En résumé

Leader with recognized interpersonal and communication skills, used to lead multi-functional and multi-cultural teams – Proven ability to manage several scientific and transversal projects in parallel, in diverse and matrix-like environments – Results driven; Analytical and problem solving skills – Ability to adapt quickly to changes and to become strong change agent in the organization. Recognized expertise in pharmaceutical drug development, with experience in drug device combination and biologics development and industrialization.

Willing to evolve towards managerial positions, preferably in CMC environment.

Mes compétences :
Project management
Drug development
Supply Chain
Presentation skill
Project leadership
Portfolio Management
Strategic vision


  • Sanofi - Industrial Project Director

    Paris 2013 - maintenant My vision of this position? I feel in a unique spot to liaise with commercial and R&D teams to understand what should be manufactured to meet the need of our patients. In partnership with R&D, the industrial teams support the development, the industrialization and the launch of a new product meeting a new medical need. By being proactive and collaborative, while ensuring that industrial constraints are taken into account by our internal partners, I enjoy driving the talented and dedicated teams of our industrial network to deliver on time a product of quality suitable for the launch.

    - Co-lead all R&D and Industrial teams and activities supporting the development of a new biological oncology drug. In addition to the scientific and technical challenges, this project is conducted into a fast-moving and very competitive environment, requiring ability to make quick decision and to revisit/adjust the strategy to best support the clinical development.

    - Functionally lead a multicultural and global R&D and industrial team of > 100 persons covering the development, industrialization and launch readiness for biologic drug. In previous project, I had the opportunity to develop and industrialize 2 drug device combinations (autoinjector and syriinge with safety system)

    - Budget supervised > 20 m€
  • Sanofi - Industrial Development Portfolio & Reporting Manager

    Paris 2010 - 2013 • Developed and implemented PhD® suite, an internal project portfolio management tool and its related processes for a department of 650 persons, spread in 20 development centers worldwide. Database and key user network administrator. Set-up business intelligence solutions to pilot the development activities and report project information to external partners
    • Responsible for the implementation and the preparation of the organization's reporting to upper management on a bimonthly basis
    • Implemented and manage internal portfolio reviews fostering decision making, ensuring alignment across ID&I departments and ID&I’s partners.
  • Sanofi-Aventis - Global R&D Project Manager

    Paris 2008 - 2010 • Responsible for building and developing optimized strategic development plan for early and late stage projects (incl. Plavix): simulated alternative scenarios, led discussions to ensure operational feasibility, determined associated costs to support decision making process and got endorsement of proposed strategy by project team and senior management;
    • Led planning teams to ensure efficient execution of project plans and alignment between operational and strategic plans. Worked closely with project team members to identify bottlenecks, to propose risk mitigating contingency plans and supervised, across functions, the timely resolution of impacts on project timelines.
  • Sanofi-Aventis - Supply Chain Project Manager

    Paris 2005 - 2008 • Responsible for forecasting API/DP/IP needs, simulating and implementing production plans that support development strategies with a focus on time, cost and capacity management. Responsibility over 7 assigned projects from different therapeutic axis (CNS, oncology, metabolism & diabetes).
    • Led teams of CSC collaborators on major phase II/III clinical programs with the responsibility to produce and deliver timely high quality packaged Investigational Products.
    • Gained thorough preclinical drug development understanding as former CSC manager through the responsibility over the planning of preclinical activities. Built strong network within functions/project management allowing timely resolution of impacts on timelines and optimization of development plans.
    • Experience gained in the US, Pennsylvania
  • Novasep Inc - R&D Scientist

    2004 - 2005 In this department, my responsibility was to develop new separation processes using chromatographic techniques. This processes were first developed at lab scale and scale-up to kilo-lab to produce GMP technical batches or scale-up up to industrial scale using simulation softwares. As project leader, I was directly in contact with the customer to answer questions, report on progresses made, prepare report and present results. At Novasep, I got the opportunity to work across sites, in collaboration with French sites (Novasep France, Seripharm), but also to work at customers' sites.
  • Arkema Inc - R&D Scientist

    Colombes 2002 - 2003 • Developed a new adhesive material made of fluoropolymers and olefins. Set innovative technical solutions for its formulation and its manufacturing.
    • Assisted customers in several R&D projects related to polymer adhesion, compounding and conductivity.
  • Commisseriat à l'énergie atomique - Intern - scientist

    2001 - 2001 • Successfully designed and optimized a highly reactive organic process in the scope of scaling it up at the pilot plant stage (raw materials decreased by 24%, yield +5%). Awarded by pears for this technical innovation.


  • ENSTBB (Ecole Nationale Supérieure De Technologie Des Biomolécules De Bordeaux)

    Bordeaux 2013 - 2014 Internal Diploma to Sanofi in Biotechnology

    18-day training program over 1-year designed to learn biotechnology with a strong focus on therapeutic monoclonal antibody, from design (cell line engineering, gene sequencing) to manufacturing, including quality and regulatory associated considerations. Practical at-the-bench sessions all along the year allowing to understand complexity of biotech manufacturing environment and its constraints
  • Institut National Polytechnique

    Toulouse 1998 - 2001 Chimie Fine et Procedes

    Master of Science in general chemistry with a major in organic and fine chemistry and a minor in chemical engineering
  • Lycée Saint Louis

    Paris 1995 - 1998 PC

    Preparation to engineering school
  • Lycée Fenelon

    Paris 1995 - 1996 PCSI