Saadoudi MOURAD


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Nom: Saadoudi Mourad

Mes compétences :
Mechanical Engineering
interpersonal skills
Steam Turbines
Siemens Hardware
Quality Assurance
Operations and Maintenance
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Excel
Mechanical maintenance
Good experience
Lean IT


  • SNC-Lavalin construction international - Senior supervisor

    2011 - maintenant right now : Currently I am with SNC-Lavalin construction international installation of gas treatment Plant CPF (Centre Processing Facility) in RHOURD NOUSS ILIZI ALGERIA SONATRACH (client). Working as: senior supervisor of rotating/fix equipments.
  • ROUDE NOUSS ILIZI - Senior supervisor

    2011 - maintenant Phase one construction: Installation and assembly of rotating and static equipments: * Gas turbine For Booster Gas Compressors (turbine Siemens: SGT-400, Compressor: STC-SV). * Residue Gas Compressors (turbine Siemens: SGT-100, Compressor: STC-SV). * CO2 compressor (Driver type Gas turbine SIEMENS SGT-400, compressor Mitsubishi). * Installation Pumps, skids. Oil heater, gas heater, Filters......
    Phase two commissioning: inspection, reception, and start up of system of unit ... .
  • KOUDIET DRAOUCH - Senior supervisor

    2010 - 2010 Installation and assembly of the following equipments: (operation of construction )
    * gas turbine 109FB * steam turbine 16 A * generator 450 H * condenser * filter house. * Liquid Fuel Atomizing Air Module * Fire protection Skid CO2 * Air Processing Unite APU
  • SNC-Lavalin construction international - Senior supervisor

    2008 - 2009 A) SNC-Lavalin construction international / GE Energy, HADJRET ENNOUS Current activities were on the warranty Outage for the 3 units of the 1227 MW CCGT power plant single shaft GE 9FB gas turbine and A15 steam turbine SONALGAZ (client). Working as: supervisor rotating & fix equipments .
  • HADJRET ENNOUS - Senior supervisor

    2008 - maintenant HRSG Modification * Super heater module modification, install new bumpers and wave plates for 03 units.
    B)SNC-Lavalin international / General Electrical GE, HADJRET ENNOUS pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up & operations of the 1227 MW CCGT power plant. The plant consists of 03unites single shaft GE 9FB gas turbine and A15 steam turbine with associated auxiliaries & balance of plan.
  • Snc lavalin - Ingenieur en mecanique

    Ivry-sur-Seine 2008 - maintenant
  • HADJRET ENNOUS - Supervisor rotating

    2008 - maintenant & fix equipments.
    Project No. : 017091 SNC LAVALIN.
    Per-commissioning * Attending construction operations assemble and install equipments, piping, align generator with gas turbine then with steam turbine. * Ensure all gas piping are correctly installed for each piping system * Ensure all installation of systems are correctly with their P&ID *Align machines and equipment then check good function. Commissioning * Flushing all systems as: Lubrication system lube oil, seal oil, lift oil according to requirements of flushing in manual of GE (A125) 372 A4348 for the model9001FB gas turbine * Gas fuel system, liquid fuel/Atomizing Air system, purges system. Start up *In this stage we had started up all system.
    Shut down and general inspection for 3 units: * Combustion system arrangement (combustion inspection for MS 9371FB GE gas turbine, fuel nozzle, liner cap, combustion liner, flow sleeve, cross fire-tube, fuel nozzle, flow sleeve ) * Main Steam Control Valves HP/IP/LP.
  • SNC Lavalin - Senior supervisor

    Ivry-sur-Seine 2008 - maintenant
  • CONDOR Algerian - Senior supervisor

    2007 - 2008 Working as: Responsible of Mechanical maintenance ,
  • B.B.A Algeria - Installation

    2004 - 2008 mechanical equipments as hydraulic station, redactors and compressors.....
  • NAAMA Algerian - Senior supervisor

    2002 - 2007


  • Université De Boumerdès (Boumerdes)

    Boumerdes 1997 - 2002 ingenieur mecanique