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sustainable development Job preparation
sustainable Development
manage changes
leadership skill Training
analysis of model output and preparation
Works preparation
Risk Assessment
Risk Analysis
Project Management
Practical Training
Perform gap analysis
Oil Spill Management
Network implementation
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Office
Fire Protection
Fire & Gas
Ensure coordination
Electrical Safety Training
CTA Training


  • Total E&P Yemen - Hse safety studies Engineer and Contruction safety leader

    COURBEVOIE 2013 - maintenant
  • Define the Safety Engineering - HSE Safety Studies Engineer & Construction Safety Leader

    2013 - maintenant * Define the Safety Engineering requirements for Total E&P Yemen facilities ;
    * Management of main Hazards, Fire zones and Layout Safety, Hazardous Area Classification, Ventilation and Pressure Protection ;
    * Fire and Gas detection system, Emergency shutdown and depressurization systems, Fire protection philosophy, Passive/Active Fire Protection, Explosion Overpressure Protection, Flare and Drains System ;
    * Accommodation Camp/building Requirements, Safety support systems, Escape and rescue, Pipelines and Derogations ;
    * Participate in HSE studies and risk assessments undertaken for the design of installations the execution of operations and for abandonment as well as the PTR's ;
    * Participate in actions for identifying and minimizing risks (Technological Risk Assessment), and the impact of activities especially for simultaneous operations or in downgraded situations ;
    * Ensure coordination, recording all action plan to correct downgraded situations, Opersafe, and Project Technical Review ;
    * Define, manage, and provide accurate and timely analyses of safety engineering KPIs and report it to TEPY CODIR ;
    * Participate in audits/inspections of installations and operations, check for conformity to reference documents ;
    * Ensure all safety engineering documents and plans/drawings (PIDs, PFDs, Cause & effect diagram,) up to date after any modification ;
    * Keep track of changes for the emergency procedures after any modifications (if applicable) ;
    * Ensure the development of Safety concept for the affiliate ;
    * Lead HAZOP and Project technical reviews ;
    * Review the Request for Modifications (RFMs) dossiers, ensuring that the safety and integrity of the installations are not affected ;
    * Perform gap analysis to verify compliance with Company and International safety rules, standards and norms ;
    * Ensure the interface and coordination on safety related issues with the Project teams ;
    * Conduct frequent visits to site ;
  • TOTAL - HSE Project representative

    COURBEVOIE 2011 - 2013 MIT Institute- Postgraduate Diploma in Fire Protection & Safety Engineering - Distance Learning
    * Safety Engineer Training - by Total Head Quarter
  • TOTAL E&P - HSE/ Environment Supervisor

    COURBEVOIE 2008 - 2011 * Check application of Environmental Total E&P Yemen procedures and Yemeni Regulations / Supervise the EMS of the block E&P ;
    * Develops quantitative emissions estimates for stationary and transportation sources, greenhouse gas emission estimates, air toxics analyses, and applies various standard computer models to calculate emissions or air quality and health risk impacts of emissions, as well as documentation of these activities in technical reports. ;
    * Monitors real time pollutant emissions and works closely with Operations to manage changes in operating parameters, equipment and practices to ensure compliance. ;
    * Monitors the performance of the Continuous Emission Monitoring System and checks percentage data capture and quality of data generated / Interfaces with Maintenance department to ensure proper calibration and functioning of the online air emission analysers / Conducts dispersion modelling and analysis of model output and preparation of air quality assessments for environmental documentation projects / Provides regular reports on environmental performance as required for inclusion in environmental monitoring reports (weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual). ;
    * Assist HSE Superintendent for all HSE Environmental related matters - provide advices on rules, procedures, reference documents, adapted equipment and best practices / Participate in Works preparation and check that precautions are enforced. ;
    * Promote HSE on site through dedicated Promotion Campaign ;
    * Checks that all activities undertaken are in line with the ISO 14001project, operational procedures, Waste management plan, Chemicals management plan; Water effluents treatment and control, noise control, soils and landscape protection ;
    * Supervise and Ensure proper collection of environment database data / Supervise the Waste Coordinator and waste controllers officers for all matters related to WMP / Supervise the waste treatments (UBD + Cutting + Contaminated Soil + Oily Waste + Biodegradable waste etc...) ;
  • TOTAL E&P - Development Durable & Environment

    COURBEVOIE 2006 - 2008 TOTAL E&P YEMEN Kharir / Hadramout HSE/ Environment and sustainable Development
    * Participate on all sustainable development and environmental operations as per RSES and affiliate requests. ;
    * Take part in sustainable development Job preparation. ;
  • TOTAL E&P - CREDO Specialist

    COURBEVOIE 2005 - 2006 * Database Administrator and System Analyst of Credo Software at the integrity Department ;
  • TOTAL - HSE Superviseur

    COURBEVOIE 2004 - maintenant
  • HTC Oil & Service - IT Manager

    2003 - 2005 * Handling dual responsibilities of Database Administrator and Systems Analyst ;
  • MEGA Bureautique - IT Technician Supervisor & Network Engineer

    2001 - 2003 * Network Engineer, installation of Network, Server System and Intranet, Maintenance, Reparation and Installation of Different Systems ;
  • YEMEN Computer Company YCC - IT Technician Supervisor & Network Engineer

    1998 - 2001 * Network Engineer, installation of Network, Server System and Intranet, Maintenance, Reparation and Installation of Different Systems
    * Walking, Swimming and fishing ;
    * Communication with People
    * Travelling ;


  • MIT Pune (Pune)

    Pune 2011 - maintenant Postgraduated Dilploma Fire Protection and safety Engineering


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