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Kansai International Management Co., Ltd: Leveraging Japanese Transfer of Technology Towards Digital Transformation of Morocco Industry 4.0 !

Technology is driving the worlds digital transformation at lighting speed nowadays. Japanese R&D is among the most advanced worldwide. As a highly innovative and tech-driven sector it shifts the overall Japanese economy and attracts the attention of global markets.

Japanese industrial investors choose Morocco for many strategic reasons: Tax incentives, free trade zones, effective government programs, strong infrastructure, favorable geographic location granted the opening of its borders and eased the Japanese technological transfer.

About Kansaintl:
Kansai International Management strategy is designed on an innovative business model and insight along a large international network of strategic partners in Japan, North America, Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Kansai International Management Co., Ltd is able to give guidance to Japanese FDI through a one-stop-shop business support framework, aiming to streamline the installation process thus providing second-to-none expertise along a large network of institutional and business partners in Morocco, in order to foster the promotion of Japanese FDI all along their set up process in Tanger Med industrial platform in compliance with international standards.

Kansai International Management support businesses, both SMEs and MNCs to gain the synergies of the Power of Both- internally within the firm (strategy and management consolidation) and externally in the marketplace (Go beyond borders and win/consolidate effective market shares).

Kansai International Management deployment plans are crafted to provide the latest technology and tools to help any company cut costs, streamline operations, reduce inventory, minimize cycle time and therefor increase customer satisfaction.

Investing in the future is all about finding that perfect match and making businesses grow...


  • ASPROVA AG - System Partner

    Production | Tanger 2019 - maintenant ASPROVA AG has signed a business partnership agreement with Kansai International Management Co., Ltd
    December 13, 2019 – Another deal is sealed. Today, ASPROVA AG and Kansai International Management Co., Ltd have reached an agreement to develop business, market and implement ASPROVA APS/SCP The WORLD Leading Advanced Lean Production & Supply Chain Planning System in the Kingdom of Morocco.

    About ASPROVA AG
    ASPROVA was founded in Tokyo, JAPAN in 1994 with the mission to design the most advanced planning system, specifically for Just-in-Time production. Fulfilling the high demands of JAPAN's Leading Lean manufacturers, it soon becomes the World leading production planning system. ASPROVA now spans the entire globe in an effort to revolutionize manufacturing efficiency.

    ASPROVA APS/SCP is easily integrated into existing IT systems and helps create most optimal production plans that reduce costs in multiple areas. With the help of JAPAN's top LEAN manufacturers, the system has been continually advanced in functionality and scope.

    Why ASPROVA is a World-class, Lean Planning Solution?
    -ASPROVA plans according to the highest standards of Lean Production System;
    -ASPROVA is the market leader for production scheduling in JAPAN along with a multilingual support network in over 30 countries worldwide including Morocco;
    -Without feasible, end-to-end Value-Added Chain Management system like ASPROVA, other technology building blocks of Industry 4.0 like Big Data, Machine Learning, and IoT, are all of secondary importance and all these topics are meaningless.

    ASPROVA Fact Sheet:
    -More than 3500 customers worldwide
    -65% market share in JAPAN

    Automotive, aerospace, ship-building, electronic, semi-conductor, mechanical engineering, construction, metal, plastic, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic..
  • KANSAI International Management Co., Ltd - Owner

    Direction générale | Tanger 2015 - maintenant Kansai International Management strategy is built on an innovative business model and insight along a large international network of strategic partners in the United States, Europe, Japan, Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.
    With large network across the different sectors of the economy, Kansai International Management is able to give strategic guidance to any company looking for sustainable growth.

    Investing in the future is all about finding that perfect match and making businesses grow.
  • APMG International Ltd - Senior Project Manager

    Direction générale | Tanger 2010 - 2014 Identify New Customers for selling the product (Lead Generation) and work on the various leads generated & getting RFQ.
    Ensure adherence to quality standards and review project deliverables
    Provide overall leadership for customer engagements.
    Prepare proposal, negotiate commercials, qualify product and get new customers onboard (Get POS).
    Explore opportunities to tie up with other companies to generate new business.
    Develop marketing and sales strategy to achieve maximum market share and margin.
    Handle some Key accounts and ensuring increase in share of business.
    Generate Enquiries from the existing customers for existing and new products.
    Formulate strategy for marketing the products.
    Qualify new products with existing customers.
    Make presentation and engagement at all levels in the customers Organization.
    Ensure that the Gross Margins are achieved for the products.
    Negotiate with the Customers on the Price, delivery and the orders.
    Provide timely accounts receivable as per the contract.
    Ensure Periodic submission of MIS and reviews
    Visit various clients on a regular basis for Sales Promotion & generating business.
    Collect market intelligence, demand forecast, market & competitive scenario, analyze trends in End user markets...
  • TREVES Automotive - Plant Quality Manager

    Direction générale | Tanger 2005 - 2009 Participate in a 4 Months’ period Corporate Training on Total Quality Management TQM and Customer Relations Management CRM in Trèves Automotive HQ.

    Participate in the Start-up & Industrial Implementation of Trèves Automotive in Tanger Free Zone Morocco Site.
    Recruit and train Quality Auditors on the International Quality Standards for seat covers and head rests for Japanese and European OEMs and Car Manufacturers.
    Establish Total Quality Management TQM System derived to action plans in collaboration with the Production Management and Plant General Management.
    Establish Internal Quality System benchmarking with Japanese Automotive Industry Best Practices: Lean Manufacturing, 5S, 5Why’s, Kaizen, Heijunka, Jidhoka, PokaYoke,...within Trèves Automotive Tanger Free Zone to achieve ZERO default.

    Meet the requirements of quality standards to Ramp-Up and Ramp-Down Manufacturing for seat covers and headrests...
  • Polydesign Systems - Plant Program Manager

    Direction générale | Tanger 2003 - 2004 Report directly to the General Manager and the EVP in the Global HQ in Michigan United States.

    Negotiate and manage Multi Million Dollars Project with the Japanese TsTech (2nd Worldwide in Car Interior industry, Major Car Parts Supplier of Honda Motors).
    Coordinate Programs and Projects of French, American and Japanese OEM's: Faurecia, Lear, Johnson Controls, Visteon, TsTech,...
    Work closely with all departments of Polydesign Systems to achieve and maintain the following certications: ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, Ford QI, VDA 6.2...
    Ensure the implementation of Programs & Projects of various Automotive parts Manufacturers
    Coordination and communication with internal projects stakeholders (Design, Engineering, Production, Quality,...) and external stakeholders (EVP in Michigan, USA; Sales Representative worldwide, OEMs:

    Projects: ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949, FORD Q1, VDA 6.2...
  • Toyota Motor Corporation - TMC - Project Manager Assistant

    Production | Nagoya 1998 - 1999 Report directly to Senior Project Manager in the Global HQ in Toyota City JAPAN
    Ensure project targets, schedules, and main directions for Toyota new model vehicle.
    Facilitate frequent communication (video conference etc.) within project team.
    Ensure project milestones and schedules.
    Report project status/achievements to Project Manager( weekly report-out meeting).
    Ensures adherence to quality standards and reviews project deliverables...


  • Waseda University

    Tokyo 2015 - 2019 Master of Science in Engineering & Management Sciences
    Master Thesis in Lean Management System within Industry 4.0
  • Kansai Gaidai University

    Osaka 2000 - 2002 Master of Science in Industrial Management
    Master Thesis in Transfer of Technology & Best Practices: Japanese Business Overseas
  • Kansai Gaidai University

    Osaka 1995 - 1999 Bachelor of Science in Management Science & International Business
    Capstone Project in Strategic Management


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