En résumé

DAVAR = Direction des Affaires Vétérinaires Alimentaires et Rurales

Cette Direction dépend du Gouvernement de la Nouvelle-Calédonie.

Je suis rattachée au SESER, Service de l'Eau, des Statistiques et Etude Rurales, et plus particulièrement à l'ORE, Observatoire des Ressources en Eau.

Mes compétences :
Visual Basic
Information Systems


  • DAVAR - Direction des Affaires Vétérinaires Alimentaires et Rurales - Ingénieur superviseur bases de données/ Chef de projet pour le SESER

    2008 - maintenant Database, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Land Surveying, Visual Basic.
  • Petro-Canada Pemberton - Guest Service Assistant

    2006 - 2007 As a Guest Service Assistant in the Petro-Canada gas station, I was confronted everyday with finding solution to customers problems, might it be finding their way, buying the right oil or wiper blades.

    The key in this job is listening and being quick and efficient in finding solutions. Communication is the key. I improved my English very much.
  • Pierre FABRE Plantes & Industrie - IT Project Manager Assistant

    2005 - 2006 2 Training periods:
    Pierre FABRE Plantes & Industrie is deploying SAP to manage its Logistics, Stocks, Production and, yet to come, Quality.

    May-August 2005: The User Requirements Book was just a nomenclature of needs. Using the factory processes as a skeleton, I reshaped the Book, each Requirement being analysed and rewritten at the right place. It helped deleting the Requirements that were appearing more than once, or rephrasing the ones that were not pertinent.

    February-June 2006: Now that the User Requirements Book was re-written and on his way to be signed by all the project actors, I focused on the User Requirements Specifications. My job was to link the Book to the Specifications, using a matrix table.
    I also designed the Industrialisation process in order to show the redundances and problems in the process flow. This work opened the way to a new project of improvement in the communication between logistics and industralization. A research PhD subject is now the result of my work.
  • Mikan - VB.NET developer

    Boufféré 2004 - 2004 Training Position: VB.Net Developer
    May-August 2004: I developed a web mail application using VB.Net and MS Visual Studio 2003. The software role is to manage paper mail (faxes, letters, postal) as emails, in a database. All and every mail must be scanned when received, and can then be sent to the actual receiver. The database was MS SQL, on a MS ISS.

    August-September 2004: On Contract, 1 month
    I was affected to an MS Access software: DirNéa. This software is an ERP for Elementary Schools directors. It manages all the informations about the students, the teachers and the material ressources. My work was to create the screens and forms on MS Access, and link them to the Access database using SQL.
  • MIKAN - MetNEXT - Programming assistant - developper

    2004 - 2004