En résumé

Mes compétences :
Contrôle de gestion
Analyse financière
Audit interne


  • BNP Paribas - Inspector – Central IG

    Paris 2014 - maintenant - Conducting internal audits across BNP Paribas entities aimed at:
    • Checking the existence and the proper application of the texts of reference and Group procedures, as well as compliance with local and international laws and regulations;
    • Evaluating the quality and effectiveness of the internal control framework;
    • Assessing the quality of the management.
    - Communicating the results of the assessments to the local management and the Group general management
    - Managing local auditors allocated to the assignment

    Areas and Topics covered:
    - CIB ALM-Treasury APAC (Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan)
    - Wealth Management and Private Banking (Monaco)
    - Financial Security: CIB (Portugal, Australia, Netherlands), BP2S (Luxembourg), First Hawaiian Bank (Hawaii)
    - Trade Finance activities within BNP Paribas (Brussels, Milan, Rome, Paris, Singapore, New York)
  • BGL BNP Paribas - Credit Risk Analyst – Risk Investments & Markets - Portfolio & Counterparties

    2012 - 2014 - Performing analyses of counterparty risk taken by the bank on financial institutions, mainly in European and Emerging Markets
    - Analysis of risks inherent to plain vanilla Trade Finance transactions or structured financial operations
    - Writing credit reports and recommendations on the credit proposal, as well as assessing credit ratings
    - Presenting credit proposals, business projects and opinion to managers & Credit Committees for final approval
    - Validation of Basel II parameters for CIB and ALM: issuing individual ratings to institutions or to specific transactions, as well as calculating parameters such as GRR, LGD
    - Monitoring and Managing the Fixed Income Legacy Portfolio and the ALM Investment portfolio and ensuring that these portfolios are adequately balanced according to the bank’s risk policies
  • BNP Paribas Corporate & Investment Banking - Credit Analyst Intern – Investment Banking Europe – Corporates France

    Paris 2011 - 2012 Assisting associates in charge of a diversified portfolio of French core strategic clients:
    - Supporting Managing Directors, Senior Bankers and Global Relationship Managers in their commercial roles
    - Analyzing financial statements to respond to client credit requests
    - Writing and presenting the credit requests, business projects and analyst opinions to IBE’s management and to Senior Credit Officers
    - Working with a wide range of CIB business lines (Fixed Income, Securitization, Syndication…) worldwide
  • Advertech - Business Intern

    2009 - 2009 - Canvassing for business
    - Client follow-ups: customer satisfaction inquiries, creating new business possibilities with existing clients; diversifying the relationship with client, etc.
    - Assisting the marketing department in the creation of material for prospects and clients ; preparing meetings for prospects
    - Legal compliance control
    - Reporting day-to-day operations within the company system datebases
    - Keeping the client databases up to date
  • AFIREC - Legal Aid and Accounting Intern

    2008 - 2008 - Imputation of client payments
    - Accountancy follow-ups
    - Writing and issuing Minutes of proceedings for client operations
    - Preparing business meeting talking points for senior partners
    - Drafting legal contracts for prospects or for specific transactions with existing clients
    - Maintaining the day-to-day business flow
    - Keeping the client databases up to date
  • Vizada - Summer Intern - Auxiliary accountancy department

    2007 - 2007 - Imputation of Client/Supplier payments (checks, cash settlements, wire transfers) into the accountancy systems
    - Participation in the monthly account settlements
  • Bank of the West - Summer Intern

    2003 - 2003 Internship to discover the banking environment:
    - desk clerk : opening bank accounts, basic financial transactions (cashing checks, initiating wire transfers, etc.)
    - Relationship manager assitant: analysis of business projects; credit analysis for small corporates; etc.