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Un professionnel du secteur du Retail et FMCG avec plus de 22 ans d’expérience dans le développement et le pilotage de projets structurant au sein de grands groupes nationaux et une multinational et un track record éprouvé dans la mise en œuvre de stratégies qui contribuent efficacement à la croissance et l’amélioration des résultats et la compétitivité de l’entreprise.
Une expérience nouvelle mais intéressant dans l’accompagnement stratégique : stratégies de croissance reconfiguration du business model, amélioration de performance, amélioration du processus de création de valeur clients……
Spécialités: Business development stratégies, pilotage et développement des activités Retail et FMCG, gestion des différents formats de vente (hypermarché, Supermarché, Retail Park et shopping Mall) , Immobilier commercial ( principalement le Mall Business).
Immobilier commercial (principalement le Mall Business).
Meilleures compétences: Route-to- market stratégies et implémentation, stratégies commerciales et marketing (marques et enseignes), Category Management, développement de réseau d’enseigne, développement de nouveaux concepts, conception, commercialisation et gestion des shopping Mall, gestion multidimensionnelle des Projets (conception, études de faisabilité, choix d’investissement et de financement, développement et implémentation, pilotage), Assets Management, pilotage des activités de croissance et de compétitivité (Marques & enseignes).

Mes compétences :
Shopping Centres
hypermarket management
contract negotiation and management
category management
Top skills
Leasing process Management
Asset Allocation


  • NGEM - Retail practice Director

    2013 - maintenant As co-founder of the Moroccan Branch of NAMA CROUP Company my mission is to create a structure dedicated to support Middle East companies wishing to enter the Moroccan market and setup their retailing business. I help them to:
    * Catch new business opportunities; ;
    * Adapt and implement their Brands strategies; ;
    * Enhance their ability to extend their business; ;
    * Gain advantage from my Moroccan business environment knowledge and business connections; ;
    * Minimize country business risks.

    Main References:
    * Al JAZEA GROUP (KSA): Food Services Retailing ;
  • MARJANE HOLDING - Retail property Director

    2010 - 2013 MARJANE HODING is the largest Multi-format retail chain in Morocco. It operates with 37 Hypermarkets, 38 Supermarkets, 20 Specialty Stores, 8 Retail Parks and 3 Shopping Malls under construction.
    I have been in charge of all the retail property developments of the group: Retail Park, shopping gallery and shopping mall start up phase.
    Key Responsibilities:.
    * Approving the execution of tenant mix for current as new projects;
    * Overseeing the negotiation and introduction of new concepts/Brands;
    * Overseeing Leasing processes for more than 1000 store brands; ;
    * Continuously finding sources of alternate income to increase value of the center. Generating additional income through the leasing of shopping gallery Space;
    * Preparing Marketing and events plan, organizing them, ensuring tenant participation, negotiating media prices etc;
    * Tenant Coordination (more than 300 local and international retail Brands);
    * Supervising the budgeting processes; the preparation of budget for approval by Board and monitoring monthly actual spend against budget. Analyzing budget to identify areas in which reductions can be made and reconciles budgets;
    * Overseeing the Dues Collection processes: Assist Finance Team with the debt collection of those Tenants in the Center;
    * Negotiating third part contracts and services; ;
    * Liaising with Government and Other orgn. etc. on various issues and act as focal point for all issues associated with the shopping center/gallery and retail park;
    * Projecting new Retail Park and shopping mall layout liaising with an international shopping Mall player (Sonae Sierra, Portugal).

    * Successfully opened: 4 new retail Parks and 7 shopping galleries; ;
    * Actively involved in 3 shopping Malls start up phase. ;
  • MARJANE HOLDING - Strategic Project/Concept Manager

    2009 - 2010 Responsible for the design, development and delivery of the business model for the new concept/format. I have experienced the entire spectrum of a new concept/format development to commissioning of the project.
    I have also been responsible for developing the layouts, retailing mix and heading the implementation of the new concept.
    Key Responsibilities:
    * New concept process management;
    * Business model elaboration;
    * Business planning;
    * Market insight and competition analysis; ;
    * Actively involved in redesigning the supermarket concept.

    * New concept: Successfully rolled out 3 new concepts within the hypermarket: shop in shop, textiles section and drugstore; ;
    * New store format: feasibility study for a new hard discount store. ;
  • ACIMA SUPERMARKET -  FMCG marketing manager

    2007 - 2009 Reporting directly to the general manager I have in charge the entire spectrum of marketing activities of ACIMA Supermarket.
    Key Responsibilities:
    * Developing and implementing Food Division strategy in order to ensure sustainability and growth;
    * Leading the development of categories, consumer and shopper insights to support business building;
    * Preparing Marketing and events plan, organizing them, ensuring suppliers participation, negotiating media prices etc;
    * Leading the pricing, merchandising and promotions strategies for premium and budget stores;
    * Developing Category knowledge for stores Managers to achieve division growth;
    * Leading the translation of Food division strategies into stores strategies; ;
    * Analyzing the sales opportunity and competition environment and setting the commercial strategies and tactics;
    * Assist in development and planning of Private Brand development with purchasing department to create a synergized and timeous launch platform that integrates with stores requirements and division objectives;
    * Developing merchandising standards to increase sales effectiveness and defining guidelines.

    * Opened 10 supermarkets; ;
    * Stores brand image enhancement (based on external agency benchmarking report). ;
  • Cosumar - Trade marketing manager

    Casablanca 2005 - 2007 Mettre en place un plan de développement pour les différents circuits de distribution (GMS, grossistes, CHR, industriels, export).
    Principales responsabilités :
    - Gestion des accords de coopération GMS,
    - Gestion des budgets d’animation et de fidélisation Clients,
    - Mise en place d’un programme de lancement des nouveaux produits,
    - Interface avec le Marketing pour les opérations de Trade marketing,
    - Programme de partenariat dans le domaine logistique et distribution.
    Principales réalisations : refonte du portefeuille clients, lancement de la marque SUKARI. Partenariat logistique avec Marjane et Metro.
  • MARS INCORP - Key Account Manager

    2002 - 2005 I have been the company external face in the market. I have experienced the exciting job to work with the retailers in activities spanning from field sales to key account management and sales support in different teams.
    Key Responsibilities:
    * Preparing Marketing and sales plan that have a significant impact on company brands;
    * Organizing and ensuring sales team participation/engagement and overseeing the sales process;
    * Negotiating trade agreements and partnership programs with key accounts;
    * Influencing customers and distributors to build their business through merchandising and pricing actions on Mars brands portfolio;
    * Developing and implementing assortment, shelving, pricing, and merchandising strategies, based on consumer/market research and company standards;
    * Designing and implementing business plan for each category /stores chain to deliver brand volume, share objectives;
    * Developing and implementing sales-out strategies to help distributors build the business for them and Company.

    * Double digit growth (shares and volume) for the 3 main categories;
    * Positioning Mars Company as the Category leader within the modern trade channel. ;
  • AKWA GROUP - Non-Fuel Retail Manger

    Casablanca 1998 - 2001 Key Responsibilities:
    * Preparing and implementing strategies and plan to tab alternative revenue streams with the help of consultants;
    * Mapping service stations to study and assess their site potential;
    * Preparing the roll-out plan primarily in the prime sites;
    * Managing the entire spectrum of a new concept development to commissioning of the project;
    * Overseeing the staff training and recruitment.

    A new convenience store set-up and roll out: MINIBRAHIM.

    1992 - 1997 Reporting to the hypermarket manager as a FMCG division manager I have in charge:
    * Merchandising program development and implementation; ;
    * Promotion and event plan and program implementation; ;
    * Store staff management (more than 150);
    * Store sales plan execution. ;



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