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Who ?

I am a "Motivologue", a consultant in motivational intelligence and creativity. Through my Mentoring ,a Masters in Neurosciences ,and a ThinkBuzan certification as a licensed instructor in memory, innovation, creative thinking and mindmapping, I have acquired the necessary tools and skills that allow me to accompany those people that truly aspire to change, and thereby to unlock their "unconscious" creative potential.One can add to this my own entrepreneurial career stretching of more than 20 years, and my constant inquisitiveness and drive to explore all the different methods of stimulating the brain and its innate creativity.


Through different process & tools based on the Brain, I enable you, or your team, to:
 Manage stress, motivation & focus issues.
 Simplify complex scenarios & situations.
 Innovate solutions, ideas & concepts.
 Creatively solve problems.
 Successfully achieve goals.
 and much more.

How ?

Different situations require different follow up and services .
It all starts with an initial complimentary (free) assessment session, in person or by phone. Based on my preliminary assessment, we agree upon the most suitable program for you to achieve the desired objective.
My program include one on one sessions, workshops and lectures.

For whom ?

Students, professionals, corporations and government agencies. Special programs are available for top management and corporate departments, including the training of H.R departments.



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