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Je cherche un VP Marketing & Sales France pour me rejoindre en tant qu'associé à Promoxity.
Objectif: Biz Dev de solutions innovantes de visibilité online web et mobile pour le commerce de ville.
Stade: Tests alpha concluants. Lancement beta avec une campagne 360 pour bientôt.
Lieu: Ile de France.

Promoxity (cf.Array version alpha 2011) est une plateforme de services innovante pour les consommateurs et le commerce de ville. Promoxity permet :
1. Aux consommateurs de géo-localiser les meilleurs offres de ce qu'ils cherchent à acheter en ville.
2. Aux commerces de ville de promouvoir leurs offres sur le web et le mobile et augmenter le trafic d'acheteurs dans leurs points de vente.

Si vous avez un esprit entrepreneurial et une expérience dans le (e-)Marketing de/pour le commerce de détail n'hésitez pas à me contacter sur le 0607881122 ou par mail à
ou éventuellement via :

Mes compétences :
Business development
Consumer goods
High tech
Sales Management
Web mobile


  • Promoxity - CEO & Founder

    2008 - maintenant Site Web et Applications Mobile --- :)(: --- Web site and Mobile Apps

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    Géo-localiser les meilleurs offres à proximité de moi où que je sois.

    Promoxity connecte les consommateurs et leurs commerçants de ville. Promoxity vous aide à trouver le produit ou le service que vous voulez acheter dans le commerce de ville. Et Promoxity aide vos commerçants à promouvoir leurs offres pour garder ainsi les emplois dans votre ville.

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    - Questions, Idées, Compliments poster depuis la section "Help us Help you" à

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    Geo-localize best deals near me wherever I may be.

    Promoxity connects consumers community and city commerce. Promoxity helps you find the product or the service you want to buy in city commerce. And Promoxity helps your local businesses promote their best deals so they can keep jobs in your vicinity.

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  • Kalizen - CEO & Founder

    2005 - maintenant Near shore IT Outsourcing Firm.
    Your winning Strategy:
    "Focus on the Core, let us worry about the Context"
    And what if it's suddenly 1/3 of the cost?
    You got nothing to loose "Challenges us".
  • IT Projects and Programs Management - Independent Consultant

    2002 - 2005 Your Private Chauffeur to get you where you wanna go Safely & Quickly.
    You could also call me when things go awry.
  • CPMS - CEO & Founder

    Paris 1999 - 2001 A Multi Portal Content Production and Management System
    For All; Except Techies.
    A victim of the Bubble. Yet Still The Best Failure I've learned from.
    "The true meaning of innovation at the wrong timing" So I have been told.
  • Web Services - Co-Founder

    1998 - 1999 Web Services an affiliate of OR Technologies
    Founded to Develop and Launch a Job site,
    Acquired by in 2004 (7 figures).
    I wasn't there to cash in!
    I made a bet and I don't hedge my bets when I believe.
    I go for it. Do you?
  • OR Technologies - CEO & Founder

    1993 - 1999 IT Consulting firm
    A reference in Object & Relational Technologies.
    Profitable from day one. An OM of 25% in service industry!
    Acquired by Pronix Ingenierie.
  • Poltax & DBA*Scope Projects - Consultant

    1990 - 1993 IT Consultant at BULL SA & the Ministry of Finance worked on the implementation of the Polish Tax and VAT system.

    What a memorable moments !!!
    The end of Communism & the inception of Democracy Live in Poland with a Bonus:
    I was very lucky to find my missing me.

    But I couldn't help it. Instinctively I've put my capitalistic education into practice and the few bobs I had. Gathered a brilliant team of developers. Even if it's out of context,
    "I must recon, that the education was the only system that produced outstanding results in Communism era."
    So We've built DBA*Scope. The First Graphical Client/Server Multi-databases Monitoring & Administration Software Package. Long before Patrol, that become HP OpenView, was on the market.

    Challenges become my juice.
    But I didn't know then how to grow the tree to make more juice nor did I master how to sell the juice.


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