En résumé

Fort de 5 années d'engagement dans le pilotage de plusieurs Direction des Systèmes d'Information de structures PME et TPE en temps partagé, je pilote la transformation des Systèmes d'Information des sociétés vers le monde numérique.

Précédemment DSI de la plus importante société de VTC d'Europe hors UK, 300 salariés CDI, 40 M € CA, j'accompagne des startups dans leurs dimensions digitals.

Mes outils du moment sont : Office365, SharePoint, Yammer, Dynamics CRM, les mobiles et Ruby On Rails, Github, Docker, AWS, AngularJS, AdxStudio,

Empathie, Droiture, Engagement.

Mes compétences :
Ruby on Rails
Dynamics CRM


  • Lexigone - Directeur des Systèmes d'Informations

    2016 - maintenant Lexigone, Startup toulousaine dans le Contract Management Digital...
    Membre du Comité Stratégique, j'accompagne la structure dans ces choix et produit les premiers assets techniques : Framework, MVP...
  • Chabé-Limousines - Directeur des Systèmes d'Information

    2014 - 2016 Prise de fonction en tant que DSI:
    - Pilotage du diagnostic de l'infrastructure,
    - Mise en œuvre d'un processus de support,
    - Conception d'un schéma directeur.
  • RéférenceDSI - Chief Information Office (CIO)

    Paris 2009 - 2014 As Chief Information Office in part time, I define the IS architecture of small and medium compaganies in compliance with theirs business models and development plans.
    I manage IS day to day activities and optimize his cost, quality, security and use.
  • Quanta Medical - IT Department Manager

    2009 - 2009 In this position, I was responsible for IT service of a small Contract Research Organization for the Pharmaceutical Industries. I was in charge of the hardware and software of the company and some hosting systems of it customers with 6 direct reports (1 in Montpellier-France, 5 in Madagascar).

    Main tasks done:
    Define annual business plan,
    Create service’s master schedule,
    Define requirements of the hardware support done by a subcontractor,
    Define and communicate team's mission and objectives,
    Recruit Malagasy employees,
    Support local hardware myself,
    Improve and create some IT and QA procedures,
    Lead the annual certification’s process ISO 9001-27001.
  • Lilly France - IT Service Manager

    neuilly sur seine 2002 - 2009 In this position, I was responsible for a portfolio of critical IT systems on the more important site in the world of the Eli Lilly & Co pharmaceutical company. I was in charge of the life cycle management of 60 IT systems and the ERP with the direct report of subcontractors’ teams (6-10 members). I was accountable of the work of my teams in ITIL in a highly regulated environment.

    Main tasks include:
    1/ Team Management
    Define and communicate teams' mission and objectives,
    Set targets and evaluate teams’ performance,
    Motivate the team to achieve target,
    Define progress plans for each team member.

    2/ Maintain and improve the IT system
    Check the Incident management process indicators,
    Approve the Problem management process results,
    Check the Change management process,
    Manage the Release management process,
    Approve the Service Level Agreements,
    Compute the Capacity Plan.

    3/ Review/Approve all documentation

    4/ Project Management
    Write IT system requirements with business experts,
    Lead the governance process,
    Analyse the impacts on the current release,
    Manage the system creation, change and implementation.

    5/ Maintain and improve the IT and quality system
    Participate with the QA department in improving procedures in line with the regulation and current best industry practices GMP,
    Participate in internal, external and official audits: SOX, FDA, and AFFSAPS…

    6/ And some others
    Participate as Core Team member in Six Sigma projects,
    Coordinate the Oracle 9,10 releases deployments on the site,
    Investigate Root Cause mistakes in automation systems,
    Lead the tri-annual renewal of the support contract with major IT services companies.

    Volumes: 1.000.000 € / year, 2300 man’s day / year
  • Viveris / CSO Informatique - IT Project Leader

    1997 - 2002 In this position, I had a typical professional life cycle of IT service company employee: I climbed the IT job’s ladder: from technician, expert, engineer to manager. And I learned my major skills: object programming, quality referential, project management, leadership, service attitude. I practiced theses knowledge in various human, business and technical environments.

    Main tasks included:

    1/ Team Management (6 individuals: 4 Eng. + 2 Tech.)
    Define and communicate team's mission,
    Motivate the team to achieve target,
    Liaise with other group to facilitate collaboration,
    Define personal and technical development for each team member,
    Participate in individual evaluation of company’s employees,
    Participate in recruiting and firing process.

    2/ Service Delivery
    Evaluate customer’s projects,
    Participate in commercial offer,
    Participate in supporting project,
    Lead the project with ISO 9001 best practices.

    Main missions:

    1/ Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg
    Manage as IT project leader the custom software’s creation in ISO 9001 and NTIC environments

    2/ AZUR - GMF
    Create as expert object programmer a framework in n-tiers and object environment.

    3/ Eli & Lilly Co.
    Manage as IT project leader a software workshop which created some GMP IT systems for the manufacturing site: Product indicators system, Lab results system, sample management system…
    Manage as Service Manager the subcontractor team in charge of the ERP system: support, training, correction, business and regulatory improvements
  • Perinfo / Perez Informatique - IT Solution leader

    1992 - 1997 In that first position, I transformed my academic knowledge to professional learning. I began as technical to resolve software bugs and I finished as a Business and IT expert in the passengers transportation business. I created a large part of the best custom ERP for this business which is bought by major French companies. Listen my customers, imagine the future and create common and specific modules were my day to day.



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