs De Beyrouth (Beyrouth)

    Beyrouth 1977 - 1982 Ingenieur Civil