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  • Alstom Transport - Deputy Testing and Commissioning Manager

    2019 - maintenant - Produces test plans and supervise all the interface procedure;
    - Coordinate the necessary means for the realization of the systems and interface tests;
    - Organise the “readiness reviews” of the participating units & follow-up the corrective actions mandatory before the systems or interface tests start;
    - Create and manage action plans corresponding to malfunctioning of the system;
    - Manages the software and hardware configuration during the successive tests phases (off-shore test track, site…)
    - Support with his team the T&C Manager;
    - Provide monthly report on the activities under responsibility.
  • Alstom Transport - System Testing and Commissioning Engineer

    2018 - 2019 System Testing and Commissioning Engineer - Lusail Light Railway Transit System Project (LRT). Doha, Qatar

    Roles and responsibilities
    - Supports and apply for the test program according to the Consortium schedule
    - Writing the system test validation plan and system test procedure at system level;
    - Performing the system tests (with the support of the subsystems);
    - Following-up the progress of the test and commissioning activities and the resolution of the anomalies raised during the tests.
  • ALSTOM Transport - Interface Engineering Manager

    2014 - 2017 Consortium Interface Manager - Project: Constantine tram extension (2016)
    • Interface Manager - Project: Setif tram, Line 1 (2014/2015)

    - Setting and implementing the Interface Management Plan.
    - Defining and updating lists of interfaces, development of interface documents and critical review
    - Technical resolution for issues related to Interface Management
    - Coordination and monitoring of interfaces resolution by the Civil work and System entities.
  • ALSTOM Transport - Testing and Commissioning Manager

    2012 - 2014 Testing and Commissioning Manager – Project : Algiers Tram, Phase 3 (2013)

    - Management of serial testing, validation and commissioning.
    - Creation of the contractual documents for testing and commissioning
    - Coordination with third party entities (Operations and Maintenance)
    - Monitor system tests in alignment with the project QCD commitments for the Testing and commissioning,
    - Manage the work package in compliance with project milestones.
    - Joint development of test requirements with the engineering and purchasing teams.

    • Testing & Commissioning Engineer – Project: Constantine tram, line 1 (2012)

    - Setting system testing procedures and verification of subsystems procedures;
    - Managing tests for the line and the depot, and the field during the testing phase.
    - Contribution to the management of configuration and abnormalities.
  • Thales - Rail Signaling Testing & Commissioning Manager

    Courbevoie 2009 - 2012 • Northern Bypass project, Section 3: Chlef-Khemis (4 PIPC V2 posts)
    - Preparation of the execution design

    • AinTouta-M'Sila Project (8 PIPC V1 signaling boxes + centralized control)
    - Supervision of the electrical works.
    - Audit and technical verification of the posts / stations
    - Coaching operating for PCC simulator.
    - Contribution to the preparation of maintenance

    Trainings : ERTMS (European Railway Traffic Management System)


  • Higher Institute Of Railway (ISFF) (Alger)

    Alger 2001 - 2008 Master's Degree