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Field Engineer General at Baker Hughes. More than 5 years of experience, working both off shore and onshore, leading various jobs. Developed strong skills on services such as: Gamma ray, Density Neutron, sonic, formation pressure testing, Resistivity. With significant experience gained overseas.
Management skills developed through training: Time management, Effective Leadership, Finance, Project Management.

Mes compétences :
Surface Sensors rig up/down
Formation Evaluation
Density Tools
Gamma Ray Tools
Decoding and Log making
Neutron Tools
Programming LWD Tools
Resistivy Tools


  • Baker Hughes - Field Engineer Logging While Drilling

    LONS 2011 - maintenant
  • REGIDESO, Kinshasa - Trainee

    2010 - 2010 During this internship, I have learned how to obtain Drinking water from River Water.

    - Remove solid content by settling and filtration
    - Coagulation and desinfection by using Chemicals
    - Conduct Water Quality Control to meet WHO requirements.
    - Production of dichlorine from Calcium hypochlorite (Water desinfection)


  • Baker Hughes -Dubai Training School (Dubai)

    Dubai 2015 - 2015 Project Management
    Introduction to finance
  • Tomball Training Center (Houston)

    Houston 2014 - 2014 Learn how Density and Neutron tools work
    Density image, Neutron Porosity , Photoelectric and Bulk Density
  • Port Harcourt Training Center (Port Harcourt)

    Port Harcourt 2014 - 2014 Learn how to QC the Density, Neutron, Gamma Ray, and Resistivity logs

  • Dubai Training Center (Dubai)

    Dubai 2013 - 2013 During this training on Effective Leadership, I have learned:
    how to analyze employee's readiness level and select the most appropriate leadership response to achieve the desired results

    How to Identify their personal behavioral and communication style and select the style that will best influence others efforts
  • Arabian Training Center (Muscat)

    Muscat 2013 - 2013 HSE Induction to meet PDO (Petroleum Development Oman) company requirements.

    - HSE induction
    - H2S
    - DHR: Dealing with Hazard Response
    - IFR: Initial Fire Response
  • Dubai Training Center (Dubai)

    Dubai 2012 - 2012 Learned the principles of Resistivity , Gamma Imaging, Probe systems and Basic Log Analysis.

    Tool programming, advanced decoding, memory processing.

    Surface system.
  • SERVTEC Training Center (Pointe-Noire)

    Pointe-Noire 2012 - 2012 HSE training to meet TOTAL and ENI Requirements

    -Sea Survival
    - HUET (Helicopter UnderWater Escape Training)
    - Fire and H2S response
  • APAVE Training Center (Pointe-Noire)

    Pointe-Noire 2012 - 2012 HSE on module 7 to meet TOTAL requirements
  • Dubai Traing Center (Dubai)

    Dubai 2012 - 2012 During this training, I have been exposed to the drilling process and learned how the major rig systems work together to drill a well
  • Dubai Training Center (Dubai)

    Dubai 2012 - 2012 Oil and Gas Fundamentals including economics, petroleum geology, exploration, drilling, completion, transportation and refining.
    Situational leaderShip: Taking Charge
  • Institut Du Petrole Et Du Gaz (Institute Of Petroleum And Gas) (Kinshasa)

    Kinshasa 2007 - 2010 Gas Treatment (Dewatering, sour gas removal)
    Crude Oil Pre-Treatment
    Refining of Crude oil
    Oil Products
    Petrochemical Process
    Operations on Refining Units
    Oil&Gas Transportation & Storage
    Stocks Management (Oil Products)
    Organic Chemistry
    Analytical Chemistry


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