Saber FKIH


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Mes compétences :
Occupational Health
Environmental impact assessment
Air quality monitoring
Environmental engineering
Chemical engineering
Environmental Compliance
Process engineering
Project managment


  • ETLCO - Technical manager

    2017 - maintenant Preparing the technical and commercial offers for the environmental monitoring services.
    Implementing the ISO 17025 in the air quality department.
  • EXOVA - Sr Environmental Engineer

    2016 - 2017 Managing the environmental department and developing strategy to increase the sales.

    Extending the capability of the Environmental Department by introducing state of art technology in the Indoor Air Quality test through Graywalf monitor and the LDAR test using TVA 2020 analyser.

    Preparing monthly sales forecast and achieving the target.
    Preparing the technical and commercial offers of the environmental tests including stack testing, ambient air monitoring indoor air quality monitoring and water sampling and analysis.

    Achieving the installation of 12 ambient air quality station in Maaden mines and plants to monitor the particulate matter PM10 and PM2.5 and meteorological data.

    Managing long Term projects with Maaden including 12 air quality station, water sampling and analysis and noise monitoring in MGBM, MPC and IMC sites.

    Data gathering, validation, reports preparation and submission in a timely manner.

    Leading and conducting stack testing, Indoor air quality, ambient air quality monitoring and noise monitoring projects in Aramco , JESCO ,BASF, Al Razi,ACT and Ericson .

  • ETLCO - Operations Manager

    2015 - 2016 Managing and performing air emission monitoring and air quality monitoring projects for a wide range of industrial facilities in the kingdom including petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants and mines

    Leading and conducting Fugitive Emission Monitoring projects FEMS (VOC, HAP) in Saudi kayen ,Chemanol, Beeah ,Ar Razi,Sasref,
    Managing noise survey projects (fence , grid and source ) in advanced petrochemical ,Ar Razi , Plantech .
    Managing and coordinating odor survey projects in Saudi kayen,Marafiq and Technical Cleaning Company.

    Data analysis and validation, preparing and reviewing the reports and determination of the compliance with the local regulations (RC, PME) and USEPA regulations.
    Interaction with the clients , managers and environmental agencies at a senior level and ensuring better coordination and building good relationship with the clients.

    Managing and overseeing the department operations including the projects schedule, resources allocation, execution progress, coordination, reporting and invoicing.
    Weekly Reporting to the general manager and contributing in the budget preparation and the investment strategy of the company.
    Schedule calibration and maintenance works for the mobile stations and analysers (CEMS and Apex consoles) including preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance for thermo fisher Teledyne Signal and Apex brand.
    Five teams managing, staff training and developing of versatility.
  • Fragrance Home - PRODUCTION MANAGER

    2012 - 2015 Supervision and management of the production plant.

    Implementation of management dashboards and key performance indicator.

    Planning, production supervision and management of continuous improvement actions.

    Increasing the production and implementing second production shift.

    Preparing weekly and monthly production reports and contributing in decision making during the direction assembly.

    Designing, preparing PFD and PID and implementation of water treatment station that meets the environmental requirements.

    Controlling the waste water discharge to ensure that quality is in conformance with environmental standard.

    Organization and optimisation of the staff, training teams (health and safety regulations and quality control).

  • Chlorine industry - PRODUCTION MANAGER

    2009 - 2012 Contributing in the Precommissioning/Commissioning and start-up activities of the new chlorine plant.

    Monitoring and controlling the process operating parameters through PLC system.

    Preparing quality manual documented procedures, instructions and records required by ISO 9001 standard

    Ensuring compliance and implementation of the ISO 14001 standards in the waste water treatment plant.

    Inspection & trouble shooting of the equipment including brine system, water treatment process, bichlor electrolyser, reactor, heat exchangers, boiler, pumps, compressors and absorption Column.

    Overseeing day-to-day the production activities including material & energy balance and preparing production reports.

    Adjustment of the chemical injection, in the plant such as the optimization of coagulants and flocculants consumption by JAR TEST method.

    Laboratory control, chemical analysis of products and Quality control of received raw materials.

    Studying the valorization of by-product to produce hydrochloric acid.

    Preparing safety check lists and Training operators.

    Scheduling the production activities in shift and properly utilising the manpower of 24 operators and 3 technicians.


  • Université De Gabès ENIG (Gabès)

    Gabès 2005 - 2008 génie de procédés


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