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Dynamic project leader, high experience on payment systems conception and implementation, with high autonomy and good communication. My experience allows me to manage different kind of projects : client/server systems, embedded firmwares, IHM softwares.
I'm used to write specifications, realize test campaigns and manage collaborators in order to drive projects towards success.

Special skills : Hardware Security Modules, expertise on card/payment specifications, banking transactions cryptography, design of software architectures.
Languages : C, C++, Java, VB, HTML, XML...
Databases : Access, SQL, SQL Server, MySQL
Specifications : EMV, PayPass, payWave, CB, and others..

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Mes compétences :
Architecte Logiciel
Langages C


  • GALITT - Chef de projet

    Boulogne-Billancourt 2005 - maintenant - Managing teams of 2-3 engineers working on payment system solutions. Here is a representative list of projects I have been involved :

    Biometric payment system : Very innovative solution, currently used in real situation. Embedded firmware production and active support.

    Contactless Payment Kernel : PayPass and payWave specifications analysis, architecture design, production. Factory tests and accreditation preparation.

    Phone payment solution : Inventive payment solution based on sound cryptograms. Server application conception and production. POS remotely controlled protocol.

    VISUBANK©: Analysis, transaction log view and unblocking EMV payment card at bank counter. Client-Server solution. Accredited by GIE CB (France)

    VISUCARD©: Software allowing to check the personalization of card based on EMV specifications, to personalize test cards, to explore ISO7816 cards, etc. Accredited by Visa, Mastercard, CB.

    VISUSCRIPT©: Software allowing to create scripts, for interaction with smart card (send commands, cryptography process...)

    KeyControl(tm): Cryptographic server ("black box") used by the issuer or in personalization bureau, allowing to test symetrics keys on payment cards. Accredited by GIE CB (France)

    IBM 4764/4765 Cryptocards : High expertise on IBM Host Security Modules. Third-party developer accredited by IBM.

    And many others...