Vincent BEGUIN


En résumé

Charterded Accountancy firm / independant Auditor

We value you, our client.

We combine our extensive expertise with an understanding of your business world to offer a solution tailored to your specific situation.

Our clients range from French SMEs to international groups of companies. Different types of clients have different needs:
- We undertake to find a valid solution for your business, providing an individual and tailored response every time
- We have the requisite human resources, technical know-how and expertise, which we adapt to your business.
- We make it our responsibility to know and understand your economic, tax, employment, legal, financial, internal and strategic environment

Main sectors
HOTEL INDUSTRY - Helping you to assess your prospects
EQUESTRIAN ACTIVITIES - Helping you to achieve excellence
NEW ENERGIES - Helping you to develop sustainable solutions
HEALTHCARE - Helping you to take appropriate action
SERVICES - Helping you to determine your business strategy

Member of Synerga (a network of independent accounting and statutory audit firms in 65 French cities and towns, that brings together over 700 professionals) and MSI Global Alliance (MSI is an international network of independent accounting, audit and law firms with a global presence and offices in over 100 countries)

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    2008 - maintenant


Pas de formation renseignée