Mohamed Ali CHERIF


En résumé

Ingénieur en Industrie Agroalimentaire - promotion 2004.
J'aime toujours apprendre----> l'amélioration en continue

Mes compétences :
fruit preparation
Waste water
microbiologic analysis
chemical analysis
Time Management
Stress Management
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Excel
Internal training
Internal Audit
Hazard Analysis


  • Tunisie - Ingénieur production

    maintenant 1. Chef production unitée de surgeléation de fruits + légumes
    2. audicteur interne : ISO22000.
    3.Chef de production dans une unitée de préparation de fruits (application laitière).
    4.superviseur danone au marroc pour les fruits surgelées.
  • STIFEN TUNISIE - Process

    2014 - maintenant
  • STIFEN EGYPT - Factory Manager

    PARIS 2012 - 2014
  • STIFEN EGYPT - Directeur production

    PARIS 2011 - maintenant
  • Stifen Egypt - Manager

    2011 - 2014 a new production site Stifen Egypt: Freezing fruit & fruit preparation
  • Stifen Fruit & Industrie - Chef production

    2006 - maintenant
  • Stifen - Production Manager

    PARIS 2005 - maintenant Stifen Fruit for the preparations of aseptic fruit.
  • Groupe Danone - Auditeur Qualité

    PARIS 2005 - 2005 Qualifié comme auditeur qualité interne pour le groupe Danone (produit surgelées) au Marroc (Usine Frigodar, ...)
  • STIFEN EGYPT - Production manager of a factory

    PARIS 2004 - maintenant for frozen fruits & vegetables - from 01 September 2005 to 1 September 2006 participating in the earning of ISO22000 certification after 6 months of continuous work.
    * Participation in ANUGA exposition in Germany for the research and development of new frozen products, from 08 October 2005 to 12 October 2005 in Cologne.

    * Production manager in a fruit preparation unit: having the activity of the second transformation (fruit preparation for dairy applications, stirred yogurt with fruit, ice cream, cheese ...) from September 2006 until 2011. Similarly, member of the SMSDA team and obtaining the ISO22000 certification in 2008.

    * Qualified internal Auditor ISO22000.

    * Implementation and validation of operating a new production unit in Egypt for fruit preparations with Terlet Group and Urtasun Group for frozen fruit.


  • INAT (Tunis)

    Tunis 2001 - 2002 ingénieur industrie Alimentaire

    : First year engineering course, admitted to the second year engineer. ;
  • The National Institute Of Agricultural Science Of Tunisia (Nabeul)

    Nabeul 2000 - 2001 Second year preparatory course specialty Biology & Geology, Admitted to national competition for admission to engineering schools having my first choice the National Institute of Agricultural Science of Tunisia (ranked 16 in the National scale). ;
  • INAT (Tunis)

    Tunis 1999 - 2004 Industrie Agroalimentaire

    Industrie Agroalimentaire


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