En résumé

I am Walid Belhaj , Mechanical engineer . I am currently working at Altran Morocco as a Finit Element Analysis (FEA) Engineer in the Automotive field .

I worked at ESI GROUP as a casting engineer : simulation of foundry process . I have worked on modeling of the foundry processes (gravity casting, High Pressure Die Casting, Low Pressure Die Casting, Tilt, ingot casting, ...). I have worked with ESI GMBH team on various projects for different customers in Europe .

I also worked at Segula Technologies TUNISIA as project engineer in the automotive field. The main activities were Meshing using ANSA , pre-processing using ABAQUS and post-processing using Meta-post.

Due to the contact with many European customers and the diversity of projects I 've done,i have good knowledges about the different casting processes and methods of improvement and optimization.

During my experience with customers and team working with people from all over the world I have developped my communication skills .

Mes compétences :
Calculs numériques


  • ALTRAN Morroco - Finit Element Analysis Engineer

    2015 - maintenant - Handle ANSA for meshing of automotive parts.
    - Build finit elements model using ANSA and ABAQUS (materials, contacts, Boundary conditions …).
    - Use of post-processing tools (ABAQUS viewer, Hyperview,...) to analyze and interpret the simulation results.
  • ESI Group - Project Engineer : Casting Simulation

    Le Cannet 2009 - 2015 During my work as a Casting engineer in ESI GROUP, I have worked on modeling of the most foundry processes (gravity casting, High Pressure Die Casting, Low Pressure Die Casting, Tilt, ingot casting ...). I have worked on various projects for different customers :

    - Advanced 2D, 3D meshing of the casting parts and their tools (Mold, Core...): automotive, industry,…

    - Microstructure analysis of the cast iron by using ProCAST .

    - Thermo-mechanical analysis of some automotive parts produced by the gravity casting methode : Thermal and mechanical analysis of the part, in term to optimize the process and the design of the Tools. we analysed the mechanical results like Hot tearing, Stress, Deformations, Dispalcements .

    - Cycling and filling analysis of Low Pressure Die Casting process : analyse the thermal and the flow behavior of the alloy and predict the defects in the cast part ( the porosity for instance)
    Simulation of the tilt pouring process: Thermal analysis behavior of the alloy during the filling, Porosity analysis , …

    -Simulation of an Ingot Casting Process: Prediction of the temperature, behavior of the alloy during filling, macro segregation analysis...

    - Analysis and optimization of the feeding system of parts molded using High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) method : using a virtual mold in order to predict the behavior of the alloy during filling, studying the oxides, the trapped air ...

    - Develop and implement a new innovative semi-solid casting process for the casting of thin-walled automotive components.

    - Support ESI customer (User of ProCAST, VisualCast) in term of meshing, pre-processing and post-processing .
  • Segula Technologie Tunisie - Project Engineer

    2008 - 2009 - 2D , 3D mesh of automotive parts by using ANSA
    - Post processing of crash test using METAPOST
    - Vibrational study of visco-elastic sandwich structure by using ABAQUS


  • Ecole National Des Ingénieurs De Monastir ( Tunisie) (Tunis)

    Tunis 2005 - 2008 Mechanical engineer

    - National diploma of mechanical engineer from the National School of Engineers of Monastir (ENIM). Project of end of studies untitled “ Study of he effect of anisotropy on the formability of materials ” composed of two parts :
    - Numerical simulation of process of stamping by ABAQUS.
    - Interface under MATLAB for the optimization of the parameters of process .