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Ambitious Business Leader with 20+ years of experience in FMCG Industry in various roles within Sales, Trade Marketing, and General Management .
With have strong passion for what I am doing

Mes compétences :
essentiel selling skills
essentiel Merchandising skills
Coaching commercial
Capital Restructuring
Emerging Markets
Continuous Improvement
Routes to Market
Sales Forecasting
strong monitoring
Crisis Management
the sales force
Negotiation Skills
Revenue Management
International Management
Managerial Skills > Team Management
Microsoft Windows
Strategic Planning
Cost saving
Internal Control & Process improvement
Business controlling
Corporate relation
Project Management
Business Planning
Financial analysis
Risk Management
Local sourcing
Key Account Management
Change Management
Trade marketing
Business Strategy
People development
Talent Management


  • Amigo food - General Manager

    Direction générale | Kinshasa 2021 - maintenant • Resturction of the group in term people, process and prepare for better & sustainable performance.
    • Business Scope: 40$m Revenue, 1 legal entitie, 600 Employees, 1 Plant (5 production high capacity line), 1 Distribution facility.
    • Shape and drive the financial Planning short & Long term (from monthly P&l, Annual plan ,Strategic Plan)
    • Adapt RTM to the context in place and shape more efficiently the route to consumer. And optimize sales cost with a pay performance program
    • Upgrade capability of a diverse team in place to more coherence, inclusivity and high performance, with introduction of performance management approach.
    • Strategy (with plan to execution) to drive down cost of operation and keep it under control,
    • Grow topline rapidly via an aggressive commercial policy and innovation plan.
  • Heineken Tunisia (Sonobra Group) - General manager

    2016 - 2019 Managing Operation in a leading full beverage company, within a very competitive environment .
    Driving the financial results/Planning short & Long term (from monthly P&l, Quarterly LE Plan, Annual
    plan ,Strategic Plan 3 years)
    Shape & Deliver a turn-around strategy to rebuild the operation and restore profitability
    Grow topline rapidly via an aggressive commercial policy and innovation plan.
    Good networking skills, quick adaptation to changing context
  • Heineken Tunisia (Sonobra Group) - Sales Director

    2011 - 2016 In charge of all catégories Soft & Beer .
    Scope of Work Done:
    • Improving sales capability and driving continuous Improvement in Sales execution. Progressing in Sales execution (EOE) implementation and significantly improving quality of work of the sales team.
    • Building the Channel strategy by guiding and coaching newly established trade marketing department.
    • Reaching outstanding performance in modern trade, over-performing in market share (triple of our total market share).
    • Executing successfully a restructuring project of sales organization.
    • Running full trade census and review/Adapt our route to market to the changing context.
    • Driving volume and doubling market share in beer in difficult competitive environment.
    • Reviewing portfolio strategy after excise duty increase(x2 Time) and ensuring its fast but proper
    • Strengthening leading position in juice category by successful launch of innovations and strong
    monitoring of NND (Net Numeric distribution)
    • Contributing in the End-to-End approach of cost improvement by improving sales forecast via the active involvement in the implementation of Sales & Operations Planning process (SOP) .
    • Participating actively in crisis management and in reviewing company strategy especially after both excise duty increase.
  • SNBG Soft drink category (Part Of Heineken Tunisia) - Sales Manager

    2008 - 2011 Soft drink category
    Scope of Work Done:
    * Joining Heineken, just after the acquisition of Soft division SNBG, Leader in Juice market, challenger in Carbonate Soft drink and Water.
    * Starting with clear mission to restructure Soft sales organization.
    * Responsible for the sales force of 55 people, coaching them to reach their potential.
    * Establishing a clear, SMART & stretching targets for the team.
    * Driving volume & Market Share growth, reinforcing the leading position in Juice market despite the increased competition.
    * Developing underperforming modern trade channel and taking the lead in quality of execution.
    * Build a clear governance frame for Traditional Trade Channel and sustain volume growth on this part .
  • Gipa (Filiale Poulina Group ) - Area Sales & Distribution Manager

    2003 - 2008 Scope of Work Done:
    • GIPA is operating in ice cream, dairy and snack industry and leading the market in ice cream
    • Joining the company in a highly competitive period with Nestlé in ice cream and Danone in dairy products.
    • I was in charge of sales and distribution organization of biggest and most competitive North region of Grand Tunis.
    • Set up a new distribution model with the direct approach to trade.
    • In charge of a sales force of 25 person.
    • Celebrating successfully with the team growth from 55% to 75% MS in Ice cream category
  • Gipa (Filiale Poulina Group ) - Sales & Distribution site manager

    2001 - 2002 In charge of One distribution Platform ,putting in place a synergies Strategy between all categories ice cream, dairy, Margarine, Charcuterie,.. .
    empower cash van , develop the coverage , improve value and gain Market share .
  • Gipa (Filiale Poulina Group ) - Sales Representative

    1999 - 2000 Sales représentative in charge of Zone (Banliue Nord) ,working in retail selling with direct delivery Trucks for dairy product and ice cream .
    Developing sales volume,Numeric distribution via recruting new customers


  • South Mediterranean University

    Tunis 2021 - maintenant Executive MBA Cohort 2021-22
  • Harvard Business School

    Boston 2016 - 2016 Business qualification

    leadership capability
    Leadership Campus development program for GM & MD's ,

  • China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) (Accra)

    Accra 2015 - 2015 Buisiness qualification

    Agility program, Doing Business in Emerging Markets, at CEIBS School,

    Fontainebleau 2014 - 2014 Business qualification

    Heineken International Management Course (HIMAC)
    International Management for Senior Management, at Insead Fontainebleau
  • Ecole Supérieure De Commerce De Tunis (Tunis)

    Tunis 1994 - 1998 Master Degree

    Master's degree graduation In management from High school of Commerce Tunis
    specialty in Hotel Management
  • Lycée Ibn Abi Dhiaf (Manouba)

    Manouba 1988 - 1994 Bachelor in Mathematics


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