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I'll intoduce myself using my managers words in different performance review...
In 2010 : your hardwork, sense of ownership, developped team work and availability for the business and team make of you one of our most valued team members. I would like to congratulate you on your exceptional performance and encourage to continue the great work.
In 2009:
has proven to be an very valuable member of the team with a very positive attitude. She has picked up the job in a very short period in which she had to work with a difficult base ( benelux ). Ouafaa does need to show herself more and let people know who she is and what she stands for. Once that happens, she will be noticed as the person she is, an intelligent, positive woman with a lot of potential to grow within the organization.

In 2008:
“A huge bravo for your great accomplishments this past year!
Your business metrics have been consistently higher that the team's.
You have always been a highly reliable collaborator, the one I trusted to take care of business when I was busy or out of office.
You have been in charge of mentoring all the New hires we had and you were the technical and process reference inside the team.
That is why your sales chat colleagues always relied on you and on your input...It was with pride and somehow regret that I approved your transfer as I was losing a very precious collaborator. Yet I'm happy that you get to put your skills to good use, and that those skills still benefit DELL.


  • Dell - Billing Analyst

    MONTPELLIER 2012 - maintenant NA
  • DELL - Project Management Specialist /Demand Orders Analyst

    MONTPELLIER 2009 - 2012 responsible for placing and overseeing the execution of purchase orders for DELL suppliers as well as receipting.
  • DELL - Sales representative

    MONTPELLIER 2005 - 2009 Conseiller et vendre des solutions informatiques à une cible de clients particuliers et petites entreprises.
    Réaliser les objectifs de vente en termes de revenu, marge et satisfaction client.


  • ENCG (Settat)

    Settat 2009 - 2010 MANAGEMENT DE LA LOGISTIQUE

    et une de plus ...


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