Raphaël Dhalil EDIBÉ


En résumé

Professional in international business, minerals industry, finance and agricultural business in Africa.

Africa allows me to build companies which will really contribute to the development of its key sectors. The agriculture and the industry were for me a hobbyhorse which I had to tame for the achievement of my objectives.

My vision for my entreprises is to be the best commercial arm for african farmers and suppliers, and the best partner for the buyers. My junior consultant experience, my international business knowledge and my agricultural exploitations make me conceive the optimal strategy to realise a real fair trade in agriculture, in industry, with the optimal financial tools.

In case you wish to find agricultural products of quality, in quantity and prompt delivery , Green Market's Team are the people to contact.

If you have some industrial project (in particular in mines), especially if you look for raw materials and the development of industry on the african continent; Phoenix & Wolf Ltd is the partner that you are looking for.

If you are a small, medium or big farmer, looking for the best customers, the best agricultural products as insecticides, towings, advices to improve your harvests or anything helpful; have no hesitation to contact GREEN MARKET Co Ltd staff.

Finally, for those who really want to develop this fabulous continent named Africa, don't loose one more minute: Apply for career's opportunities and join Green Market's or PHOENIX & Wolf's Families. Age is nothing but a number, so if you are ingenious, hard-working, honorable, qualified and ambitious; we are waiting for you because it's exactly what we are.

Green Market Co Ltd - The real fair trade

PHOENIX & WOLF Ltd - The best of Africa to the World and the best of the World to Africa.

Raphael Dhalil EDIBE

Co-Founder/Chairman of Green Market Co Ltd
Co-Founder/CEO of PHOENIX & WOLF Ltd

Spécialisations :* Interconnection between agricultural producers and buyers
* International trade
* Controls and quality garantee
* Agro-industrial consulting

Mes compétences :
Exploitation minière
Matières premières
Raw materials


  • Phoenix & Wolf Ltd - Co-Founder/CEO

    2011 - maintenant Subsidiary of the multinational company PHOENIX & WOLF corporation based in Mauritius. We are specialized in the exploitation and the mining and industrial trade. Our ambition: offer the best of the mining and industrial potential of Africa to the world, and offer the best of the world industrial potential to Africa.
  • Centre Touristique de NKOLANDOM - Partner Communication, marketing, relation publique et évènementiel

    2011 - maintenant Développement de fréquentation, promotion de l'image et accroissement de la notorité.
  • GREEN MARKET Co Ltd - Founder/CEO

    2010 - maintenant the best agricultural marketing partner in Africa.offer the optimal interconnexion between farmers and buyers.Le meilleur partenaire africain en marketing et négoce agro-industrielle


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