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I am a highly skilled, experienced & motivated Packaging (Operation) Line Manager with a hands-on management style, which involves plant monitoring, influencing and setting as an example to achieve results. I am a good decision maker who sees what is needed as well as the actions required to achieve solutions.

I have more than five-year Packaging (operation) or Production experience of increasing overall line effectiveness & reducing maintenance spends whilst maintaining full production capacity, working on the profit improvement project with the Manufacturing Excellence tools .This has required me to become experienced with various V graph Profile, Lean Manufacturing & Continuous Improvement techniques as well as SHE, Hazard Awareness, ISO policies, COSHH, HACCP & other Health, Safety and Environmental procedures in a Food Company or FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company. 6 Years Experience in Quality control (Laboratory Management) & Quality assurance Management and I am an internal auditor and a HACCP certify from ADRH Apave, a certify Diploma in Brewing from the IBD (Institute of Brewing and Distilling), a certify Train of trainer from ADRH Apave, a Certify PMP (project Management Professional) from the PMI (project Management institute in USA). I am also a Finance MBA from ESSEC DOUALA

Mes compétences :
Quality Control
Quality Assurance
raw material analysis
mineral analysis
manage maintenance
conformance management
Waste water
Team management training
Taster training
Supply Chain
Standard Operating Procedure
SAP SCM Manufacturing
Root Cause Analysis
Risk Management
Responsible for undergraduate chemistry tutorials
Responsible for all machinery
Responsible for Laboratory stock management
Reduce maintenance
Record management
Project Management
Production experience
Pre Planned Maintenance
Physico-chemical analysis
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Excel
Managerial Skills
Laboratory Stock management
Laboratory Management
Human resource
Health and Safety
Capability Development
Bulk caustic analysis
Assembly Lines


  • Diageo Guinness Cameroun Hub S.A. - Packaging Line Manager

    Paris 2012 - maintenant A senior management role reporting to the head of Operation with a dotted line to the Head of Technical Management with objective of management a team of 4 packaging shift manager to deliver a volume by respecting the principle of manufacturing excellence, the SQCDM principle. This is been achieved by working deeply with OEM of all the equipment on both lines. Managing COGS in the mean time within the Section. A member of the extended supply leadership team.

    Achieve the Production of new product name HARP while saving 73 000 Euro of the commissioning budget (Commissioning done in house) plan for the OEM to do it on site
    Reduce maintenance cost from 5GBP /hl to 1.5GBP /hls (which is the most achievement till now)
  • Diageo Guinness Cameroun Hub S.A. - Packaging /Operation shift Manager

    Paris 2009 - 2012 Managing two bottling lines running at 60000 and 45000 bottles and hour with a man-power of 40 employees (operators) .
    To deliver the required volumes while meeting the standards in S, Q, C, D, M (Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Morale)
    Develop SOP, WI of all Packaging machine for both line
    Responsible for all ISO & HSE, SOP, WI & procedures
    Training of operators in Line Hygiene & Zone 5S, Asset Care etc.
    Liaising with Engineering, Line Management to clear all outstanding issues
    Implementation of productivity improvements
    Troubleshooting of any packaging issues
    Root cause analysis
    Improve OEE (Overall Equipment efficiency) from 32 to 50 %
    Responsible for all machinery, line repairs, Pre Planned Maintenance, Installation of new machinery and overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
    Responsible for the management of the Engineering Team, two engineering supervisor (Mechanic & Electrical) and fours technicians (two mechanics & two electricians) working on shift basis, 6 days per week.
    Responsible for the management & motivation of a team of over 46 people on shift basis, 6 days per week operation.
    Weekly meetings with Engineering Managers to solve engineering issues
    Confirm all end Good into the SAP system.
    Increase productivity, reduce wastage, manage maintenance and improve quality within Teams.
    Put in place and implement Bonus scheme to boost Operator Moral for better production
  • Diageo Guinness Cameroun Hub S.A. - Deputy Project Coordinator

    Paris 2009 - 2009 : Diageo Guinness Cameroun Hub S.A. (Deputy Project Coordinator for the ISO 9001-2008 & 22000-2005 certification)

    has been certified on both standards.
  • Diageo Guinness Cameroun Hub S.A. - Quality Control Supervisor

    Paris 2007 - 2009 has been certified on both standards.

    : Diageo Guinness Cameroun Hub S.A. (
    Responsible for managing the laboratory.
    Developed and implemented the standards for laboratory environment
    Managing a 7-man team of laboratory technicians.
    Responsible for Laboratory stock management
    Computing quality KPIs for the manufacturing process.
    PIP (profit improvement project) Team Leader
    Put in place and manage Quality section budget
    Managing calibration, maintenance, purchase, and reception of laboratory equipment.
    Training laboratory technicians on the new analytical methods.
    Preparing weekly production performance reports.
  • Guinness Cameroun S.A - Acting Quality Assurance Manager

    2006 - 2007 Managing the Quality section (Quality assurance and control)
    Implementation of a quality management system (on-going)
    Developed role profiles for the different positions in the Quality section.
    Developed the budget of the Quality section for the F08 financial year
    Developed and implemented a sampling plan used by technicians
  • Guinness Cameroun S.A - Acting Laboratory Coordinator

    2006 - 2006 Managing an 8-man team of laboratory technicians and establishing work schedules and performance tracking.
    Developed a procedure for the management of non-conformities arising in the production process
    Reporting (KPI) on the efficiency of the manufacturing process.
    Developed quality indices for Guinness Cameroon.
    Management (Maintenance plans, calibration) of laboratory equipment
    Controlling the stock of reagents and chemicals
    Ordered, received and installed new laboratory material and equipment.
    Raw Material (Reception, storage and analysis)
    -Developed the procedure for the reception, storage and analysis of raw material.
    Trained and sensitized storekeepers on the raw material sampling and control techniques on reception.
    Developed a procedure for the physico-chemical analysis of raw material (crown corks, bottles, crates, malt, labels etc) and training Raw material analyst
    Analyses results and decides on the use or not of raw material.
    During production
    Quality control.
    Record management.
    Records and interprets data from analysis carried out in the course of production
    Finished products
    Established product release certificates for finished products as well as those for export.
    Training and sensitizing operators, storekeepers, salesmen on quality control and how to handle customer complains.
    Developed tasting procedures and sampling plans for raw material and through the production process.
    Interprets information to tally tasting to production process defects.
    Quality Control
    Developed the sampling plan for the entire business including the entire process and parameter specifications at each stage.
    Non-conformance management.
    Update record sheets for analysis, control recording quality control data.
  • Guinness Cameroun S.A - Acting Hygiene & Cleaning Coordinator & Controlling housekeeping

    2005 - 2006 HACCP
    Controlling housekeeping in production areas.
    Measuring and controlling infection levels at each production (developed a microbiological analysis plan)
    Pest Control
    Supervising pest control activities such as fumigation and dis-insectation and phytosanitary treatment.
    Supervising cleaning and painting tasks in the brewery.
  • Guinness Cameroun S.A - Laboratory Technologist

    2004 - 2006 Rolled out chromatographical methodes to analyse/determine diones, esters and methanol in beer.
    Physico-chemical analysis of water
    Bulk caustic analysis on reception.
    Managing calibration, maintenance, purchase, and reception of laboratory equipment.
    Laboratory Stock management (reagents and chemicals).
    Raising purchase requisitions and orders via Maximo and SUN.
    Reviewing analytical methods.
    Developed and rolled out new analytical methods.
    Training laboratory technicians on the new analytical methods.
    Preparing weekly production performance reports.
  • Guinness Cameroun S.A - Quality assurance technician

    2003 - 2004 Quality control on the packaging lines (controlling product defects).
    Carried out raw material analysis on reception.
    Analyzed product complaints from the market
  • Diageo Guinness Cameroon SA - Supply Chain

    2003 - maintenant Control & Assurance Qualité, Production (Gestion des operations)
  • Guinness Cameroun S.A. - Responsable production

    2003 - maintenant


  • KHS Academic (Ahmadabad)

    Ahmadabad 2014 - 2014 Certify competent in increasing the OEE of KHS Machine, and effectiveness of Maintenance and also waste reduction.
  • Guinness Cameroun / DIAGEO (Douala)

    Douala 2013 - 2013 Attend a FLM training on Environmental Health & Safety by Bill Cross (Runcorn Packaging site Health and safety Manager)
  • Essec (Douala)

    Douala 2011 - 2013 MBA

  • Project Management Institute PMI (Douala)

    Douala 2011 - 2011 Project Management Professional

    Project Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human resource, Communication, Risk Procurement and integration Management knowledge. Understanding all the 42 Process of the project management throughout the five process groups (Initiating, planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, Closing)
  • University Of Douala (Douala)

    Douala 2011 - 2013 Master of Business Administration
  • Institute Of Brewing & Distillation (Douala)

    Douala 2008 - 2011 Diploma

    brewing and distillation Module two: Yeast and Beer Clarification
    Certify Diploma in Brewing with the three modules passed, member of the IBD


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