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General Engineer Arts and Crafts. My studies have allowed me to acquire knowledge of electromechanical, mechanical, quality management, production management, as design and production of products. With a strong practical sense and a strong sense of teamwork.

EXPERTISE: Process, Product, Machinery, Solar Energy, Energetic efficiency, Innovation, Design, Engineering, R & D.

Mobile phone : +212(0) 603 71 71 69
I have very good communication skills, I work well either leading or being part of a team and I am self-motivated and capable of working on several tasks at once. As a leader of small teams I involve people in the decisions so that they feel involved and ensure they have the opportunity to contribute to tasks facing the team. I manage the information, plan and organize and make the decisions as required. Most importantly I actively seek to develop members of my team for their own careers sake but also for the future to come. This means I also look for personal development opportunities to ensure my skills are kept up to date.

Want to secure a proper position where I can use my analytical skill according to my academic qualification, achievements and experiences. Also to keep myself updated with latest changes in this digital era and to serve a respectable organization thus making some value addition in life, to prove my expertise and capabilities.

Mes compétences :
Catia v5
SIMATIC WinCC flexible
PL7 Pro


  • IRESEN, MASEN , ENEGYPOLES+ -  Industrial Project End of Studies, R & D Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency

    2014 - maintenant -Answer to Contracts of Prescription Specials CPS relating to the design of solar systems "RENAULT-Tangier, Houses, childbirth, hotels, hospitals and buildings."
    -Resize the storage tanks of Hot Water.
    -Follow-energy performance collective solar systems Solar Water Heaters CES and solar PV panels to improve energy efficiency and detect any drift.
    - Improving the regulatory system used in solar water heaters CES.
    - Develop a design tool and an energy optimization CES.
    -Implementation of an Intelligent and Integrated System for energy management in buildings.
    -Sizing of solar domestic hot water for sanitary of industrial parck Renault Tangier.
  • LEONI Wiring Systems, Implementation of vector control in MATLAB for control of the synchronous mach - Stage de formation

    2013 - maintenant First Mission:
    Implementation of vector control in MATLAB for control of the Machine
    Permanent Magnet Synchronous MSAP used in electric cars.
    Implementation of vector control MATLAB and deepening knowledge of MSAP, sinusoidal PWM inverter voltage command Vector,electric car.

    Second Mission:
    Comparative analysis between the machinery park Splicing and records relating to the position of standardization splicing.
    Conducting an audit and an action plan to manage records of standardization and located on machines.
  • OCP - Stage technicien

    Casablanca 2012 - maintenant Mission:
    Study of Channel Temperature control TIC180 / B.
    Improved chain control and deepening of knowledge and industrial control computer and tire.
  • OCP - Stage technicien

    Casablanca 2011 - maintenant Mission:
    Study of protection of turbo-alternators thermoelectric plant proposal and suggestions for improvement groups.
    Replacement technology electromechanical relay protection by the digital and knowledge deepening electrical, electronics and power electronics.
  • OCP - Foramtion

    Casablanca 2009 - 2009 Action Training Centrifugal Pumps to OCP_YOUSSOUFIA
    Mastery of concepts related to industrial hydraulic & pneumatic.
  • Société Métallurgique d'Imiter SMI - Stage ouvrier

    2009 - maintenant Mission:
    Management and Maintenance millwright (machinery, Engines, pumps, ...).
    Initiation into the world of business and deepening of knowledge in auto mechanics, combustion engines and maintenance management.


  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure D'Arts Et Métiers - ENSAM-Meknès (Meknes)

    Meknes 2009 - 2014 State Engineer Arts & Crafts

    EXPERTISE: Process, Product, Machinery, Innovation, Design, Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics, (R & D)
  • Mining Institute Marrakech IMM (Marrakech)

    Marrakech 2008 - 2009 Specialized technician, Electromecanic

    First year Technician specialized of Electromechanical
    Strong background in electromechanic.
  • Lycée Tehnique IBN AL HAÏTAM (Ouarzazate)

    Ouarzazate 2007 - 2008 Baccalaureate

    Electronic and electromechanical projects: Automatic gate opener, Alarm System.
    Static and rotating machines, plans and grids.


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