Mohamed RJILI

Neuilly Plaisance

En résumé

• Strong ability within the MFGPRO (American open source ERP) environment across support, maintenance, development.
• Project team member in implementing MFGPRO in sites of Poulina and Johnson controls
• Programming in Progress 7,8,9 GUI and CHUI (AppBuilder, ReportBuilder, Progress Editor; Data Administration,Data Dictionary
• DataBase Administrator of Progress (7,8 et 9)
• DataBase Administrator of , Oracle and SQL Server 7/2000/2003
• installation of the DATAMINGS in the setting up of a DATAWAREHOUSE
• EDI (Electronic Data interchange) mainly over MFGPRO with Standard EDIFACT and ODETTE .
• UNIX HP-UX B.11.11
• System Administration Windows NT/2000, Active Directory TCP/IP, Apache Web Server,SMS 2.0
• Administration and supporting of MFGRPO 8.6, eB2 and CRM application
• Administration of different types of NEC Server including Express 5800
• Notions in VPN, Routers,Firewalls and other Network devices
• Analysis method : Merise

Mes compétences :
Active Directory
SQL Server
QAD 2014


  • Asteelflash - EMEA ERP/Database administrator

    Neuilly Plaisance 2011 - maintenant • Menager of infrastructure side in the project of installation of QAD2013 in Asteelflash Group
    o Study, deseign and implemenation of infrastrucures solution for QAD2013 to be installed in all sites over the world (US,EU,CN).
    o Installation of all add-ons (TMS,CSS,CRM, Qxtend,…)
    o Administration of the applications (Progress Databases, appserver, Tomcat, patches, compilations)
    o Administration of users.
    • Administration of ORACLE/SQl-server/Progress databases
    o In fact this company possesses a variety set of application bases on the above mentioned types of RDBMS systems my task was to maintain those DBs and optimize their use in both environment Windows/Linux environment.
    • Administration of Sendmail (free mail server ) over Linux OS:
    o Setup maintain and optimization the use of this Free mail server over a set of physical servers distributed on the EMEA regions (France,Tunisia).
    • Management of different operating systems:
    o mainly Windows 2008 R2 , HyperV, Linux Redhat, ESXi including hardware and software support:
    o Active Directory,LDAP, Kerio, sendmail, WMS (Redprairie) a warehouse management application,MFG-PRO (American ERP) , QAD

  • Johnson Controls - IT Business Analyst

    Colombes 2005 - 2011 IT team memebr in AUTRONIC ( main supplier of Renault, Peugeot ,Citroen, Opel,NISSAN and other of LCD and DISPLAYS : a plant of group Johnson Controlls)
    • Support on the implementation of MFGPRO eB2 on this plant, and other world wide sites (Namostovo in Slovakia ,La Ferté Bernard in France)
    • Installation ,support and maintenance of application Heureka ( A sort of a data warehouse for logistics operations ) on SQL Server 2003
    • Programming some specification over MFGPRO eB2, Unix HP
    • Support of the EDI flow (EDIFACT and ODETTE)
    • Administration and optimisation of some application around MFGPRO eB2
    • Support of logistic and operations department to resolve issues
    • Implementation of Wireless scanner used on the warehouse for storing and picking materials
    • Support of the JCBM : Johnson Controls Bar Code Module .
    • Suppervising tasks of administration of network on production line
  • Groupe Poulina - Administrateur systeme et bases des données

    1998 - 2005 Installation, Administration and development with PROGRESS 8.3b of software package MFGPRO 8.6 on the sites of groupe of Poulina. This task includes the installation of more than 20 sites with this software package ( installation of Windows NT servers, Progress , and MFGPRO ) ,administration of Progress databases ( creation, security, dump/load , Backups,…) and developpement of new needs in reporting in MFGPRO (American ERP).

    Installation of servers of the group with Windows NT 4. 0 in addition of their Administration and maintenance and management of security. A project In our group in which I assume the management consist in migrating al Windows NT 4.0 OS to Windows 2000 which includes the design and implementation of the Active Directory architecture we are now at 70% of the project. Besides I assume the administration of all sites from the headquarter (creation of users ,security, application of different policies …)
    Administration and management of ORACLE Databases on the sites of Group POULINA; this task include all the aspects of managing a Database (Backups, Security, management of the tablespaces on the disks,…).
    Installation, administration and support of a house made CRM application (SQL Server)
    Developing some application which assits me in the administration of Progress Databases
    Managing the project of the migration from MFGPRO 8.6D to MFGPRO eB in Progress 9.1d this task include the migration of programs and the Progress 8.3B databases to Progress 9.1d
    Supporting the users on the functionality of MFGPRO
    installation of the DATAMINGS in the setting up of a DATAWAREHOUSE of data funding that regroups all data of the different subsidiaries of the group which count some more than thirty subsidiaries. This DATAMING is elaborated in SQL SERVER 7. 0 and consists in the automatic import of data from bases Progress 8. 3b with DTSs planned. This task includes the administration of the bases SQL SERVER.
    installation GMAO COSWIN, this task includes between other the administration of the bases ORACLE of this software.
    development of some Applications of Internal management with the help of VB6 and Access 97 and Progress 9.1b.
    Installation and administration of servers of the software package HRACCESS of IBM in the platform ( Windows NT , SQL SERVER 7.0)


  • Faculté Des Sciences De Tunis (Tunis)

    Tunis 1994 - 1998 Informatique
  • Institut Préparatoire Aux Etudes D'Ingénieur De Nabeul (Nabeul)

    Nabeul 1992 - 1994 Préparatoire scientifique