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  • Risk&Co - Senior Consultant

    maintenant Since 2009 Risk&Co Nigeria Ltd
    Managing Director
    • Develop Risk&Co’s subsidiary in Nigeria, represent the company in local administrations
    • Contract negotiation and management
    • Planning and coordinating budget
    • Audit and Survey
    • Coordinate the work of Security Officers in different sites
    • Recruitment and training

    2007 - 2009 Risk&Co - Yemen - YLNG Project
    Security Coordinator
    • Crisis management
    • Coordinate the work of Security officers in field, follow-up reports, plan and organise day-
    today security tasks and activities.
    • Control and monitor the implementation of Company's policy and guidelines ensuring that
    standard are not compromised.
    • Act as focal point for contacts (formal/informal) between company and Government Security Agencies Security Agencies.

    2004 - 2007 Risk&Co (Atlantic Intelligence - BD Consultants), Paris
    Chargé de mission
    • Commercial development activity
    • Audit & Security planning: definition and drafting of general security policy, prevention, plans and emergency plans
    • Operative responsible for security and business intelligence’ missions

    2002 - 2004 BNP-Paribas, Head Office, Paris, France
    Halifax Cetelem (BNP-Paribas Group), London, England
    Planning Department
    • Support development and partnership projects with its financial expertise
    • Establish and coordinate planning exercises, especially budget exercises
    • Develop and publish tools specific to planning (budget control)

    1993 - 1998 French Foreign Legion
    • 1998-1997 Training of new recruits in France
    • 1997-1995 Jungle Instructor in French Guyana
    • 1995-1993 Paratroops Regiment
  • Risk&Co



  • University Of Central Lancashire UCLan (Preston)

    Preston 1998 - 2001 BA (Hons) Business Administration


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