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I am an experienced IT Project Manager specialized in messaging systems. Exchange is my core skill but I have similar experience in other Microsoft products. I have worked on numerous projects across Europe and the Middle East. These projects have covered situations a various as implementation, migration, downsizing, etc… They have been messaging oriented or pure systems oriented. I am fluent in French and English. During these projects I have managed consultants and employees on-site and on remote sites. Most of the environments I have worked on are high availability or politically sensitive environments, this has taught me to be very cautious and thorough in my work.

Mes compétences :
Microsoft EXCHANGE


  • Thales Communications - Head of Professional Services team for TEOPAD (highly secure mobile email and phone solution)

    Colombes 2013 - maintenant Head of Professional Services team for TEOPAD (highly secure mobile email and phone solution) – Thales Communications & Security
    - In charge of the outsourced support team (recruiting, training and management of the team)
    - In charge of the deployment team (mixed internal and external)
    - Client rollout coordination, planning & validation
    - Customer facing role
  • Thales - Project Manager: Exchange & Collaboration tools

    Courbevoie 2011 - maintenant Thales ( Exchange & Collaboration tools architect, based in Paris
    - Exchange 2007 to 2010 upgrade project (60,000 mailboxes)
    - Pushmail (Good & Mobiquant)
    - International coordination
    - Highly sensitive environment (politicaly & technicaly)
  • Société Générale - BHFM - Project Manager: Messaging Migration for non-French banks (70,000 mailboxes)

    PARIS 2009 - 2012 - I am in charge of the messaging migration for all BHFM affiliates (from Notes and/or Exchange to the centralized Hermes Exchange 2007 solution)
    - This is a client facing role with budget, planning and team management.
    - This role involves extensive travel.
  • RIM - Blackberry - Infrastructure Architect - EMEA Professional Services

    2009 - 2009
  • Societe Generale - Exchange Architect & Exchange Migration Manager

    PARIS 2007 - 2009 - I am in charge of the technical and project aspects of the Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2007 migration for 45000 mailboxes
    - My secondary task is to work on the migration from all other mail systems to Exchange 2007 (aprox 50000 mailboxes...). This 2nd part is planned for Q3/Q4 2008)
  • Oberthur Card Systems - AD / Exchange Migration 2000/2003 Consultant (for Microsoft Consulting Services & PI Services)

    Colombes 2006 - 2006 AD & Exchange Migration Consultant, based in Paris France
    - Design of the AD 2003 & Exchange 2003 infrastructure for 1500 users. Current environemnt is based on W2K with a highly independant structure. The new environment pushes the different sites to work together
    - Migration documentation
    - Environment documentation
  • ALCATEL - Exchange Architect & Delivery Manager

    Paris 2006 - 2007 - Validation of the deliverables for the Exchange 2003 environment in a multi-site high security environment with >60,000 users
    - Coordination between the Microsoft Team and the Alcatel team
    - Validation of the different migration scenarios
    - Coordination between the different team members
  • Veritas - KVS Implementation Consultant

    Puteaux 2005 - 2005 Veritas / KVS ( Enterprise Vault implementation specialist (solution design and implementation):
    - AXA Investment Managers (, 2600 users, EV for Exchange
    - OECD ( 2400 users, 5Tb FSA data, EV for Exchange & EV File System
    - Conseil Regional PACA, 1200 users, EV for Exchange
    - CDC, 7600 Users, 5Tb FSA data, EV for Exchange & EV File System
    - Eurocopter (, 10000 users, EV for Exchange (implementation only)
  • Infineon - Exchange 2003 Consolidation Consultant

    LA CHAPELLE SUR ERDRE 2005 - 2006 Exchange Consolidation Consultant, based in Klagenfurt Austria
    - Design of the Exchange 2003 infrastructure for 45000 users where the main goal was to pass from a decentralized to a centralized architecture. The current goal is to reduce the number of servers to 12 servers (aprox 4000 users per server)
    - Study of the WSUS solution to manage patch deployment on 150 servers worldwide
    - Worked on the Implementation of Enterprise Vault V6 for 12000 users
  • Total - Windows 2000 remote site rollout specialist

    COURBEVOIE 2002 - 2005 TotalFinaElf ( Based in Paris and Pau – Windows 2000 remote site rollout specialist
    - Part of a four person team, my task was to rollout the standard Windows 2000 / Windows XP environment on all servers and workstations of the Exploration and Exploitation division in the >50 remote production sites (Kuwait, Yemen, Qatar, Dubai, China, Iran, Lybia, Oman, etc…). I am primarily responsible for the middle east zone with some overlap on other zones.
    - This rollout concerns roughly 17000 PCs and 1500 servers. The key complication in this rollout is the remoteness of the sites (middle of the desert, off-shore, jungle, etc…)
    - This position involves extensive travel
  • Galderma - Messaging Specialist

    Courbevoie 2001 - 2001 Galderma (Nestle/Loreal Joint Venture):
    - Messaging migration from mixed MSMail + Notes environment to Exchange (2000 users). My job for this project is to study the feasibility, to test and to implement.
    - Messaging architecture simplification project: Galderma currently has 6 SMTP gateways and 27 Exchange servers to cover 50 offices, the goal is to reduce this to 3 public folder servers, 3 hub servers and 3 mailbox servers worldwide (3 servers per telco hub). My job for this project is to study the feasibility, cost up the project, to test and to implement.
    - Windows 2000 backbone implementation according to group standards. Simplification of DNS and IP management (central DHCP servers, etc…). This backbone is used for shared services (Exchange, DNS, DHCP, Anti-Virus, Proxy, etc)
    - day to day top level support of the NT and Exchange environment for local IT issues on all Galderma sites (20 MSX sites, 5 servers average / site) (solo on Exchange, part of a three person team on NT)
  • Vivendi Universal - Messaging Specialist

    Paris Cedex 08 2001 - 2002 Group Vivendi Universal ( Based in Paris – Messaging Specialist, worldwide headquarters
    - Direct user base of aprox 6000, overall user base of >100,000 users
    - Discovery and Documentation of the messaging environment across multiple sites
    - Messaging migration from 4 different Exchange orgs to one Exchange org
    - Messaging migration from 1 Netscape environment to Exchange, including client migration methodology
    - Consolidation of different localizations into one Exchange site to allow easy user moves between servers across the world (Paris, London, New York, LA, etc…)
    - Service Level Agreement documentation creation for all applications
    - First Blackberry implementation in France (part of SFR test bed, 80 live devices)
    - Blackberry server in NY servicing 50 blackberry devices
    - Mail management and mail archival system via KVS Enterprise Vault
  • Accor Ticket Restaurant - W2K Consultant

    2000 - 2000 Accor Group ( (1st hotel operator worldwide, 130000 employees)
    Systems Administrator for the Corporate Services division (1,4 billion euros, 350 people), managing a team of 4 in house staff and 3 full time consultants
    - Internetworking via frame relay the 11 different sites in France (MAC & PC)
    - Implementing a helpdesk environment to support the 350 users spread throughout France
    - Standardizing the whole IT environment (naming conventions, hardware purchasing strategies, standardized setups, automated procedures, system documentation, etc)
    - Planning and testing the Windows 2000 rollout plan (mono-domain migration)
  • Comcast / Broadnet - Messaging and systems admin

    2000 - 2001 Broadnet ( (Comcast Group) (Pan-European Wireless local loop provider) Brussels
    - Messaging migration from Lotus Notes to Exchange 5.5 (400 users, Qmail SMTP gateway). Migration complete, I managed a team of 4 (3 helpdesk in Brussels, 1 admin in Frankfurt)
    - Exchange design and implementation for 1000 users (pan-european span, centralized architecture in Brussels), my position on this is technical project manager (staff of 1 in Germany, and 1 helpdesk)
    - Windows 2000 day to day admin, AD, deployment, etc. My position for this task is technical, some design but the general AD structure was already in place. Work on group policies and software deployment via AD.
    - Windows 2000 Terminal Server deployment (migration from Windows 2000 to a W2K terminal server environment), my position is pure project management (non-technical)
    I managed a team of 6 consultants in London and 4 helpdesk staff in Brussels
  • WABCO Westinghouse - Messaging Specialist

    1998 - 2000 WABCO Westinghouse (– International Project Manager (Groupware, Security)
    Worldwide Groupware Administrator (3500 users on 24 sites worldwide), team of 4 full time consultants
    - Migration of legacy MSMail system to MS Exchange 5.5 (48 MS Mail post offices to 15 Exchange sites)
    - Installation of a worldwide least cost faxing system (20000 faxes in & out /day worldwide)
    - Designing a complete web & mail monitoring system against fraudulent use (MimeSweeper Content filtering solution)
    - Installation of a centralized anti-virus tool (database, workstation, server, groupware,…) in ten languages with automatic client and server update and feedback.


  • Lycée Ecole Active Bilingue J Manuel (Paris)

    Paris 1989 - 1997


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