Seddik, Faysal BOULEMKAHEL


En résumé

Plus de 16 années d'expérience dans le domaine professionnel dans divers métiers et et évoluant dans divers secteurs, allant de la réalisation de projets en EPC au domaine de forage et complétions, et aux services pétroliers. Jai occupe divers postes en Administration, traduction/Interprétariat/, comptabilité, RH et Logistique/procurement, le Support et le management.

Mes compétences :
Norme HSE
facilities Management
preparation of periodical reports and budget plans
personnel management
Tender process management and coordination
Microsoft Office
Data Entry
team player
required Preparation
request for proposal
public administration
process management
interpersonal skills
implementation of different procedures and guideli
general Administration
foreign companies Implementation
construction management and maintenance
construction management
communication assistance
close liaison
Vendor Management
Timely and accurate processing
Team selection
SAP-netweaver- business
SAP IS Procurement
SAP IS Oil & Gas
Responsible for the Vendor Management activity
Responsible for monitoring
Purchase Orders
Petty Cash
PO preparation
PC Hardware
Operations Management
Microsoft Office skills
Manage the facilities
Logistics coordination
Delivery Programming
Camp Maintenance
Gestion de projet


  • PTTEP Company - Procurement & Logistics Supervisor

    2013 - maintenant 2013 to Today.
    Duties: Conduct all operational tasks within Tendering & Contracting process; Executing of pre-
    qualification activities, Intention to Tender (ITT) preparation, commercial bid evaluation, negotiation and final drafting of contract
    documents; Analyzing contracts for content, clauses and definition of outstanding contractual matters during in direct relation to
    requirements at the initial stages of project; Reviewing sub-contracting documents for project requirements and assign to appropriate
    vendor; Managing contracts in coordination with engineering staff and sub-contractors through completion of bid and request for
    proposal process and contract award; Preparing formal bid solicitations such as Invitation to Bid (ITB); Drafting, negotiating,
    managing and issuing contracts for construction (i.e. Rig, Civil, Water well), services and materials using SAP system; Assembling,
    tabulating and summarizing competitive bid replies; Maintaining contract files and database on contracts and projects; Responsible for
    the Vendor Management activity; Involved in creating and modifying local Procurement procedures; Defining the Request for
    Quotation to be forwarded to the proper potential vendors; Carries out statistical tabulation of commercial comparisons of the tenders
    received, request technical comparison tabulations from relevant sectors, prepares technical-economical tabulation and recommends
    supplier; Prepares and conduct negotiations, further checking if detailed technical specifications are guaranteed, also checking whether
    detailed economical specifications given in the Bidding phase are consistent with those reported in the final contract; Creating the
    Purchase Order/Contract/Frame Agreement for the winning vendor according to the Request for Quotation requirements or Purchasing
    Request; Managing Purchase Order/Contract/Frame Agreement modification/review in case of new needs or in case of reviewed
    Purchasing Request;; Provide necessary reports from SAP system to Head Office Procurement Department;
  • Freelance - Consultant

    2013 - 2013 Duties: Consulting for foreign companies Implementation ( and existing) in Algeria; providing information on
    local market in the Oil & Gas services industry; marketing activities in the O&G Algerian sector; Tender and contracts process
    management; Procurement, supply chain and Logistics services.
  • Corpro Systems Ltd - Algeria Resident Manager

    2011 - 2012 December 2012.

    Duties: Implement company into Algeria through a complex process; build brand image and improve
    competitiveness in the market in terms of; volume, market share and profitability; Team selection and Hiring; Company facilities
    Management ( Algiers/HMD); handling of Company contracts with required Preparation and conduct negotiations, further checking
    if detailed technical specifications are guaranteed, procedures, legal books ;Providing information on local employment market;
    Contacts with different public administrations like tax and social security, labour offices, ANEM local governmental employment
    agency, medical clinics, entertainment places , subcontractors agencies for maintenance, house and car rental companies ;Creation of
    all admin templates for company according to local requirements (time sheet; work certificate; tax doc; employee appraisal; leave doc;
    ....) Implementing internal organisation charts.
    Development and maintaining of relations with Clients in Oil & Gas services industry, provide back-up supports for all operations;
    marketing activities in the O&G Algerian sector; Tender process management and coordination with different Finance/HR/technical
    departments through preparation of periodical reports and budget plans; implementation of different procedures and guidelines in
    supporting the group projects within Algeria.
  • Al Shoaibi Oilfield services Limited - Acting Algeria General Manager

    2011 - 2011 Duties: Management of the Algeria office through : Development and maintaining of relations with Clients in
    Oil & Gas services industry, provide back-up supports on a day-to-day business matters to different partners; marketing activities in
    the O&G Algerian sector; follow-up on the Drafting of partners Agreements, Tender process management and coordination with
    different Finance/HR/technical departments through preparation of periodical reports and budget plans; implementation of different
    procedures and guidelines in supporting the group projects within Algeria, Facilities Management ( Algiers and Hassi Messaoud).
  • Al Shoaibi Oilfield services Limited - Logistics & Partner Support Manager

    2009 - 2012 Duties: Helping in the company setting-up from the beginning as well as the setting of procedures in logistics, HR
    and general Administration. Logistics coordination between partners and Client (follow-up on material and equipment). Work as a
    facilities manager, elaboration and application of HR procedures regarding the personnel management. Major contact with different
    partners and clients in all day-to-day business matters. Manage the facilities services, project/construction management and maintenance
    services for clients and all issues related to lease and maintain of all commercial and industrial facilities. Provide the highest quality real
    estate and facilities project/construction management services that allow partners to finalize the projects. Overseeing and monitoring
    Procurement activities and progress. Evaluation of Material Requisitions content and associated Approved Budget Value prior to
    preparation of Request for Quotation to approved suppliers, Vendor Appraisal, Bid Evaluation, Delivery Programming, Payment
    Conditions, Performance Guarantees, Contract Documentation, Expediting, Inspection, Packing, Transportation, Inco terms,
    Warranties, required to be fulfilled by nominated suppliers in line with internal companies Procurement Procedures and guidelines.

    Commercial bid evaluation of submitted supplier quotations.

    Supervision, guidance and monitoring of Procurement Assistants, buyers and Expeditors with regards to daily duties relating to daily
    operations of the Procurement Group namely creation and issue of RFQs to potential vendors, maintenance and duly updating of PO

    Via procurement specialists Add register on a daily basis, data input and PO preparation , preparation of complete documentation
    package for PO submission to Procurement Manager, issue of POs and PO revisions to vendor and PO circulation/distribution,
    preparation Weekly Status Report for pending MRs. Formulating and issue of Project monthly and weekly reports.

    Responsible for monitoring, tracking and weekly reporting of all Requests for Quotations and Purchase Orders and associated Frame
    Agreements involving suppliers in close liaison with Procurement Specialists. Monitor manufacturing and delivery progress, to provide
    usable material tracking information for all end users of deliverables required Worley Parsons operations and Projects.

    Supervision of maintenance relating to all internal filing systems relating to all Procurement activities.
  • National Contracting Company - Administration Manager

    2008 - 2009 2008 to August 2009.

    Duties: Act as a focal point with the area manager regarding all administration issues, elaboration and application
    of HR procedures regarding the personnel management and the logistics/procurement side. Maintaining company documentation and
    Follow-up of all administration procedures with government entities, acting as a major contact with public administration (Work
    Inspection, Social security Services and different sub-contractors and clients...). Personnel and facilities management, making sure they
    are being timely and accurately processed in accordance with local procedures. Maintaining Company petty cash and other expenses.
  • First Calgary petroleums Ltd - Accounting Administrator

    2004 - 2008 Duties: Check all DZD and Non-DZD invoices have proper approval and coding. Timely and accurate processing
    of vendor invoices in accordance with local accounting procedures Fill-in all invoice information in the appropriate sheets. Fill-in the
    Non-DZD Invoice Data in the Invoice Log. Do the Invoices scanning and filling. Data input on to the citrix System .Documents filling.
    Fill-in the CNAS forms, get the proper signature and send to CNAS office for approval. Other ancillary accounting activities as well as
    some translations work, when requested.
  • KBR Venture - Senior Translator

    2003 - 2004 : JGC/KBR Venture on the SH/BP In Amenas project *
    Duties: Translate different documents from English to French and Arabic. Work as a Translator in formal
    meetings with different sub-contactors. Maintain all documents, project files and report of all project personnel at site; supervise all travel
    department (in country and international) for all personnel, vendor reps, visitors...etc. by setting up monthly schedules, planning, visa/
    WP/Residency matters in Algiers, HMD and INA. Work on procurement by sourcing and supplying many company requirement
    (setting Service and material Requisitions) Set up a schedule for all personnel. Act as focal point for all facilities management core
    business (maintenance and other queries for rooms and office space). General Office Administration duties: ensure the office has
    adequate office supplies, assist with planning for office moves/layouts, act as contact for HR issues, Support the project on Admin issues,
    provide info to project admin in In Amenas as requested. Supervise the company transportation services as per company procedures.


  • SAP Bangkok (Algerie)

    Algerie 2014 - 2014 SAP
  • Ecole Supérieure Algérienne Des Affaires (ESAA) (Alger)

    Alger 2011 - 2013 EMBA

    Alger 2010 - 2013 Executive MBA
  • CACI Chambre Algérienne De Commerce Et D'Industrie (Alger)

    Alger 2009 - 2011 PGS

    Postgraduate HR and Communication courses, CACI Algiers *
  • The University Of Texas At Austin (Texas)

    Texas 2007 - 2009 Diploma

    Correspondence courses ``Fundamentals of Petroleum'' diploma
  • Bouzareah'S University (Alger)

    Alger 1990 - 1995 Bachelor of Arts


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