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With 13 year of experience in my professional life in IT, conception and implementation of projects;
I am meticulous, strong and rigorous, team worker, organizational, multicultural, and communicational, plan maker, excellent negotiator and client oriented. My wish is to bring my expertise to companies whom are looking for honest people with different competencies that I have.

Mes compétences :
Personal Home Page
project management / implementation
processing of photos and posters
operational projects assistance
administration and management of TCP / IP
Visual Basic
VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)
Turbo Pascal
System Programming
Seagate Crystal Reports
Risk Management
Preparation of master plans and computational meth
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft C-SHARP
Management Information System
Maintenance of computer media PC and MAC.
FileMaker Pro for Windows
Business Intelligence
management of the facilities servers and data



    * Objectives: Design, implementation, execution and Telecom Data base encoding. ;
    * Realization: Congo Airtel national encoding of data; management of the facilities servers and data processing of Cameo
    India and Congo.
    - Installation of the central server Kinshasa in association with the global server Cameo India. ;
    - Installation of LAN and WIF in Kinshasa cameo facilities. ;
    - Integration of the 120 computers operating at Cameo Kinshasa in the global sever in Chennai, India. ;
    - Support software and hardware.
    - Installation of computer security system. ;
    - Installation of access control in the operating room with fingerprint. ;
    - Installation of surveillance system by camera. ;
    - Ensure that IT KPIs is implemented and aligned with departmental and organizational targets and objectives. Ensure
    targeted areas for improvement have been identified and they have management support
    - Customers and User satisfaction surveys, especially input from other departments
    - Ultimate decision maker in Problem, Change or Project Management disputes
    - Ultimate decision maker in Major Incident resolutions
    - Accountable for of Finance, Service Level, Incident, Continuous service Management, Security Management
    - Routine line management and leadership of staff within the Information Security Management function
    - Leadership and strategic direction for the function, ranging from planning and budgeting to motivational and
    promotional activities expounding the value of information security
    - Liaison with and offers strategic direction to related governance functions (such as Physical Security/Facilities, Risk
    Management, IT, HR, Legal and Compliance) plus senior and middle managers throughout the organization as
    necessary, on information security matters such as routine security activities plus emerging security risks and control
    - Recruitment, leadership and direction for a loose network of information security ambassadors distributed
    throughout the organization
    - Leads the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of the Information Security Management System
    based on the ISO/IEC 27000 series standards, including certification against ISO/IEC 27001 where applicable
    - Forms a ``centre of excellence'' for information security management, for example offering internal management
    consultancy advice and practical assistance on information security risk and control matters throughout the
    organization and promoting the commercial advantages of managing information security risks more efficiently and
    - Leads or commissions the preparation and authorizes the implementation of necessary information security policies,
    standards, procedures and guidelines, in conjunction with the Security Committee
    - Leads the design and operation of related compliance monitoring and improvement activities to ensure compliance
    both with internal security policies etc. and applicable laws and regulations
    - Leads or commissions suitable information security awareness, training and educational activities
    - Leads or commissions information security risk assessments and controls selection activities
    - Leads or commissions activities relating to contingency planning, business continuity management and IT disaster
    recovery in conjunction with relevant functions and third parties
  • Hotoolwa Investments - Project Manager

    2013 - 2013 * Management: I manage 55 encoders currently in From July 2013 - To actually: Hotoolwa Investments Uganda -
    * Objectives : Design, implementation and execution of project ;
    * Realization: actually I did
    - The School Examination project which uses general software who allows each school to manage her
    examination system.
    - The Drop Zone Project, which is a TV game show run by the New Vision Group of Uganda.
    - The Super Market stock Control Project which uses data base software for super market, deployed actually in many super
    markets in Uganda.
    - The MTN KAJA promotion actually running in Uganda. ;
    - The Bifula kilalu promotion actually running in Uganda
    * Management: after designed, implemented an executed those different projects with my team, I organize the training for
    the client.
  • SGS RD Congo - Data Analyst

    2012 - 2013 : SGS RD Congo/North Kivu/ Beni - Data Analyst. A World Bank's Project.
    * Objectives:
    * Ensure the monitoring and evaluation of the activity of control of the production chain and the reports of the program. ;
    * Translate in terms of report the willingness of the operations manager. ;
    * Propose the methods of collection and collect the data in the field. ;
    * Collect, analyze and report statistics to control of the pipeline and integrated the database. ;
    * Realization: When I joined the team, there were no data base and I developed the SGS DATA BASE called SIMONE actually used for the company. ;
    * Management: I was training 23 peoples under my responsibility and make sure that they were on the required level of work.
    : SGS RD Congo/North Kivu/ Beni - HSE Manager and logistics. A World Bank's Project.
    * Objectives: Ensure the monitoring and evaluation of the activity of the hygiene, safety, working environment and logistics to the GSS/PCPCB-Is/RD Congo. ;
    * Realization: I implemented policies and rules for the HSE in the structure under my responsibility. ;
    * Management: I was training 40 peoples under my responsibility.
  • SGS RD Congo - IT Security Manager

    2012 - 2013 : SGS RD Congo/North Kivu/ Beni - (A Project of the World Bank).
    * Objectives:
    - Directs, organizes, and supervises the IT activities entity of SGS / DRC. ;
    - Advice to the project manager IT of SGS / DRC. ;
    - Negotiates with senior hierarchy of objectives and resources of the entity then prescribes solutions for computing and IT
    projects for SGS / DRC.
    - Ensures approval, organization, monitoring and validation of IT developments subject to the needs of different business
    units of the SGS / DRC.
    - Be responsible for functional studies (of organization, description of data processing, results) and provides a hierarchical
    framework for the implementation of accompanying measures for the organization of the work of the entity and training
    users of the information system.
    - Establish and therefore guarantee the IT security procedures (policies) at the SGS / DRC, the standards and the general
    policies of the group and the work provided to business units by the entity.
    - Interfacing between IT and SGS / DRC partners. ;
    - Analyze, prepare and monitor the technical specifications of contracts or purchase of IT hardware and software for the
    SGS / Ground services.
    - Ensure quality and integrity of end to end IT services of SGS.
    - Organize and manage the department as the prime interface between IT Direction and the business.
    - Implement, organize and manage Service Desk, IT and process SGS management departments and teams.
    - Ensure that the Service Desk and Process SGS management teams are aligned, equipped (tools and guidelines) and
    staffed to meet IT objectives
    : SGS RD Congo/North Kivu/ Beni -Analyst and Data Administrator. (A Project of the
    World Bank).
    * Objectives:
    - Monitoring and evaluation of the control activity in the sector and program reports.
    - Flesh in terms of value the willingness of responsible operations.
    - Propose collection methods and data collection in the field.
    - Collect, analyze and report statistical control of the sector and integrate the database SyCoBE and SIMONE (Control
    System Wood for Export).
    - Ensure technological environment IT infrastructure BENI.
    - Ensure the maintenance of standards of equipment configurations SGS / BENI network (firewall, proxy, reverse proxy,
    antivirus, URL filtering, shapping ...).
    - Organization and follow-up documentation SGS / BENI and third parties (clients) network.
    - Management and Administration SGS / BENI and infrastructure network clients.
    - Identification of hardware and software failures of SGS / BENI network resources and find appropriate solutions in all
    there providing daily management in terms of BIAS.
    : SGS RD Congo/North Kivu/ Beni - HSE Manager and logistics. (A Project of the World

    * Objectives: Ensure the monitoring and evaluation's activity of the hygiene, safety, working environment and logistics at
    SGS/PCPCB-East/RD Congo.
    * Realization: I implemented policies and rules for the HSE in the structure under my responsibility. ;
    * Management: I had 40 peoples under my responsibility.
  • KERRYGOLD - IT Consultant

    2011 - 2012 * Objectives : Assure the visibility and the increase the marketing revenue of Kerry gold ;
    * Realization: Marketing Production of the TV game Kerry Quiz (competitions game upon the general culture opponent the best pupils of schools throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo: Lubumbashi, Kinshasa, Goma etc.). Actually the same project is run in Uganda Republic with the code School Quiz in WBS TV.
  • Bracongo - Monteur vidéo

    2011 - 2011 Montage du jeux televisé CASTEL SHOW

    2010 - 2012 * Objectives: Recruitment of actors, write stories, film, edit, produce, broadcast and sells the movie. ;
    * Realization: Video Editing film of the series Mamu and Tatu currently Mamu the African (a movie serial of 24 episodes per season and currently 6 seasons performed, therefore 144 episodes. This movie serial is currently broadcast on several African channels). ;
    * Management: I was training over 100 peoples under my responsibility.
  • Multimédia Congo sprl/Digital congo - IT movie and sound maker/webmaster

    2005 - 2012
  • The Independent Electoral Commission - Expert IT

    2005 - 2006 * Objectives:
    - Install computers in all the Independent Electoral Commission.
    - Coordinates personal computer hardware and software troubleshooting. (Installation, repair, problem diagnosis, and
    - Propose support in the processes (Local area networks, wide area networks, and Systemscommunications).
    - Installs, tests, and maintains allUNDP computers and network hardware and software systems.(performs diagnostic tests,
    modifies or repairs hardware);
    - Collects and records appropriate data related to these functions.
    - Maintains a high level of personal computer knowledge and assists in the recommendation processes for computing
    hardware, software systems.
    - Complies with all standards, procedures, controls, and policies as established by the Information Technology department of
    - Keeps inventory and log of UNDP computer hardware/software.
    - Possess the ability to notify and escalate to proper IT groups to resolve incidents/ request.
    - Handles problem resolution, research, isolation and follow-up for routine user problems, referring more complex problems to
    - Loads software packages (Operating Systems, Spreadsheets, Word processing ...).
    * Realization:Installation of the computer system of the CEI.
  • PNUD/APEC/CEI/RD Congo - Expert National Inphographe IT

    2005 - 2006 Traitement des lots photographique de tous les candidats à la présidence et à la députation nationale

    2002 - 2011 : 2.0, 3.0 AND 4.0 as well as


  • Makerere University (Kampala)

    Kampala 2014 - 2014 MBA
  • University Of Kinshasa (Kinshasa)

    Kinshasa 2003 - 2005 Master

    License (Master) in Computer Science - Faculty of Science - - Mathematics and Informatics, Option Software Engineering
  • University Of Kinshasa (Kinshasa)

    Kinshasa 1999 - 2003 Diploma

    Mathematics and Computing, Management


    - CISCO Training and CCNA / UNIKIN. ;
    - Training to the GNU/Linux platform organized by the Digital Campus Francophone of Kinshasa in collaboration with the
    Congolese Association of users of free software (ACOULL).
    - Training in the creation of dynamic web sites under the SPIP software Campus Francophone Digital


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