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Co-Fondateur et CEO de Wisper (Neocoretech), éditeur de la solution de virtualisation de postes de travail ceBox®.

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  • My-Alfred - Associate Founder

    2019 - maintenant ''Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.'' Steve Jobs
  • wisper - Co-Fondateur - CEO

    Mont-Saint-Aignan 2006 - 2019 In everything we do, we believe in the power of innovation to accelerate the world’s involvement to sustainable development. The way we accelerate this involvement, is by making eco friendly products, simple to use which generate real savings.
    We have created the Digital Desktop : ceBox®

    Many large companies who manage thousands workstations spread across multiple sites, want to reach operational excellence in terms of IT Management from an affordable and global solution. Usually, deploying and managing hundreds or thousands of workstations is a burden. It’s time consuming and something that takes weeks or even months.Manage updates, secure positions and ensure their running can be a real waste of time & money.
    The arrival of VDI was the promise to revolutionize the management of desktops by meeting all customer needs. But It Failed. Yet the PC has to be managed, which means finding others bricks of software, even if it means dealing with trade off: in the end, This path is too complicated and costly, and performance can be poor for users.

    Now, imagine a world where PC and VDI would have merged, keeping only the benefits of each: ceBox.
    By mixing cloud services and intel NUC, the life cycle of this new generation of machine is entirely managed and designed for high-performance to reach the ever-growing needs of users.
    ... which result in a resilient and secured digital desktop environment. By the way, If wannacry knocked at your door, it’s time to dry your tears and act !
    And as a cherry on the cake ceBox is the most economical solution on the market, ceBox allows you to reduce at least 40% of your IT costs, saving about 1 million $ for 1000 workstations over 5 years.